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  1. It seems like in eps where it's nonstop food and restaurants and very few gimmicks, like, say, wandering around a natural hot spring pool, Tony's enjoying himself and having a good time. If there's enough of a food scene to fill a whole ep then it just writes itself. I thought the Azores ep was interesting, b/c I have no experience at all with the New England towns that have such a heavy population from that area. But it does seem like they ran out of things to do/eat and had to load it up with gimmicks. That always makes for some primo Tony quips but not necessarily a memorable episode as
  2. Hee! Yeah I read that on another TC writeup. "Stefan, for performing so admirably in the face of equipment failure we award you . . . the same equpiment that failed."
  3. You know, I'm very curious to know why the Elimination Win prizes have diminished so markedly over the past season and a half. Seems like the last notable Elimination challenge win before the two Superbowl tix was Lisa's Italy trip last year. Oh, wait. The GE Monogram kitchen set Stefphan won last week. Hard economic times maybe? Or did someone do the math after Tre, being eliminated a little over halfway into season 3, still went home with a hefty prize package nearly equal to the grand prize?
  4. Totally agree and I forgot to add the point about editing as well. But it came up twice this episode, including that hilarious/sad moment at Quickfire Judging where Jeff seemed to just realize, as he was explaining the dish, that he went overboard again. There's some arrogance to what he does, but also I think it's his natural impulse to over complicate dishes out of passion and just who he is.
  5. That was a rough final 3. But like Radhika last week it seemed like Jeff checked out for this episode. He just wouldn't learn that lesson to simplify. Somebody get him a slot in an Alice Waters kitchen, stat! Jeff was one of my final three also. It seems likely then that Hosea will now be in the top 3 (up against Stephan and Jamie) and I find him less and less likeable with each episode. But then again if that final 3 does come to pass I'm really not all that wild about that lineup. I think Jeff will chart a path similar to S3's Tre though: he acquitted himself well, clearly knows his chop
  6. Kevin72


    Yes. Especially when the judges ding the chefs for using it. Last night I gave this show a shot and the stinger ingredients were bran flakes on the app and grape jelly for the main. The judges' comments for the app courses routinely were about how they didn't like the bran flakes in there and one even said he preferred leaving them out of the dish.
  7. The Food Geek in me would liked to have seen more how they went about getting that star back from the NYT. Plus maybe more on his background and how Le Cirque rose to prominence to begin with. Started promisingly but meandered off course and spent too much time dwelling on the pains of getting the new place open. You can turn on any number of reality shows these days and get that story.
  8. Kevin72

    Reef [Houston]

