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  1. hip forums:With a hammer I can create a beautiful sculpture.. or else. Man is the issue not the tool http://t.co/CRU4JJBjnT

  2. Forums: "I shoot side-glances to [my pc] from across the kitchen to make sure it's not playing w/the wrong hardware" http://t.co/CRU4JJBjnT

  3. Is the pressure cooker friend or foe? Hip readers share their thoughts: http://t.co/CRU4JJBjnT

  4. Tweets too short to ask your pressure cooking question? Join our pressure cooking forums! http://t.co/ylJmlRPoVQ

  5. Pressure Cooker Review: WMF Perfect Plus – Excellent: If Kuhn Rikon is known as the Mercedes of pressure cooke... http://t.co/fzNHRTyyry

  6. Want to catch a bomber? Post a photo of your pressure cooker base if it looks similar to this one http://t.co/SmFUyTrbBL #foodnotbombs

  7. Some readers getting broken links, some can already see new website. All should be well in a few more hours.

  8. While we're moving the website back-end, you can see recipes in this temporary location: http://t.co/nW9ahjNtxe

  9. Moving to a new re-desgined website starting now, hang on it's going to be bumpy!: We're moving to the newly r... http://t.co/SpEMTawPOs

  10. OMG! Flash mob of Italian monks and nuns (they're real). Stay tuned for the second song & dance, too! http://t.co/PWVkFBXpPB

  11. Pressure cooker not more dangerous than shaking soda can before opening says @whatifnumbers http://t.co/NRGIglR1fV Thx to @KenDenmead

  12. New design and improvements, coming next week!:

    We'removing but not going anywhere. We're updating the back-... http://t.co/lH0eSJONeA

  13. RT @kuhnrikoncorp: Want perfect results? Use the new Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker App for iPhones http://t.co/twBu97WXwZ

  14. TRUE or FALSE? If you pressure cook food for 5 minutes, it's sterlized. ANSWER: http://t.co/65AcT4aVnx

  15. Chopping veggies: 5 minutes; Pressure cooking quinoa: 1 minute; A delicious healthy salad: timeless! http://t.co/I5jXJWX5FP

  16. Pressure Cooker PSI FAQ: the stuff you didn't think to ask: What are "standard" and "non-standard" pressure co... http://t.co/qDO5iJXnNP

  17. Italians call this Italian chicken dish "all'uccelletto" but you can call it "delicious" for short! http://t.co/B2pOZbAZtP

  18. I need a few brave souls to populate the upcoming hip forums. Who's feeling bold and chatty or inquisitive? DM me!

  19. Measured hip Facebook page and it only reaches 494 of 2090 fans - and that's ABOVE average! Wha?!? http://t.co/VsCh5RnRzW

  20. RT @johnamacie: I nominated http://t.co/zXvIeOnl6b for SAVEUR's Best Food Blog Awards! Nominate your favorites here:http://t.co/KUx8fjFSR4

  21. Thank you so much! @johnamacie I nominated http://t.co/LbuTNtbmJW for SAVEUR's Best Food Blog Awards! http://t.co/rz3nWxy8aW

  22. RT @BarbaraBakes: I want to try this! RT @hippressurecook MINIMALIST Strawberry Jam: 2 ingredients + pressure cooker http://t.co/xhWjhErTRd

  23. PRESSURE COOKING MISTAKE No. 3: You pressure cooked an innocent bystander. http://t.co/tqmyNK1FxW

  24. Gracias! RT @DorarNoSella: Siempre dando nuevos usos a la olla rápida @hippressurecook: MINIMALIST Strawberry Jam: http://t.co/ZkGhue0ijV

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