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  1. I mean if you put a crust on top then why even call it tatin? My favorite way to carmelize or confit pumpkin is to drop it directly into chunks of amber caramel, rolling right along at 340 degrees. It will be gooey and translucent in a matter of minutes. Then you can deglaze the caramel with a bit of spiced cider or beer or whatever you like.
  2. I thought most sable recipes called for hard boiled egg yolk?
  3. Those are some SICK looking plates. Super-beautiful. I wonder what the pick up time on say, 8 Meditation in Purples is...
  4. oh noes, not accented voices!!! ← This is a problem mostly evident in NYC and it is a symptom of a much larger labor--and ultimately wealth distribution problem. In any case its nothing to be disregarded off-hand because it triggers our political correctness reflexes. An important component of food running is describing the dish and being able to answer any questions about it, or failing that at least understand the questions well enough to be able to redirect them to the server, sommelier or manager. Putting an unprepared runner on the floor unsupervised is like putting a novice cook on saute and letting him learn from mistakes at the customers cost. Its a failure. That is in no way discriminatory. Most people willing to supply a minimal effort can learn to pronounce words as they are intended in their language of origin. Cooks do this as a matter of course. If runners are pronouncing words incorrectly, it is because either they have failed to put the proper effort into learning, or their managers have put insufficient effort into teaching. If I am paying ~$30 for a plate, I like to have the components explained to me clearly. It adds to my enjoyment of the food, and at that price point I need to be able to identify added value.
  5. /\ Did that work well for you?
  6. funny story. i once had a trail ask me which part was the "good part", the white crystalline mass or the soupy liquid. i honestly had no informed answer so i told him to just mix it all up. turns out thats a pretty ominous task.
  7. for a souffle? just cornstarch. i guess in theory methcel should help stabilize because it is a hot item, but it would also impede the rise, as it gels while air bubbles are trying to grow.
  8. its a strictly hob-nobbing affair. there are some interesting lectures and classes, but i think this years theme is "the responsibility of a chef", which sounds horribly tedious.
  9. There's no need to create an emulsification between lecithin and liquid (fat or water). Lecithin is protein an will bond pretty easily with most bases. The only issue is incorporation, due to the granule size and wicked clumping disposition. I shear my lecithin foams together in the vitaprep, no heat necessary. Keep a quart in the lowboy and transfer a couple floz at a time to your pint container, and shake away. There is no lecithin occurring in skim milk. Lecithin is derived from soy. Skim milk will foam because there is little to no fat interfering with the proteins. It foams in a similar way to egg whites. For this reason I base most of my frothy foams on skim milk, even juice flavors.
  10. When I get towards the bottom of my skim milk carton for my morning cereal, and shake it well per routine, I wind up with a very robust, stable foam. So for service, transfer a few tbsp of foam base to a pint container, close lid and shake well. Voila, foam. No immersion blender + bain marie of nasty water + another bain marie to mount in. This took me 5 years to think of?
  11. /\ What he said, plus an eggless base will help increase overflow (and more importantly a feeling of lightness). Stabilizers add to this effect too, although if you overshoot your mark you will get gummy instead of fluffy. Pectin and starch will also hold air.
  12. Figured it out more or less. Cooked carageenan into a portion of the puree, combined with full measure of puree to cool, then whipped with methcel and molded. Very sliceable. I'll see if I can go lower on the carageenan % and post a recipe when I get it right.
  13. Methcel works perfectly for that, if don't mind the extra baking step.
  14. No kidding? By itself? Weird. Any idea of a good % to start experimenting with?
  15. Looking more for for a mousse stabilizer for parfait and pave and the likes, not a fluid gel or thickener. Do you need a synthesis with LBG to create solid forms like this?
  16. Is there a specific ratio of gelatin to carageenan that yields equal gelling strength?
  17. That's my food blog- its a great magic shell recipe: really easy and very rewarding. Plus- you can get fancy with it and add other flavors too. ← So thats an awesome recipe to have in the box. Haute Klondike Bars, anybody?
  18. There might be a newer solution now, but Sucraset at about .03-.05% will prevent leakage somewhat. Storage temperature is more important though. If you store it in a cool dry place it should hold for a long time.
  19. Ah. Well there we have it. My understanding is that the proportions of high to low acl gellan is usually 1:1. Does that sound about right?
  20. So far carageenan + LBG is giving me the best result. It occurs to me that I actually used to do this back in the day just by thickening the curd with a tiny % cornstarch, freezing it and letting it thaw on the plate for as little as 1 minute. It held its shape 100% fine. Gonna keep playing with it and maybe get some methcel A15 in there too sinche its going to be placed adjacent to a hot component...
  21. Visconti's Farm sets u exclusively at w97th now I think. They were muscled out of Union Square somehow. They have the best tr-stars imo so that makes trips to the UWS pretty sesnsible...
  22. Interesting. Does it need to cook out at a boil like cornstarch? What % porportion did you try?
  23. Holy crap thats a neat idea. Thats even better then tempering chocolate in the bread proofer!
  24. Gelburger is a pretty awesome alternative to gluetaminase that works very unobtrusively with fish cakes/crab cakes. It is thermoreversible and prevents fat cook-out and leakage.
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