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  1. Get ready to lick your pressure cooker pork chops! They'll ready in just 20 minutes start-to-finish. http://t.co/ZtPqduYT

  2. Recorded interview on pressure cookers & hip pressure cooking from @martharadio http://t.co/5qhSqUdM - Thanks to hosts Betsy & Brian!

  3. 20-minute Pressure Cooker Pork Chops and Cabbage!:

    This amazing dish has almost no prep work and is all cooked ... http://t.co/eBZweDpH

  4. Not same but four BIG coincidences! RT @LarryH19 Spot the difference: @fandw http://t.co/WJUgArpv & @hippressurecook http://t.co/BXCFqLRh

  5. Of course! Whole if it's small, otherwise, in pieces http://t.co/7Oha5YJj RT@Suzee623 I wonder if a person cld Pressure cook a TURKEY?

  6. Pressure Cooker demonstration at the new Williams-Sonoma store at Valley Fair mall, Santa Clara (CA) More demons... http://t.co/Y4qlqulG

  7. Ed makes a pressure cooker corn stock using cobs. Then a delicious risotto - while you're at it... you may as w... http://t.co/q2NMjlY8

  8. Near San Jose, CA? Come to @FagorAmerica pressure cooker demo @ Valley Fair @WilliamsSonoma Friday @ noon! More demos http://t.co/JQ1Rvcbt

  9. Fagor America 's press release for our upcoming events: Hip Pressure Cooking demo with Fagor! Come if you're in ... http://t.co/8YLbYmPk

  10. Pistachio Crusted Roast A Jus, with Carrots and Potatoes (pressure cooker onepot meal) http://t.co/lECv4BvP

  11. Gail's pressure cooker bread! Here's how to do it if you want to try it: http://t.co/2q4G6DJa... http://t.co/SQRw683h

  12. Which is better: electric or stove top pressure cooker? A point-by-point comparison by an expert! http://t.co/cmr7T2Vi

  13. Add 1/2 cup more water and pressure cook for 20-22 minutes! RT@cookingquinoa http://t.co/FMoLPkYA Modify this to work with brown rice?

  14. Know the difference (& similarities) between stove top & electric pressure cookers? A detailed comparison: http://t.co/qSbYPn2i

  15. Do you know how stove top and electric pressure cookers differ? A head-to-head comparison. If you already own o... http://t.co/aUwalnBH

  16. Oh, the memories. Let's make some new ones, together, next month! Here's the new presure cooker demo schedule:ww... http://t.co/jmcwY2Y0

  17. The first trials of the Pressure Cooker Bread, are in! Ahmed, made it, photographed it, and shared the photos! H... http://t.co/QqNzB115

  18. Sue, who lives on a boat full time, currently anchored in Puerto Rico, made pressure cooker bread, too! She sa... http://t.co/t2LpweWo

  19. The first trials of the Pressure Cooker Bread, are in! Ahmed, made it, photographed it, and shared the photos!M... http://t.co/P4Hiulhc

  20. If you have the can for Pressure Cooker Bread http://t.co/Qk0MMedm try pressure cooking @motherearthnews Steamed Breads http://t.co/8SGbCszl

  21. Oh yes.. we DID IT: Pressure Cooker Bread- real bread with less heat, time & energy! http://t.co/u1HlYd1E

  22. Pressure Cooker Bread: Grilled Gorgonzola Panini | hip pressure cooking - pressure cooker recipes &.www.hippress... http://t.co/Fl2DfXAq

  23. Danielle is camping with her pressure cooker! Here's photo of her set-up. And, this is what she said.. "We are ... http://t.co/5u48wkwX

  24. Two complete meals for in the pressure cooker from Mother Earth News Magazine 's archives - 1978. Amazing how ... http://t.co/txe0J6Ui

  25. Make two whole pressure cooker meals (serves 2) : http://t.co/9zBShcNJ From @MotherEarthNews 1978 archives!!

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