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  1. GRRRRRR Just went to get my roasted veggies from last nights supper to make my egg white omelet. My not so dear hubby took them for his lunch today instead of the salmon with peach salsa and yellow beans that were waiting in the fridge.(which I also showed him last night before I put it away). Totally different containers. Don't you hate it when someone eats the food you put away for yourself-all pointed out and ready to go! Once something is on the plate and counted-DO NOT TOUCH LOL. I have kids so it's hard not to share sometimes but it does irk me. Oh well, I have mushrooms, peppers an
  2. I spent most of my 41 years overweight. I got scared of dying young and not seeing my children(now 4 and 7) grow up so I lost 100 pounds. I frequent the weight watchers forums and I see the special occasion struggle constantly. People WANT to lose weight but they dont want to give up anything to do it. Weekends are so hard, this function or that function etc. There is always something that is going to come up. I'm not saying you should never just go out and eat whatever you want. You just can't do that all the time. If you read the forums there, half the posts are from people who are s
  3. I don't know why I'm thinking about Christmas in August but I may make these as presents for the daughters teachers along with some homemade cocoa mix and a nice mug. Some green and red marshmallows cut in christmas shapes would be very festive and unique. I always make different things for our church bake sale a couple of weeks before Christmas so I may use this idea there as well(the older ladies always look at me strangely when I bring my goodies in LOL but they do sell) How are these marshmallows for toasting over an open fire? We usually go to a friends house for a weekly campfire unti
  4. I made a chocolate ganache last week(for the tester fudge brownie cake from the best chocolate cake thread). The only problem is my daughter wants a pink frosting for her cakes. I'll look at the buttercream from the cake bible-thanks for the suggestions. Sandra
  5. Thanks for the replies. The seafoam frosting sounds good but I do not have a double boiler(on my christmas list). I think I'll do the wilton buttercream(butter only) for the kids party and try my hand at the italian meringue buttercream for the family. When I brought cupcakes to school, I noticed some of the kids just licked off the frosting so I'm sure the sweeter the better for the kids LOL. Sandra
  6. Hi I'd say at least 60% of my diet is fruits and veggies so I know most of the regular prices. I think one way of cutting down the costs of veggies is to know the average price and watch the sales. I refuse to pay 3.99 for a head of cauliflower when I know another store has it for 1.99(winter prices). We have a store in our part of Canada called no frills and I saved probably hundreds of dollars this winter shopping there over the big name stores. You can eat healthy on a budget. If grapes are on sale, that's fruit for the week. It may not be fun to eat the same thing a few days in a ro
  7. Hi This is my first post but I have been reading for a couple of months. I'm a home baker-would prefer to bake over cook a meal. My daughter is having two birthday parties and I am making her cakes(they are in the freezer already). I am confused over the best recipe for frosting. I have the cake bible and would like to try a buttercream. Not sure which is best(easier) and tastiest for the palate of 7 year olds. Should I try the buttercream with egg yolks or whites? I have only made the wilton butter/crisco frosting and would like to branch out a bit. I do have some piping tips and bags
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