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  1. near a scary looking club and an african grocery yes? there's another European store on the west side of aurora somewhere nearby-ish that's just a bit south of the giant asian market that's also on the west side of Aurora up there... (ditto with the helpful recollection of names & cross streets )
  2. I think as long as someone isn't paying an $80 tab with pennies, let people pay with whatever works best for them. If it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg... I also use plastic (milage points!) but have friends who are check or cash only. My big peeve recently is underbagging! I know it uses more paper, and I really try to remember my cloth sacks, but if I'm buying two bottles of wine and a big can of tomatoes they can da** well give me a double bag! (Undertrained summer staff )
  3. Eden

    Erba Luna

    really that was the best thing you could have done! What a beautiful space. Congratulations & tante belle cose!
  4. Eden

    Kumquats - Any ideas?

    we made kumquat sorbet with candied kumquats last year - totally killer!
  5. Congratulations on making this happen! We just loved the Gard region. We stayed in Bragassargues a few years back (near Quissac) and had an amazing time. Great food, incredibly friendly people, beautiful scenery - OK now I'm jealous
  6. you're breaking my heart - several years ago now I spent a good bit of $$ buying replacement LeC pieces because mine were just too worn for me to use any more (handed them down to a college student type) Had I only known I could just exchange them.... ah well passing them on (as they were passed on to me) was good Karma, right?
  7. My wonderful husband made the Aztec chocolate for me yesterday. The spicyness of the peppers is a lovely backnote to the dark dark chocolate flavors. the texture was just a little dusty(possibly the lack of egg?) but otherwise it was awesome. Next up the malted milk - I have a box of whoppers standing ready that sour cherry looks dreamy - maybe they'll have them at my farmers market next weekend...
  8. Eden


    A friend is trying to get some Cachaca 51 shipped to her mom and can't find anybody who carries it that will ship to Nevada - any reccomendations?
  9. because I eat no fish/seafood I take Flax seed oil caplets for the omega 3s, I also usually take a multivit & a calcium tab as well for "insurance" but I confess I am not good abut remembering to take them all the time... And I understand that your body absorbs the vitamins much more efficiently if you take them with food, so I try & remember to have them with brekks or lunch...
  10. Also if your library has it I reccommend watching Jacques Pepin's "Cooking techniques" video series. IMO the cooking at the Academy (CIA) videos are more recipe oriented than technique oriented, but still a fun watch for a rainy afternoon...
  11. On the home front, when I was in italy this spring, there were a ton of cookbooks for "foreign cuisines" in the bookstores, and I have an old issue of the magazine "La cucina italiana" (in italian) in front of me, and there are several french recipes, as well as an article about Stilton, so while there may not be a plethora of foreign restaurants I think there is definitely some interest in non-italian foods.
  12. Eden

