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  1. You CAN MAKE the "little black dress" of strawberry jams in just 30 min start-to finish! http://t.co/AdkUvRBGDX

  2. MINIMALIST Strawberry Jam: two ingredients + pressure cooker + 2 min = sophisticated, complex, dark & amazing jam! http://t.co/AdkUvRBGDX

  3. I am in L O V E with this new re-seal-able honey pouch. Bye, bye honey bear! Your fave honey containers? http://t.co/gjtvOks83w

  4. RT @kuhnrikoncorp: Fancy in a FLASH! Pressure Cooker Porcini Mushroom Pate' recipe from @hippressurecook http://t.co/sDuaWETBpJ

  5. PRESSURE COOKING MISTAKE No. 4: Using raw onions, soften them up and they will bump up the flavor http://t.co/tqmyNK1FxW

  6. Why sugar is bad, grass-fed beef is good & latest research on improving diet http://t.co/Y4DfNUjMPg via @guardian

  7. Introduce those anonymous white fish filets shoved in the back of your freezer to your pressure cooker http://t.co/v8AcKVfzAd

  8. HOT!!! One Pot New Orleans Dirty Rice - pressure cooker recipe: This rice dish is typically made in one of two... http://t.co/YbPblwIzAO

  9. Favorite this tweet if you've got more than ONE pressure cooker. Problem?!? Nooooo!

  10. If your potatoes are boring.you haven't tried pressure cooking them THIS WAY!! http://t.co/MlYfFFkxj7

  11. Forgot that SAFE place for your pressure cooker manual?!? No prob, we have a copy! http://t.co/YvyxYexYbk

  12. Want FLUFFY not MUSHY quinoa?!? Pressure cook it for just 1 minute! http://t.co/n6EIegwIye

  13. Yes, but only the chorus http://t.co/XStSq8L7wg. RT @amaeryllis what if you really like UNDER PRESSURE. can you sing it?

  14. RT @LynetteKucsma: Pressure cooking comes in handy with #PlantStrong eating. Think dried beans. Some tips: http://t.co/mXnu4KcFIh

  15. WHAT is this guy DOING with his pressure cooker?!?! http://t.co/FFwyoh5IaZ #WThip

  16. Spot the TWO pressure cookers in this photo! From @saveurmag 's "Where Cubans Cook" http://t.co/yevYusPInr http://t.co/DUy2lS1eXW

  17. What a blast to have our pressure cooker infographic in @Sodapic 's Kitchen Cheat Sheet! http://t.co/EPdz4wS2jJ

  18. Processed food manufacturer sues media because their reports caused consumer outrage that hurt business. http://t.co/EpbVHUdMYi @grist

  19. Processed food manufacturer sues media because their reports caused consumer outrage and hurt business. http://t.co/EpbVHUdMYi @grist

  20. PRESSURE COOKING MISTAKE No. 6: You bored your food to death - stop boiling and start steaming and braising it! http://t.co/tqmyNK1FxW

  21. I'm interviewed plus pressure cooker info & recipes: Updated cookers find favor in modern kitchens http://t.co/aWfr89DZtF via @sacbee_news

  22. FIVE ways to pressure cook... EGGS!! http://t.co/nngSwy7IKf

  23. Fancy in a FLASH! Pressure Cooked Porcini Mushroom Pate': http://t.co/iDpxBJylw6 Uses just one ounce of dry porcini. http://t.co/H0ljko9v9i

  24. Pressure Cooker Porcini Mushroom Pate' - Fancy in a FLASH!!:

    We're being sneaky this week, making this spread... http://t.co/xVVl38mbZU

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