    Sure enough, Reef's sliders-only spinoff place, Little Bigs, just opened its first location at Westheimer and Montrose. Website
  9. John Tesar, exec chef at Rosewood Mansion, has left the company. The Mansion had been showing some financial difficulties; last summer there were staff layoffs, so I had been worried. Then there was a rumor about this on one of the news blogs last week and the Mansion moved quickly to quash it, but then made the announcement Friday. Tesar is expected to make his own announcement tomorrow (Tuesday). Unfortunate. Tesar made a commendable turnaround on the Mansion's brand these last few years and really seemed to put it back on the map in the local food scene. Rumor seems to have it at this p
  10. I think gremolata is what makes the dish stand apart. Something noticable. It's not necessarily something you'd miss but it does elevate it into something more than a standards braise (I guess that's the textbook definition of "guilding the lilly" though).
  11. Not really, to be honest. Again maybe there would be an ever so slight difference if you seared them off in the same pan you cooked them in but as it is, most got left behind. I think that's a fair observation.
  12. I took a stab at this last weekend. Used Marcella Hazan's recipe from her Classic Italian Cookbook. Don't know if it's in the reprint that combines her first two books. Here they are (clumsily) tied off and ready to go, with the soffrito (mire poix or aromatics) in the background. Those two cost me $24 at Whole Foods. No wonder it's been a few years since I made them last. The stovetop ready to go. Curiously, Hazan's recipe calls for browning off the floured shanks in a skillet, then transferring them to a casserole or other cooking vessel for the braise. Not sure why that is; maybe
  13. That searing idea is brilliant. Looks lovely, FM.
  14. I can't believe that there isn't something in the rules about what happened between those two. Maybe I'm remembering wrong but weren't the lesbian couple instructed to refrain from any inappropriate contact last year?
  15. I think if Radhika had executed one side or the other of her duties somewhat successfully then a better case could have been made to send Carla home. If for example she was a stronger presence in the FOH and not so noticeably absent in that area, yeah she probably still would've been called on the carpet for some kitchen issues but I think Carla probably would have gotten the axe. Or, if instead she actually did something when she went back to the kitchen like salvaged the desserts or adjusted the menu, again it would've more fallen to Carla. As it was, though, she split her duties in compe
  16. I just don't see that he's so egregious that he would get last picked. I can understand going with someone like a Hosea, Jamie, or Jeff on your first round but to pick Carla, who has no elimination wins under her belt except for team challenges, over him is mind-boggling. This was pointed out on another board, but look how he responded to the freezer issue vs. Carla. Carla ran around flailing. Stefan grabbed two bowls with ice to jury-rig something. He saved that team. Pain in the ass, yes, but I don't put him anywhere near Howie, or Spike, or Mr. "It-Must-Be-Her-Time-of-the-month" from e
  17. Yes, totally. Also there was a clear body language segment where Tom and the guest chef were hunched together in their criticism and made a pointed look at Toby when they were commenting on the meal. Tom's not liking this non-chef interloper, I think. I thought this was a thoroughly fascinating episode that perfectly illustrated the growing flaws of this season's talents. Again, with Restaurant Wars you should fight to LOSE Quickfire and not be head chef. You have a 50% chance of going home if you're head chef. Radhika lost for me right out of the gate avoiding Stephan(sp?) that way. Soo
  18. Leslie Brenner. Official announcement here on the DMN eatsblog. Leslie's blog is here. Seems like a heavyweight on the LA Food scene. Thoughts? Comments?
  19. Uh oh . . . Bravo doesn't ever re-air these eps so you're going to be behind!
  20. Hmmm. You just know there's going to be some hair-pulling product tie in competitions though. "This week, your challenge is to cook a three-course meal . . . on the engine hood of this brand new Toyota RAV 4!!!!!"
  21. Chefs screw up sometimes. If Tom Colicchio were a contestant, he wouldn't win every challenge. Overall, Hosea has been pretty impressive. (Not as sure about Leah.) ← I'm more complaining about him throwing Ariane under the bus or at least looking the other way when she was being thrown under the bus and putting himself in that ridiculous "Real World--The Kitchen!" situation with Leah.
  22. That they were given essentially a chef's dream (height of season ingredients, just picked produce, impeccable farm-raised meat) and then botched it so badly is frustrating. Really surprised at the poor showings. I was pulling for pork team and then for them to make a tame looking pork tenderloin and oversauced, overstuffed pesto? I cannot believe a native Italian like Fabio would make that kind of error. But I was wondering though if three hours would be enough to cook a whole piece of meat on the bone . . . ? Ariane had to go eventually but I would have liked to have seen her go under m
  23. Having spent part of our honeymoon there I freely admit to bias but I loved the Venice episode. Perfectly captured why we love it and why so many others don't. Plus him going to two of the places we ate at (do Mori, on our own cichetti crawl, and Al Covo) got me jazzed to no end. My lingering regret when we left was that we never ate risotto everywhere and now seeing that place in Burano I regret it even more.
  24. Scott Tycer and Plinio Sandalio also seem to be flirting with avant garde techniques and incorporating those ideas into the cooking at Textile. Anonymous Eater's Review.
  25. I'd love to see Fabio in the final three but I don't think he's going to make it much further unless he really shows a turnaround. Jeff and Hosea have both been more consistent than he was this season. He started out of the gate impressive but then foundered.
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