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  1. I think that's the first time I've seen raw sliced duck breast! That meat makes old-fashioned pork look lean. Now I see why some people complain that duck tastes greasy.
  2. Preparing a tasty meal for one you love is an act of love. I can recall my partner saying to me one morning many years ago, "Every time I get up and see you packing lunches for work, I know you love me." I pack only my own lunch in the morning now, though I did put some of the deviled eggs I made for Easter dinner in a container for him to take to work this morning. This dealing-with-a-dying-relationship stuff is tricky. I would never presume to guilt-trip anyone into eating food I cooked in that melodramatic fashion. I have no problem drilling the notion that leftovers are perfectly fine
  3. Please show us some of those signs of change about you in Beijing as you take us on your cook's tour. I suspect that many of us following along will not have the occasion to see the changes up close and personal-like soon, Olympics or no. But if your opening photo is any guide, this will be a most delicious trip!
  4. Fantastic blog, Linda! Love your form-follows-function style and approach to life. Now I know where to send the next fruitcake someone gives me at Christmastime. Your tale of how Ernie says goodnight to you is touching. It won't make me run out and sign up for PETA, but it does demonstrate yet again that we underestimate the animals we share this planet with. Do it on a Saturday afternoon and I may join you, with a granny cart or perhaps another PGMC member in tow. Shank's and Evelyn's is another Philadelphia Sandwich Legend in a legendary sandwich town.
  5. Okay, Linda, here's one more Philadelphian you need to look up the next time you drive down to catch a blockbuster exhibit at the PMA. Here you were, tromping through my stomping grounds, and you didn't even say hello! Look me up when you're next in town and I'll show you a wonderful cafe at the 9th Street market's south end that's a little piece of the French Riviera plopped down in South Philly. As I trust you've picked up from Mr. Moore, Ms. Loeb and my own foodblogs, this is a great city for food lovers. As the editor of Food & Wine discovered, the whole is much greater than the su
  6. That's pretty high praise, coming as it does from you.
  7. I wouldn't even presume to answer for lesbians, though the lesbian potluck is something of a cliche, but it does seem to me that among many gay men -- despite what I said above -- there is a sort of division of labor in which one half of the couple does most of the cooking. (I haven't figured out yet how the cleaning is handled. Given another cliche -- that of the gay male couple with lots of disposable income, which gets poured into a fabulous condo or house with kitchen to match -- the answer among that subset of gay men, a smaller subset than many might think, may well be Merry Maids. Th
  8. Haven't been hanging around the foodblogs lately -- I've been busy penning the occasional essay and singing in front of audiences while holding down the usual job and arguments -- and I see I completely missed a good one from the Far East. I'm glad I caught this one at the beginning, and am looking forward to hearing a voice new to me, as I don't frequent the baking forums on eG at all. Of course, we are going to see the inside of the Irish police bar, right? You mean to tell me cops in Brooklyn don't go for donut shops? What Brooklyn neighborhood do you live in exactly? I trust we'll get a
  9. You sure about being mayo-based, Sandy? I always thought the house dressing was a vinaigrette-based concoction. I'll ask next time I'm there. ← I wouldn't stake my life on this, but I swear I saw the sauce being applied with a spreader. I don't think you'd need one of those to apply a vinaigrette sauce -- that would require the same sorts of bottles most places use to hold the oil and vinegar. A spreader would be needed for a thicker sauce, such as one based on an emulsified sauce like mayonnaise. There are, however, creamy salad dressings that are basically oil, vinegar and some emulsifi
  10. So I finally got around to fulfilling this desire on Saturday. I had planned to go on Friday, after the funeral of a dear friend, but I got sidetracked. Unfortunately, what I feared was the case was the case: SEPTA runs buses on Route 15 on the weekends. But the point was to get there. I rode past Krakus Market, which I will save for my next trip, which will be much sooner than I would have imagined, because: Czerw's Kielbasy (pronounced "Crews," as close as I can tell) 3370 Tilton Street (one block north of Westmoreland) 215-423-1707 Tuesday-Thursday 8 am-4 pm; Friday 7 am-5 pm; Saturda
  11. Well, then. What would you say about the only person in the entire Philadelphia metropolitan area who always asks for mustard as well as mayo on his hoagies? Except at Salumeria, where they have a very good sauce of their own making. Said sauce, however, is mayo-based, so I'm not sure I'd sign on to this particular purist distinction even if I didn't request mustard. --Sandy, whose last excursion to Salumeria was an unfortunate bad hoagie trip
  12. Went out there for a Phillyblog Happy Hour back in the fall; we got a tour of the brewery courtesy owner Rosemarie Certo, who I met and interviewed when she was running Pizza Rustica on the street floor of the building where I worked at Penn. (I forgot to take my camera to that event, and I see from a post on the Sweet Lucy's thread that I never managed to post pix from that trip either. I'm getting sloppy in my old age...) My friend Vince liked the pizza on his recent visit too. I rated the pies 15-milers; he agreed. The place is 100% University City; it wouldn't work anywhere else around
  13. College Avenue where? If we knew where this place was, we might eat there. All I can say is that it's not Yardley; I know what's on College Avenue here. --Sandy, whose office halfway up the hill is 19 West College Avenue
  14. Uh-oh. They're getting wise in the hinterlands. After this, the deluge. Worse still, they'll all be asking where the nearest "sub shop" is. Psst, Tim: There are NO "sub shops" in Philadelphia or environs. Maybe in Slower Delaware, where Washingtonians can be spotted summering alongside Gayborhooders in Rehoboth, but not on this side of the C&D Canal. In any event, brace yourselves, folks. Go to DiNic's or Tony Luke's now, while there's still room.
