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  1. Cooked a whole chicken in my PC this week. AWESOME! I love your page because it inspires me to be constantly e... http://t.co/HJh15cK9

  2. In a few minutes, a live stream from the hip pressure cooking kitchen! View or join, here:http://www.hippressur... http://t.co/ILNtU3zq

  3. Now you can be a hip cook in German and French, too!http://www.kuhnrikon.ch/ch/de/welt-des-kochens/rezepte/schne... http://t.co/7Nkqh8sH

  4. Happy 4th to all the American readers and fellow Americans living abroad. Lets remember and uphold the founding ... http://t.co/104xG1py

  5. Pork Sisig (Porky Ear) - Filipino Style Pressure Cooker Pig Ears http://t.co/N0mEkpKi

  6. Ready to start pressure cooking?!?http://t.co/cbnAkCP2... http://t.co/qwvGmF2c

  7. FRESH! Five Fast Pressure Cooker Salads:

    Don't ignore your pressure cooker when planning a summer Barbeque. It... http://t.co/fJRfkwCI

  8. July Pressure Cooker Challange, for boaters and landers!!:

    Is your pressure cooker still in the box?!? Would l... http://t.co/RI2RyzZL

  9. Yum!PRESSURE COOKER CORN-ON-THE-COBpressurecookingwithlornasass.wordpress.comI have very fond memories of steami... http://t.co/IxNVxpKr

  10. Lisa Loveday 's The New Zealand Pressure Cooker cookbook is getting lots of attention from readers! Here is a s... http://t.co/cfK3GxjR

  11. OH NO! Help us choose which pressure cooker cookbook to review, next!http://www.hippressurecooking.com/2012/06/... http://t.co/pOnnhNyf

  12. Short Animated Film of Pressure Cooker Chicken Race. Funny, oui?


  13. Fresh @FagorAmerica video features their new pressure cooker and mini-cheesecake recipe! http://t.co/TsojwxOP

  14. Just got an @InstantPot! I can't wait to finish testing it - first meals were a complete success!!! http://t.co/9AI1f1wC

  15. Reader Recipe: Nilam's Split Pea and Calabash Squash Curry:

    Nilam, from the Khavanu Blog, shares her family's G... http://t.co/UkDKvZ2g

  16. VERY well-done Galbi Jjim pressure cooker video recipe from Chef Sang Yoon via @latimesfood (Great job sharing MORE pressure cooking!)

  17. A quick recipe idea from reader, Diane Curry: "This is a quick, healthy dinner I make by chunking and browning ... http://t.co/Cc119UZ5

  18. The AUSTRALIAN recipe that saved my butt while representing AMERICA at my son's ITALIAN school event: http://t.co/8aY2d4ae

  19. Have a pressure cooker, and haven't picked it up? Charlotte, from Rebel Hart Blog, is organizing a PRESSURE COO... http://t.co/DGY807Kw

  20. Book Review: Pressure Cooker by Australian Women's Weekly | hip pressure cooking - pressure cooker rwww.hippress... http://t.co/GBmrgI8N

  21. They don't JUST pressure cook, anymore. They fry, they smoke and ding, too! Pressure Cooker Innovations: http://t.co/MUsxDlpF

  22. Fresh Fava, Pancetta & Wine in the Pressure Cooker = FAST Fave alla Romana! http://t.co/GbkEuXhU

  23. Fave alla Romana - Whole Fresh Fava Bean Saute' Roman Style! | hip pressure cooking - pressure cookewww.hippress... http://t.co/3RVGpBhA

  24. I just got my hands on a "bootleg" garlic twist from my local Chinese Import store. MY LIFE HAS CHANGED - it's ... http://t.co/MsFvOt5J

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