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  1. I bought "Cooking for Cher". It cost me 3.99 in a remainder bin. The recipes are actually O.K. So I'll nominate "The Sopranos Family Cook Book" which was a gift, and, well, just a piece of after market trash, but still there's a couple of recipes.... I have both of the "White Trash" author's cookbooks. I'm proud of them. Maybe the spiral bound "Mad About Cheddar"...
  2. I'm no expert on chocolates, but I am well versed in deadlines. What about just rolling the ganache in cocoa powder and dusting with gold or something flashy to get the wedding out of the way, and concentrate on the cracking problem at a later date?
  3. Yum. Where would this chip shop be located? I'd like to try their haggis. Do they make their own, or do they get it from the butcher who sells black puddin' and square sausage?
  4. ← Thank you...I'll check them out too, I'm always scoping out new spots...
  5. Why, yes....at Bathurst and Eglington....I think it's called Nortown Meats. I recently bought a brisket at Max and Sons in Kensington Market. I don't know if he's strictly Kosher these days or not.
  6. Re bacon cookies: Are they savoury? Would you serve them with oyster chowder? They look pretty good!
  7. This is a recipe I saw on TV awhile ago and always wanted to try with a slab of good bacon: Cured Pork Belly Salad En “Sous Vide” With Apples And Walnut Oil http://www.foodtv.ca/recipes/recipedetails.aspx?dishid=2887 I'd ditch the brining the pork belly part, but would poach the slab bacon, maybe with a little lemon peel, and proceed with the rest of the recipe ... adjusting according to whim etc...
  8. Time to renew this thread. I have an electric smoker which I've lugged from the lovely city of Winnipeg, and I'm going to smoke another brisket, and no one can stop me!
  9. Having just returned from a drive to Kenora, I would suggest a lunch at The Tulip Restaurant in the east end of Toronto. Since the racetrack left and they moved into bigger digs, they have lost a touch of the genuine white lipsticked, teased hair, smoke-while-you-eat-tow-truck-moll flavour, but they serve some genuine fare that includes meatloaf the size of your head. BTW, where would one partake of pickled pig's trotters and quarts of beer in T.O.? Probably nowhere I guess, but I'll keep hoping.
  10. La Fin Du Monde triple fermentation strong ale. 9%. Burnt liquid caramel.
  11. Head cheese. Quebecois recipe. You boil the head and remove the meat to make a potted jellied meat thingy. As for the cakes made into animals and kids eating them, when I was young, my aunt used to take me to this place where this old guy had people line up and he fed them these wafers, and they drank from this gold cup and she told me it was the flesh and blood of some guy. Now that can disturb a kid.
  12. Which bistros in Toronto Hodge-podge ? I'd be interested in trying them out... We used to eat horse meat in Montreal when I was growing up, but it was mostly stewed....
  13. Alton Brown's rub consisting of cumin, coriander, fennel, pepper and salt is good for the more funky species of salmon. Toast and grind the spices. Or cooking it on a soaked cedar plank on the BBQ with some oil and garlic is great especially if you want to serve the salmon cold.
  14. Thanks to everyone for this discussion. I'm baking a honey chocolate cake from Nigella Lawson's book " Feast ", and she makes no mention of what kind, so now I'm going to use unsalted cultured butter. *get off the key board cat!* eeeeeeeeee
  15. Here's stupid question...aside from not getting the butter flavour, couldn't you deep fry those tails after all the dipping and breading? Then they might have an even covering...For the drive through franchise behemoth that I'm planning...
  16. Hmmm...Made oxtails a few weeks ago. Previously frozen incredible deal at the Meat o Rama. All I can say is: cast iron dutch oven, brown the meat, add the liquid and aromatics and slow,slow, low heat cooking covered in oven. Pig heads make head cheese. Snout on a plate scares me, no matter what the garnish.
  17. Brine the turkey! Brine the turkey! It doesn't dry out as much. Or, if you really want to make your life hellish, debone the turkey and stuff it if you get that far... Always good for a cry...
  18. Once I find it, I'm going to have to camouflage the fridge/smoker in the back yard somehow.
  19. actually I have pushed a very old, very large fridge up a flight of stairs.....with the help of a fella who was pulling from up top...but I digress...
  20. Aha! I will file this info for future attempts. There was an abandonned BBQ near my place this week, and I wanted to drag it in to collect the parts for a smoker, but the Significant Other nixed the idea. Oh well, I have a project already going, which is rendering 50 pounds of fatty beef trimmings for tallow (have a friend who works in a restaurant and it is not easy dragging a track bag full of beef fat up a long flight of stairs. I owe her more drinks than I bought her yesterday) Gonna make soap for Xmas presents. It's a frugal craft year, like all years.
  21. I will never set foot in that hole again. Fast food for fat walletted masochists. And with Harbour Sixty mere blocks away.
  22. Royal Beef Royal Beef Royal Beef!!!!!!! Cumbrae's Cumbrae's Cumbrae's!!!!!!!
  23. ...and speaking of imminent, it's going to be 20 degrees celsius tommorow up here in Toronto. In fahrenheit, I only know that that is too warm for October. Also, acid rain has been affecting sugar maples for a couple of decades.
  24. Maybe maple syrup will become like aged balsamic, part of a bride's dowry.
  25. it is about homeland security, in a subtle way....
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