    Bought fresh currants

    do you mean tiny grapes or actual currants as in red or black currants? if the latter they make lovely fruity sauces for gamey meats/poutry I adore currant sorbets, and of course you can make your own cassis - yumm!
  13. we've just put up a pergola so next year I hope to have grapes. I'm trying to decide between Swenson Red and Canadice. any experiences with these? I know interlaken is supposed to be the best for our region, but I would prefer a red, plus a friend already grows interlaken in her yard and this way we can trade... re lawns my gardener & I have a long term plan to eradicate the front lawn a segment at a time: Last year we put in a flower bed across the front (lots of edibles: pansies, nasturtiums, marigolds...) This year we've added in raspberries in a row behind the flowers. There are tomatoes helping fill out the space right now, but the berries will eventually take over. We havent decided what the next row should be - it will be slightly shaded by the height of the berries, so I don't know if veggies would be happy there. There should be more shade loving vegetables in the world!
  14. Yep. Easy but classic, I thought. ← true, it's about the only pop art I know ETA a little more on #17 since I told one person this via PM, it's only fair to share more widely. #17: 1984 vice presidential candidate enjoying the fish at daybreak yes this the US I'm referring to, and yes this clue is messing with you...
  15. I had to look these up because I could see them in my head, but not recall the titles... 18. Chickens in a basket - a pie or two in the foreground with eggs behind. Poultry Vendors, by Joachim de Beuckelaer I think those are cheeses in the foreground, but I'm not certain... 19. A bounty of vegetables and the lady is busy shelling favas. Allegory of Summer by Lucas Valckenborch 20. Lots of hanging meat and game, some being roasted on a spit in front of a fire, a few children enticing a cat, and an effusiveness of jocularity. The Fat Kitchen by Jan Steen the contrasting Lean kitchen is here. This one threw me off originally because Steen actually did a couple versions of these paintings and one of them doesn't have the cat... ETA: and speaking of cats: 22. Lots and lots of scary-looking fish but the additional hint is the cat trying to steal a freshly-filet'd cross-section of very red fish This would be the Fish Market by Frans Snyders another artist who used the same title for multiple works... And here's the mezzotint Carolyn mentions in her follow up clue
  16. OK I'll modify slightly #17: 1984 vice presidential candidate enjoying the fish at daybreak
  17. OK here's my contribution: #17 1984 vice presidential candidate at daybreak
  18. That would be Breugel's 'peasant wedding'
  19. What is "soft" white sugar? a different grind, or is domething done to it? I love simple fruit on toast desserts! Your cold remedy is similar to the one I grew up with except that my mom would put a splash of Brandy in there too. As an adult I learned to also add a little cayenne pepper or a dash or two of tobasco sauce - it tells the germs you're tougher than they are so they abandon ship Of course Mom's chicken soup is the number one best rememdy so here's hoping that does the trick and you're feeling better. ETA: wow that dinner looks fabulous - must pull out the wolfert book more often!
  20. This is exactly how we make coffee! Neither Bill nor I drink coffee, but of course we have friends who can't go too long without "a fix" so we keep a little one cup doohicky like yours and some decent coffee on hand. Of course when more than one guest wants coffee they have to queu up but it mostly works... those fresh sausages look divine! and the "goat candy" sounds fascinating.
  21. #9 is the January banquet scene from the Très Riches Heures of the Duc du Berry. The duke dined well as you can see... PS If you look behind and to the left of the Duke, there's a guy in black who looks like a young Elvis Is #4 "Portrait of Rodolfo II as Vertunno" by Arcimboldo? (2/3 down the page) eta: guess on #4 PS this game totally rocks!
  22. MarketStEl tender young turnips are a totally different thing from bitter old badly prepared turnips - just yummy and so good layered with a ton of butter and a little mustard! As always I'm really enjoying your blog Klary, and seriously jonesing for cheesecake! Your sweetbreads look great. Next time you & Dennis come visit seattle we'll take you to a couple spots that may move you into the "love" rather than just "tolerate" sweetbreads column Happy anniversary to both of you & get well soon.
  23. I love the frozen herb cubes! I hate the waste of buying a big bunch of cilantro to throw away after I've used 1 little spoonfull of the stuff, (I really dislike cilantro, but once in a while I still need to use it) so last year I tried growing a cilantro plant instead so I could just snip what I needed, but of course it died back just a week before I came across a recipe where I needed it cubes are the perfect solution. 1 tray of cilantro cubes will last me a full year! I'd ignored the garlic cubes, because I always have fresh around, but what a great suggestion re sauteeing it frozen - thanks!
  24. From their website "Kick back and linger at a place where mahjong* and domino games are welcomed, and fresh-squeezed juice flows into classic cocktails and alcohol-free favorites." Has anyone actually been here? Would they actually welcome MahJong players in their Rhum Bar or is that just a line? We get together with friends for MahJong about once a month and would enjoy the occasional excursion for cocktails while we play eta: So weird that this came up today, since it happens to be MahJong night here in the tropics of Ballard.
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