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  1. HOT Chicken Wings - not quite fried, not only pressure cooked! https://t.co/WeH0a9z3kp

  2. Follow me on Instagram, too! I just posted photos of my visit to Perugia Italy, yesterday. https://t.co/NWhHzhNKqH https://t.co/llmkvvuCEi

  3. @catlilycooks @josordoni What happened to your Kuhn Rikons?

  4. HELLO DINNER: Cream of Mushroom Soup - from scratch! https://t.co/EKTqsZFdAD

  5. Found a FANTASTIC pressure cooker recipe but it's time in "whistles"?!? Here's what to do! https://t.co/7bUhtDUhYP

  6. RT @TambraKendall: @hippressurecook Got my Instant Pot for Christmas. I love it! Looking forward to learning from your sites. Thx for shari…

  7. Friends don't let friends SLOW COOK! Add a little pressure to their life with this handy Infographic. https://t.co/ncViF2StkN

  8. They say "IT CAN'T BE DONE" but I'm going to show you how to pressure cook FROZEN meat to perfection! https://t.co/7wAEud2rxv

  9. NO. 1 BEST Pressure Cooker Recipe: Perfect Chicken & Rice - you've got to try it! https://t.co/5KlovV7Z2j

  10. 50+ Pressure Cooker Tips & Tricks! https://t.co/tOGC6OehSa

  11. Did you know we have a Pressure Cooker Info, Manual & Recipe booklet library? The fun starts here: https://t.co/HDOHupL5ZO

  12. Pressure cooking is as easy as 1, 2... 5! This infographic removes the guesswork:https://t.co/NxAIqCT4TV https://t.co/GzDMZSS28h

  13. CONSUMER ALERT! Breville Fast Slow Cooker Gaket Recalled https://t.co/dQ1ic9ecQD https://t.co/Hp7CS4VpHx

  14. @TheFoodLab The altitude setting it changes the temperature point at which the unit recognizes water as boiling. So, it wouldn't work. : (

  15. Christmas Day, we're just having lasagna stuffed with this pressure cooked Ragu, of course! You? https://t.co/GrlNm9HSdP

  16. All my expert tips on choosing the right pressure cooker for the right person (or you : ) https://t.co/aNgsCfLM2c https://t.co/DMJSezchHF

  17. DETAILED TECHNICAL FACT-CHECKED Reviews of 9 pressure cookers by an expert. Here: https://t.co/2wJj61951s https://t.co/9HgiKO8uFS

  18. @jbrewster Wow! Keep-up with the good cooking! Ciao, L

  19. A popular cookware man. introduced their electric pressure cooker 8 years ago! NOT these 4! https://t.co/MPR9xD7oeN https://t.co/AkGCllHJ1n

  20. Pressure Cooker FAQ: filling the pressure cooker https://t.co/khGfmxRTGv https://t.co/UuYd0TMFQO

  21. Heading home in a couple of hours after a month in New York and a week in Nashville - see you on the other side!

  22. OMG so done with snooty moms talking shit about other people's kids in the playground. Of course they were talking about my kids... so I let them go on and on for half an hour, smiling at her as she turned to look at me once in a while for approval. Then I called my kids over to introduce them.

  23. Shocked ◉◉ to spot 2 #pressurecookerFAIL in Italian pressure cooker video! http://on.fb.me/TZsjQT

  24. Ahem! So... how big is YOUR pressure cooker? http://t.co/rjJzY0Y4iK

  25. #pressurecooker hacks save lives, make water and froth cappuccino's, too! http://t.co/5jItYV6sY6
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