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  1. Man do I miss Katie's drinks.
  2. Greetings Katie, let me know when you are going also, would love to join.
  3. Had the chicken pho the other day, which I would never get but the manager recommended it. Really good, clear chicken broth with clean flavors. It was better than the beef pho that I also ordered.
  4. May your five grease stains follow you throughout your career. Just don't lose your recipe for oyster stew with double cream and sauteed fennel. They are still doing the stew, but without the double cream.
  5. My greatest achievement there was getting 5 grease stains from Holly. It was an honor.
  6. As of tonight I am no longer at the OH, Ted Manko is the new Chef. Good luck to everyone there.
  7. So that is what's in the OH Punch, P.F. Lings here we come!
  8. "I work there" aka Greg Ling is having an impossible time getting the rolls, the ones from Artisian I will hopefully have by Monday.
  9. Holly, I will make a nice reduced veal stock and add it to your soup next time, just don't tell any one. As far as the name change, I answer the phone with it and I have to do my orders with it also or the purveyors do not know where I am calling from.
  10. I like Chris's happy hour, great when they have live music. Try both, I'm heading there after work.
  11. I got some coming this week also.
  12. Shout out to Glenn Brendle
  13. Menu will be up soon, just a few tweaks.
  14. We got Katie! Shank's will be busy, you can only do 5 guy's three times a week.
  15. Happy 97th to Snockey's this weekend, everybody should check out the specials.
  16. I can email my menu if you want to see it. Also this is more Sam Mink's show. He is Davids son.
  17. After a really long wait, I hear the OHP kitchen goes in next week and I am this much closer to free oysters!
  18. That Geoduck at Ken's is good but at $75 a pop it is pricey. Ordered two of those once without knowing the price. That check was a surprise.
  19. I'm doing Mayo ones. I will def send you one when we open.
  20. Thanks, A big help. I will send you a lobster roll on me if your in Philly.
  21. Anyone know where I can find these? I need them for New England style rolls.
  22. When I was a apprentice at the Bellevue, The SSOH was one of the first places I started going to regularly ("The Office" was the other employee place). I was going there for about 10 years before I ever sat at one of the tables in the back and only then because my family was over from H.K. and we could not all sit at the bar.
  23. Doing a little research? Way to keep some great news about SSOH under your hat! Congrats! ← I'll second that! Can't wait until it opens back up. ← Thank You. I am excited to get the job, it was one of the first places i started going to when I started getting into the business. Back to the thread, check out Snockey's happy hour. It Rocks.
  24. I went back to Snockeys and it was really good this time. Good oyster stew and the raw bar had great stuff too.
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