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  1. Red vs. green jalapenos is basically the same as red vs. green bells. And I'm also one who will bypass green jalapenos for reds every time. If I'm in the supermarket and they've got a pile of jalapenos sitting there, if the greens are starting to change to red, I'll buy 'em and wait for the ripening to finish on the shelf......it's worth the wait :)
  2. Not the worst meal - but definitely the worst smell: In Navy boot camp circa 1978. North Chicago, Illinois. During the January blizzard and after. C'mon - it's like 10 below out, we're smashed nut-to-butt (boot-camp instructor term) to keep warm, the wind's blowing 25mph.....how did they get THAT smell to stick around? It was enough to take the edge off.......every morning.
  3. When I'm at a store, I'll nab a bag of Salt & Vinegars. When making my own, I'll make sweet potato with salt and lime.....
  4. stagis

    Jerky: The Topic

    There's many jerky sites on the web. (I've never used the 'jerky shooter'. Anyone else? That's the hamburger equivalent of the cookie gun) My jerky varies with how I feel and the contents of my fridge/spice cabinet, but in general: Soy Sauce liquid smoke wee bit of oil sugar or not garlic powder onion powder hot pepper sauce Worcestershire Sauce or not I use a dehydrator. I'm honestly not too happy with this one. I don't remember the brand, but it's got both a heating element and a fan, and it dries stuff RIGHT NOW, and the edges get crumbly while the centers stay a little moist. I prefe
  5. Did it with Scotch :). Travelling on business, I was staying at the Mountain View Inn in Latrobe, PA. The restaurant menu was terrible. Well, actually the menu was good looking - but the food was terrible. Lotsa steam-table and pre-chilled, etc... Anyway - their appetizer menu was good, as was the food. I'd head for the bar. Ken the bartender and I both loved motorcycles and hated sports, so we'd talk bikes. I'd order 2 appetizers, and then, starting at the left of their topshelf Scotch line, have 2 a night. Never did find one I liked, though Knockando was worth returning to. Bourbon ru
  6. Devilled egg agreement - at least to the point that they'll all disappear....... We should probably test this assumption at somebody else's picnic and bring like a gazillion deviled eggs. I haven't see the limit reached yet.
  7. *grin* The Big E - Eastern States' Exposition in Springield, MA. It's not until September, though. Let's see: Those gigantic square donuts - size of a dinner plate. Sausage and Peppers on a Hard Roll. Slather on the hot sauce. After breakfast: A couple bags of salt water taffy to tide you over whilst meandering over to the state buildings. Each New England state provides a building to showcase the state's features - and food. So - in to Maine for a stuffed baked potato. On to Rhode Island for clam cakes or chowder, then just a little maple-sugar candy in Vermont before dessert - apple cob
  8. Ting ting jahe rules! My challenge is to find snacks that my 3 teens (and the basically live-in boyfriend of my daughter while they're home from college) won't eat. Wasabi peas are better than croutons in a green salad. Mexican snack from Barbara Kennedy (?): Raw peanuts and garlic cloves fried in oil with chile powder and salt. Watch to ensure the chile powder doesn't burn. Excellent to build a thirst. Hot stuff story: Went to a drinking-in-the-afternoon party several years ago. I was running a grill next to a woman who was drunker than me (stranger things have happened). Anyway -
  9. stagis


    Corn is to be purchased from a farmstand. The aforesaid farmstand must have its parking lot hacked out of a cornfield. At minimum, you should be able to see the corn from the stand. Farmington, CT. The cornstand (excuse me: the farmstand) of choice is the one on the Farmington Flats at the Y intersection. Period. Failing that, Krell Farms up on Unionville Avenue - they buy their corn from the stand down on the flats. Corn should be boiled. 6 minutes after putting into boiling water, take it out. Serve with salt. If it needs milk or butter to taste good, don't invite me. Grilled corn ha
  10. On the road with Rob: A little Christmas shopping resulted in me sitting in my hotel room with the remote.....and no snacks. But wait! I bought some XXX pretzels at the mall to wrap for myself for Christmas! I'll just eat those..... 15 minutes later..... Crap!!!!! I'm in a hotel room!!!!! No ice cream. No bananas. This hurts! I know - water is bad for you. But I've gotta do it! The airplane trip home was bad. No handhold in the bathrooms and everybody can hear you cry. Or - those habanero lollipops? Lick *cough* Must've been something in my throat. Lick *cough* Huh.....I wonder
  11. Inner Beauty is excellent. It went off the market for a while several years ago and I was just crushed. It does seem to change a little now, though, on a batch-to-batch basis.
  12. I thought this was so the house wouldn't be burned down accidentally.. A minor inconvenience as long as you have a blendor and a place to plug it in.
  13. My V-slicer is an object of death and dismemberment (see the 'injuries' thread) but invaluable for scalloped potatos, my world-famous grilled hot/sweet onions, etc. I smirk every time I reach for my dough scraper - the simple one made out of stainless with a rolled handle. I feel like a kitchen god. I miss my pineapple corer/slicer - lop the top off a whole pineapple and start screwing. Peeled and sliced whole pineapples are the same price as a whole one now. Gigantic chopsticks. And I'm still searching for a "chef's pot" - looks like a slow cooker but HOT.
  14. Conspicuously absent: ....well, sort of. If we're talking about 'cooking environments' rather than the kitchen as a room, then I'd add an outdoor kitchen as traditional homes have 'way down South. I guess the original idea was to get the wood stove outside during the summer months. I'm sort of designing this as we speak, since I'm going to add a deck My needs aren't relaly for entertaining, nor are they commercial. I simply like to make messes. Deck with a roof and screens. 220-volt power for a stove. Running water, though it has to be drainable - I'm in Connecticut. My grills - I u
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