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  1. Recipe, on Amsterdam and 83rd. Its a tiny (26 seats) greenmarket driven place, just opened last week. Its owned by Land Thai next door, and has the same chef. I was VERY impressed by the quality and portions for the price point. $9 foie pate (huge portion!) with toast points and shallot mustard $16 arctic char with morels, chanterelles, peas and brown butter. No liquor license yet, but its really comfy and is open to the street. Great place for a casual dinner, or to dine at the small bar. The staff is super-friendly too.
  2. Have to disagree. Every restaurant I've worked in, when bruni's table fires you put (almost) everything else on hold, and usually cook off two of each protein, and a fresh batch of whatever else you have time for. I would have to expect that unilaterally, Bruni receives the best of whatever a kitchen is capable of. Of course you take your clumsier runners out of his section too, and make sure he gets perfect one-liners for every dish and pour. I would say all-in-all its not so bad to be Bruni, despite all his bitching and whining to the contrary.
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    Per Se

    I think its not a review, just a brief.
  4. Sethro


    You could get like 38 courses at McDonalds.
  5. Lining your cylinder molds with acetate will get you a nice glossy finish. Unless the problem is air pockets, which means your mousse is the wrong consistency for this application. If you are using cylinder molds then your product needs to be of a pour-able consistency.
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    So if its $48 and doesn't rival JG...why not just go to JG?
  7. Wow, the menu for DFFNEET(?) looks abut a million times more interesting than any Craft menu ever. And cheap. There are a lot of things on that menu I genuinely want to try, and I hear the atmosphere is pretty fun.
  8. Just so you guys know, sucrose and maltodexterin are not chemicals (in the sense that you mean, which is artificial...they are chemicals in the way that regular table sugar and salt are chemicals of course).
  9. I've never seen a successful "less sweet" pate de fruit that comes anywhere close texturally. That includes agar, agar/LBG, and LM pectin variations. Its hard to get that sticky texture without a ton of sugar. In theory I suppose you could do like an isomalt gummy bear, and that would be somewhat closer.
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    Per Se

    Yeah, destination dining is getting pretty walloped.
  11. Thats incorrect. Its used industrially as a bulking item to increase yield or volume. If the only ingredients of this are sucrose and Malto I cannot imagine how it would "drastically reduce sweetness" unless you substitute a large percentage of the sugar with it, and that would affect the texture of almost anything horribly. I don't get it. I wonder what the artificial flavoring is for. That combined with the name and the manufacturer leads me to believe this is a stupid product...
  12. Yeah, of all the bloggers to gang up on... At least he doesn't make ressies through your PR, eat for free, leave no tip and then write a negative review!
  13. Bleached??? I thought they were just yellow Queen Annes, and the transparency was a result of the cooking process.
  14. Then it will taste like beets. Ascorbic acid will prevents discoloration due to oxidization only. Color change due to heating is another issue and the ascorbic acid won't help. I have never seen candied cherries that are red and don't contain food colors. Strawberries, which you also mentioned happen to stay red when cooked so they wouldn't be a problem... EDIT: The amount of ascorbic acid you would need to prevent browning due to oxidization would be in the range of 0.4-0.8%, it is cold soluble and requires no shearing so it is pretty user friendly.
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    Savory Marshmallows

    Since gelatin+agar gels are stable at ambient temperatures, I think that may be the best synthesis for the job. You would probably want some locust bean in there too to temper give elasticity to the agar and block the "brittle" effect. I really think what make it complicated is the inclusion of a fat base. I think using a salmon "water" would be much easier. Maybe infuse the smoked salmon into water,then par-freeze and skim off the fat. The combine the water with agar at 1% and LBG at .5%. Boil, cool slightly, add the gelatin (not sure on the %, I don't ever do gelatin foams) and whip. It will definitely set immediately once it cools below 80 degrees. I have no idea if it will be properly spongy, but you can obtain a wide variety of textures and gelling strengths with agar and LBG.
  16. This is a great book. My favorite of the year easy including alinea.
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    Is a butterfinger supposed to taste peanut buttery? I never even knew there was peanut butter in it at all. I assumed the "butter" referred to butterscotch, which is pretty much caramel, vanilla and salt. It always just tasted like butterscotch and fuilettine (not a bad thing at all) to me. I haven't had one in years though...
  18. I would grant the Modern the benefit of the doubt on that lamb chop. I mean, I can't really think of a more fairly priced 3 star restaurant. Overall, the bar room is probably the most bang for your buck available in Manhattan. Plus, season to season and year to year the menu is consistently great. It must just be a killer lamb chop.
  19. Maybe the foie terrine with beet juice, candied olive and pea soil at WD~50? The only other things that are coming to mind are the lamb with coffee-cardamom at Corton, and the Honeydew Soup with corn crusted lobster and lemongrass at Grayz.
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    wd-50 2008 -

    Good god that was painful to watch.
  21. Surprisingly, adding an equal part of nut paste (keeping the pound cake ratio, 1:1:1:1:etc) works awesome. You'll just need to add a bit of baking powder (around 3-5% of the flour weight) and you're golden.
  22. A lot of the dishes are garnished with maldon, which is as much a component as it is a seasoning. Thats his style of cooking. If you don't like it, you'd be better off eating somewhere else than asking for your dish to be prepared without salt. Or just stay home and cook for yourself, if you don't trust other people to prepare your food. If you don't like to taste the salt in a dish, you probably don't want to be eating at any of NYC's more ambitious restaurants. Nothing was aggressively salty for me, in any case.
  23. Its possible that the chocolate seized, but if its that dramatically thick then its more likely you F'd up the recipe (or the recipe was F'd to begin with). Also don't put hot things in your refrigerator!
  24. You need a kilo of activa?!? Are you gluing the whole cow back together?
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