  15. Given the non-ordinariness of everything else you caught on camera in this photo essay, those containers of Daisy Brand in this photo stick out like a sore thumb. But: "Kanadskaya" sour cream? Russian-style sour cream from Canada, I assume? How does the Russian variety differ from what I find at the local Akame?
  16. Thanks, Diva, for tipping me off to this and reminding me yet again why about the only things I watch on the Food Network are Iron Chef America and Good Eats -- if I remember to do so. I've probably watched more food-related programming on The History Channel in the past three months. However... I was wondering when you were going to invoke Bamboozled. Funny, though: I hadn't considered Paula Deen a caricature of a Southerner. Maybe I couldn't recognize the exaggerations beyond the accent.
  17. I think all of you know my connections and affiliations, especially my support for and fondness of the Market's current General Manager. That said, I think Holly may have a point: The Market management has made its point, and even Rick understands now, or so I hope, so what is gained by continuing this? As far as landlord-tenant law -- or what I understand of it -- is concerned, I see no way Rick could win his case in court. A landlord pretty much has the right to do as he pleases with his property. If a landlord decides not to renew a tenant's lease because he woke up and had a bad hair da
  18. If you want to have good brews and good pub fare one last time here, have one of those meals at the Grey Lodge in almost-Mayfair. I recommend the mussels in curry sauce, but just about everything on this pub's menu is first-rate and a great value for the price. Tell Scoats (the owner) I sent you if you go; he knows me from Phillyblog, here, and a few f2f encounters at the pub and at Mozaic in Frankford.
  19. Funny I didn't spy you at the Souper Bowl, Bob -- I happened upon it just as the winners were being announced. I did say hi to Paul and Laura (I had applied for an editorial position at Where a couple of years back). Paul had mentioned this event to me the last time our paths crossed, but I had done a mental F&F on it. Unfortunately, only about half the soups were still available by the time I got there, the snapper not among them. But the bisque was delish, and I also enjoyed Herschel's matzo ball soup.
  20. I dunno...in the United States at least, beef may be "what's for dinner", but in the realm of politics and household economics, pork is indeed the default meat. In the former, pork is what you want your own Congresscritter to deliver to your district or pet cause and at the same time what the Congresscritter the next district over wastes your tax dollars on. In the latter, it's what the breadwinner brings home -- okay, I'm talkin' bacon here specifically, but that's pork all the same. But at the dinner table, bless our omnivorous souls, all meat is created equal -- but everything tastes bette
  21. Glad to see that in the domestic sphere (as opposed to the professional, where men have called the shots for years and still do more than women do), we all now agree that Real Men Cook. But I thought the point of feminism was to eliminate the idea that certain functions, roles, or what-have-you are inherently male and certain others inherently female. Human beings being the creatures we are, we often correct imbalances by heading to the opposite extreme, and thus it was that some women took the stance that it was somehow wrong for women to enjoy any of the activities that had been traditional
  22. Wonder whether this is a special event or a trial balloon? The RTM will be staying open one hour later every day during the Flower Show. You cannot imagine how glad I am to hear this. Nothing could be more convenient than hopping off the R3, heading upstairs, and buying that evening's meal on the way home.
  23. I must keep better track of my calendar and my finances. I had planned on participating, and this fell right off my radar screen. Phillyblog Happy Hours I make almost religiously. DDC dinners I have yet to enjoy. Should have made this one of my culinary New Year's resolutions for 2008.
  24. I've noticed of late that I'm better able to pick out fruity notes in various coffees since I went from drinking one or two cups a day to nearly mainlining the stuff. I now understand why people prize Hawaiian Kona, Kenya AA and Jamaica Blue Mountain beans so much. As for the person who didn't see the point about "trying something that made you throw up ten times before": I will grant that there are probably people out there who can't -- or perhaps more accurately, won't -- acquire a taste for things no matter how much they try (I think either Fabby's hubby or a participant on the Cheese thr
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