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  1. i understand. i was eating in a japanese restaurant not so long ago when a family came in, the kid pulled a face and when i looked again, he had got himself a slice of pizza from outside!!!! basically, just be strict about fast food. don't let them eat it.
  2. hehe, i remember my late friend jason who was a carpet fitter. he was working in my house when i offered him some cake and a cup of tea, which he obliged. about 45 minutes later while laying the carpet he completely lost the will to work and was rolling around the floor cracking up. i played along with it for a while, but then had to tell him what i did. needless to say we ate more. thanks delia smith for the chocolate sponge cake recipe.
  3. rather than list the items, i'm just looking forward to using the oven again, since using it in the summer here in ny is just a little too much for the family.
  4. hmmmm, changing a baby near a hot turkey? either one can wait the 1 minute it takes to change a baby, surely????? the answer is.....you serve it only if you personally know all of your guests, for the tanked up later joke, otherwise you don't serve it.
  5. i might be wrong, but for beeswax, trying a rastafarian haridressers, i believe beeswax is best for dreadlocks!!!
  6. intraining


    i really like vietnamese food. but i don't venture too much with dishes. i tend to rate them by their hot and sour fish soup, green papaya salad, and crab rolls. i like doyers hot and sour fish soup but remember le colonial's ravioli. both are in new york
  7. in school yesterday, the instructor was out of the room while i put a whole rack of lamb on the grill. within about 3 seconds, there was a huge flame. then after about 2 minutes, the lamb was on fire too. i was blowing out the flames but the bones just started igniting again like trick birthday candles. i'm looking at the girl next to me, saying, she's gonna go mad, i was laughing. anyway, all she said was, i would sack someone for wasting a lamb rack, i really would. so i now i know not to do that again. it just wasn't the same as my little portable bar-b-q at home
  8. since the guy unconciously said it having never heard it before, it was funny to me, but believe me, disability jokes are not funny.
  9. oh man, that's shamefully histerical. so wrong he was sacked though
  10. i'm unaware, but do i actually have to pay for this crap? actually, i think i'm right in saying, that, in england, if the food served is terrible, you may pay what you think the meal is worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course, there will be an argument, but i'm pretty sure that's the case. unless someone can enlighten me?
  11. hi again, i'm popping up all over this topic!!!! a new non profit should be mobile. it should go where it thinks it needs to be, rather than being where it thinks chefs need to come. ok, since i'm new, bare with me. so, a chef gets invited to jbf to cook and pays for everything for recognition? i can understand that part, but these chefs should all become integral to it and become one big happy family. say, for instance, chef intraining, delights and becomes 'involved' in this new organization. chef intraining should be pooled along with others to go on the road to discover new talents, be it, truly on the road, or to visit known chefs, or to take an entourage from the organization to hold the next 'show'. basically, to become a prestigous volunteer. ok, so this is a little loose, but it does seem to take the eliteness away a little don't you think?
  12. ok, i'd like to be involved with a new foundation, but am totally broke from school debt. isn't that non-profit? i read the discussion and like what i'm hearing, in terms of taking a positive stance and creating and nurturing something new. i called the beard house to volunteer numerous times and they never called back. i'm not one to grovel so that's old news. i am so interested in being part of something new like this from the ground up. i'm only a newbie here but really enjoy the site. with not much knowledge of the industry before day one of class back in may at ice, i can be useful with my ignorance and by being manipulated into an honest guy
  13. don't forget the wars!!! not a lot of food going around for a long time so lineage teaches rationing. america is abundant therefore so are the waste?lines. it's all a matter of discipline also, all the pressure of appearing beautiful
  14. intraining

    Dinner! 2004

    for lunch, my daughter and i had fries made in beef dripping (suet) with italian sweet sausage decased, pattied and fried in beef dripping with coconut creamed corn. the coconut and corn seemed to go really well with the sausage. so much so that when we're making sausages, i think i'm going to add some corn and coconut to some pork based sausages. just an idea. for desert, we had some chai tea made with sweetened coconut milk.
  15. not sure if this was mentioned, i just had to mention when i was a kid in london, someone came up with the idea of hedgehog crisps (chips) that's right, and they were absolutely disgusting, and i like the sampi and lemon my favourites are sausage and tomato chicken smokey bacon roast beef
  16. i hate to cook for myself so i just usually eat beer with a beer and chinese delivery of course i make breakfast, eggs bacon sausage tomato fried slice cup of tea
  17. one day a week you should fine chop onions, celery and carrot and refrigerate, oh, and do garlic too, or just roast a load of garlic and refrigerate this is my kids favourite tricolor pasta in one pot of boiling water extra virgin olive oil - hot fine chop onion - soft - about 1/2 tbsp salt and pepper fine chop garlic - just browning about as much as you'd like salt 2-3 peeled plum tomatoes whole, put in pan and smash with something, dried oregano - enough to darken the sauce maybe a little extra juice and a slice of fresh tomato black olives boil for a minute then gently simmer until pasta is cooked drain pasta pasta in tomato pan heat off add parmesan slide onto a plate drizzle more extra virgin olive oil eat if you don't prepare this before, you can get it done in about 20 minutes otherwise it should take about 16 minutes add some red wine too if you'd like with the tomatoes you don't need to chop a whole onion remember what else is there? let's see is this thirty minute meals or something? cereal with cold milk has to be the quickest how about a ploughmans ?
  18. intraining

    Dinner! 2004

    eunny, great pictures!!!! the last one, watercress mop , sounds amd looks delicious i made country (big and thick) pork ribs in oil, ketchup and cumin on the bar-b-q with yellow rice and whole bar-b-q chinese eggplant with bar-b-q garlic in the rice then grilled some nectarines and served with cream. simple stuff really but very satisfying. since being new here, i'll have to get the camera out!!
  19. Now I've read it all. How in the world did that happen? Did you just come from laser surgery? Wait even if you did couldn't you feel the feathers. You don't have a cat do you? absolutely brilliant i'm cracking up, i just remembered gathering some chestnuts and putting them in the oven getting all excited from the smells then BANG, not a chestnut in sight, just pure mess in the oven.
  20. let's see, for any dish that i need to make a tomatoe sauce for, i'll use whole peeled tomatoes only and will always add fresh tomatoe concasse (or my version of it) near the end. do not enjoy cooking with puree, chopped is ok sometimes, but when my wife goes shopping, who knows what i'll be cooking with!
  21. oh damn, i did read most of the thread and i did recall reading quebec foie gras, so my mistake. i'll make note of the suggestions too. i did recently taste baby golden beets, i liked them raw. i would like to get to know what native americans/canadians have been making forever. going to do some research. and intraining is literal so excuse my slowness. thx jamie
  22. ok, i've read this thread, but i still need some food examples that make them canadian ???????? yes, i am completely ignorant here but am eager to learn something.
  23. use the tamarind to make a drink - not sure how, just use your imagination they serve these at the end of service in dok suni's in new york, very nice and cleansing (i'm 99.9% sure it's tamarind based). it's like a non alcoholic shot, very nice. i know of the other two but as yet, i am unaware i have eaten them. i am going to find them, taste them, and blow your minds with a recipe (such high hopes)
  24. i do sympathize but maybe you're mainly paying for quality produce????? and a little for the effort put into it. i have no basis for my comments as i haven't been there or even seen a menu. but for underprivallage people to come through and at least not send you home with food poisoning has to be at least an experince what's the name of the restaurant? is there a link?
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