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  1. Here's the recipe. Chocolate caramel ganache 6 ½ ounces bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped 4 ½ ounces milk chocolate, finely chopped combine chocolate in a heat proof bowl and set aside 2/3 cup granulated sugar 1 ½ tbsp salted butter 1 cup plus 2 tbsp whipping cream 1 ½ cups unsalted butter(3 sticks) Put one third of sugar in the bottom of heavy bottomed pot over medium-high heat. When it starts to melt, stir with wooden spoon. Once completely melted, add another third of the sugar. Once that is melted, add the last third of sugar. Cook till amber color reached(be careful it does not b
  2. There are a lot of pictures posted on cake central-you have to register to see them but it's free. Sandra
  3. It was my birthday today and I wanted a chocolate cake. I baked both the scott wooley cake and the epicurious cake and froze them(have made both before. I figured the best way to decide on which one I preferred was to try both at the same time. I put the wooley cake on the bottom, filled with cookies and cream filling and the epicurious double layer cake on top. All covered in Herme's caramel ganache. I took the cake to my family thanksgiving supper tonight and asked what everyone thought. Everyone liked the epicurious recipe more than the wooley(although they all said both were good).
  4. Golda's kitchen has both tips. You can get an idea from searching there(I know the shipping for ontario isn't bad, not sure about BC). golda's here Sandra
  5. I found the recipe from baking with Julia HERE. Sandra
  6. I just watched the show on saturday and it made me want to make danish just to try for once. I think I remember others using that recipe here and liking it. Sandra
  7. Sadly, I do not have a recipe for this-my mother took it with her when she died. I do remember the ham bone and chunks of ham in the soup. Cannot say for sure if the peas were split or whole but definitely yellow . I also remember it was made in the morning and simmered all day. Just wanted to say the post made me think of my mother since this was one of my brothers favorite things to eat(although his girlfriend-now wife did not like the after effects of the soup ) Although not a french canadian family, we lived not far from the Quebec border. Sandra
  8. We live in rural Ontario. My youngest dd's teacher was a bit of a control freak so she even wanted to control what they ate(she would even write notes to parents if she thought their hair was too long ) The kids eat their snacks at recess so the teachers just stand at the door while the kids are heading out and check the snacks-doesn't take that long. Sandra
  9. My dd's are 5 and 8 and start school in a little over a week. My youngest was not allowed to bring anything that was remotely unhealthy(the teacher checked all lunches as well as snacks). For the older kids, lunches are not checked but snacks need to be moderately healthy. They do have microwaves at school and have help from the older kids when they need something warmed up. My oldest is VERY picky but will eat the same thing over and over. My youngest is very adventurous when it comes to food but will not eat the same thing more than a few days in a row(wants it all the time then won't e
  10. If you want a lower fat recipe, I've made this one a lot and liked it. Recipe here Sandra
  11. I took In The Sweet Kitchen out of the library a while ago and she discussed the why of things as well as what may have gone wrong. I learned a lot by reading it. Sandra
  12. I have not tried this recipe but the original poster has good things to say about it and it's on my list to try. Recipe here Sandra
  13. HERE Is a link to a page on how to do frozen buttercream transfers which would probably be easy to do of a dog. Just search online for a picture of the dog and make the transfer. I did one a few weeks ago for my daughters confirmation and it turned out not bad for someone with no artistic talent Sorry, I didn't get a picture. Not sure about the rest of the cake. Sandra ps if the link doesn't work the site is www.cakecentral.com (not sure if the link will work if you are not registered
  14. Sorry the link is not working. Try going to www.cakecentral.com You may have to register to be able to view pictures but it's free. Go to galleries and do a search for golf and a bunch of cakes will come up. Sandra
  15. Here Is a link to a cake made a little like what you want to do. Sandra ps not my cake
  16. I haven't made the cookies yet-they are high on my list of things to try(once I get through my dd's first communion on sunday). The poster's recipes are highly praised on the chef2chef site so I'm sure they are good(I like that they use honey and some whole wheat flour) Sandra
  17. Here's a recipe for peanut butter cookies cookies here happy cookie making Sandra
  18. rhubarb jam recipes here I made rhubarb and ginger jam from epicurious this week and it was good(rhubarb, crystallized ginger, sugar and grated lemon rind). Sandra
  19. I used this recipe on epicurious. I used fresh rhubarb and didn't change anything else-it turned out great. I had some candied ginger I bought at Christmas and never used so figured this would be a good way to use some. Here's a link with a lot of rhubarb recipes site here Sandra
  20. I've had my butter ruler for about 5 years now. I thought it was the greatest thing when I saw it since back then there was only one store that carried the sticks of butter-now all the stores seem to have them(and president's choice makes them too). Enjoying your blog-nice to see the local stores. Did you use your rhubarb? I made some rhubarb ginger jam yesterday that was really tasty. Sandra
  21. WOW, works cannot describe how great the cake is. I showed my daughters(5 and 7) and they want me to make one too. Had to tell them mommy can't do that(had the burst their little bubbles that mommy can bake anything LOL). Thanks for sharing Sandra
  22. I too live in rural ontario(southeast of Ottawa). Has it's good points-was just out gardening in my jammies and no one could see me. Can fart outside and no one can hear I've started ordering food stuffs online(bonnie stern has a great selection) Oh yes, the devilled eggs-need to jazz them up with a little sprinkle of paprika on top(I do believe I have a tupperware egg tray in my cupboard somewhere hmm and I have NEVER made devilled eggs in my life). Looking forward to the rural blog experience Sandra(where I live isn't even a town, it's a village)
  23. Very interested in your blog. I am trying to expand my cooking horizons(dh likes, kids do not LOL). Looking forward to learning lots about indian cooking-hopefully I will be able to find some ingredients out here in my rural area(may have to take a trip to the "big city"). As to snacks for monkeys(I have a 5 year old monkey too-although when we call her a monkey she tells us I'M NOT A MONKEY!). Her teacher only allows "healthy" snacks at school and she okays them before the kids are allowed to eat. I send fruit, cheese strings, yogurt tubes, veggies and dip, nutrigrain bars, goldfish crack
  24. Awesome blog Wendy! While most of your work is way beyond anything I will ever be able to do, I did get a few ideas(those ghost cupcakes for one). I made a sheet cake last night and even got out my comb to make a little design in the top-nothing fancy but impressed my 7 year old dd LOL Sandra
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