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  1. intraining

    Dinner! 2008

    nice photography, wish i could say the same! anyway, this is naan with (absent) crab and chick pea curry aromatic rice
  2. Rachael Ray is certainly making a small mint for herself!! I could use some of that
  3. i think the bad press must be due to the fact i'm not trailing there anymore [:(] [:)]
  4. very interesting to hear these comments....i thought masa was supposed to be worth the money? i'll put my money on the sushi/sashimi boat for 2 at ave a seriously though, does masa specialize in non raw food? masanyc.com under construction i like nobu next door - will try to upgrade to nobu one day - but this years christmas dinner will be babbo. i digress
  5. intraining

    Dinner! 2004

    sounds so good, but for me it was a special even, roast chicken sandwich with a side of chicken drumstick i doing pastry module in culinary school and am craving protein damn it
  6. in terms of recognition, french, italian and chinese are candidates. personally, i like japanese, indian, french and british ( it's true, sunday roasts - i laugh at any other cuisines attempt at a roast potatoe) but the fourth for recognition? indian or japanese, i might even be tempted to knock chinese out and include japanese and indian in. ooooh, those indian pickles
  7. firstly, if the food is the problem, bring in the manager straight away. if the problem is with service, a) if you are eating casually with a friend, complain out loud. b) if it's a date meal then ask to see the manager quietly c) if it's a special dinner, and they know it, because i usually drop the anniversary bit, and the food is good, then avoid a ruffle and adjust the tip, and ask that the manager takes care of this bill. after complaining, if no rememdy is found (for a and b above) then adjust tip. i think this is how i work when out. unfortunately, poor service is a fact of life, and when going for the special dinner, i make try have a back up plan!!
  8. why not make something and bring it with you anyway? better still, slip it on the table without her noticing before it's too late? that would be funny.
  9. intraining


    there's a peruvian restaurant on metropolitan ave in queens and their cilantro soup is really good and they have a few ceviches which are also very good. must remember not to take my daughter next time as she nabs all the mussels from the soup, leaving me with the squid, clams and scallops . recommeded if you're in the area.
  10. intraining

    Dinner! 2004

    tonight i made pork butt, salt pork, chicken legs, baby carrots, butter beans, apple in a braise started with orange juice, water and finished with a little demi-glace and butter served with tea-cup molded basmati rice
  11. intraining

    Making Lasagna

    hi, similar to curlywurlyfi, i never put ricotta in lasagna. i use a good meat sauce (must use red wine) to make it and make a bechamel with gorgonzola and a little p.reggiano and fresh spinach lasagne pasta (fresh made at home thanks to my pasta machine) - i don't know i can't get dried spinach lasagne pasta in a box in the states (i do buy it from a store down fresh on houston street near macdougal street.
  12. all cities seem to boast something another doesn't have, which makes it very hard to distinguish one from another. for example, not so sure about now, but there was a wave of mongolian bar-b-q houses in london, there was (and probably still is) the noodle bar (like republic in union square). but eating out was not as accessible for me like it is now in new york. new york is great for eating and speaking from personal experience, i think new york is the most interesting. tangiers, morocco was very interesting as was mombassa (but that was a long time ago). so, i like to eat indian food in the taxi-deli's (home-made)??? i used to get the best fried salt fish in a mini cab station in catford, london (home-made), pommes-frittes (tangiers), sardines (portugal - about 12 for a dollar off the beaten path- home made), the list goes on and on and it's memories like this that make it near impossible to choose a most interesting place since the high standards that are set in from travelling.
  13. thanks pan, i'm sure i will. never had such privilage before. are you one of the village people? i like barazza ???????
  14. well, i had a pretty cool day. went on up to adny by appointment and am going to stage at adny on monday. i'm so very excited.........i was very nervous but am dleighted to be given a 'day'. how do you spell the word when you shout out loud with sheer joy??? that's the word that should fill these past two sentences. must sharpen those knives, clean those whites, remember to take a pen and notepad, be before time and enjoy!!!! what a pleasant fellow any tips anyone?
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