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  1. If it's not online on the No Res site, I'm pretty sure it'd be in Rippert's new cookbook On the Line.
  2. This should get lively. For the most part I use Marcella Hazan's recipe from her Classic Italian Cookbook. I do like to use different meats than just beef, though, and typically have ground pork and pancetta. Carrot, Onion, Celery, and to be heretical, a couple cloves of garlic. I whiz them all up in the food processor so they basically dissolve into the sauce after all that cooking. White, because it just blends in and adds acid notes. Red would just seem to call too much attention to itself. Yes, I think it's one of the main differentiating factors of Ragu Bolognese. It balances o
  3. Pretty even handed. He goes easy on his usual targets (Ray and Semi Homemade) and takes a few digs in unexpected places. I was surprised to see him come out and say it about On the Road Again.
  4. I found this outing to Vietnam to be surprisingly touching and melancholy. He's been talking about doing the year in Vietnam for a long time, before even No Res, and I get the sense that he worries it's slipping away or that moment has passed and he's losing that country he loved so.
  5. When Iron Chef America launched there were a series of battles pitting the new FTV Iron Chefs against the Iron Chef Japan chefs. Being a Food Network show now, FTV picked Bobby Flay and Mario Batali as part of its original lineup (there wasn't any back story for the choices but they were both prominent professional chefs on the lineup at the time). Cat Cora came along later at mid season. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that they are really allowed an hour of hard cooking. But they are given a list of likely theme ingredients to prep a menu around. It seems to me like t
  6. New DMN critic Leslie Brenner's inaugural column is a new feature called Critic's Notebook and can be found online here. It's about, fittingly, fellow Californian Wolfgang Puck's new Five Sixty restaurant. In the column Brenner states that these Critic's Notebook features aren't a formal review; that will come later after the restaurant has a few more months under its belt. She also takes the time to outline what she's looking for from restaurants in their service and food and outlines some of her philosophies on reviewing restaurants and where she'll be taking things. The star system stay
  7. The Mansion closes the Chef's Tasting Room Nichols makes the valid point though that without a recognizable head chef at the moment, and given the current economic climate, it made sense. Hopefully it's only temporary (gives me something to shoot for! ) ETA: Two more tidbits, from Eats Blog: More on the Tasting Room:: Chef's tastings still exist, and diners can eat in the Chef's Room, but the concept itself is on hold or is not part of their regular operations. Also, an update on former Exec Chef John Tesar: He's heading to NYC to work with David Burke and Fishtail. Too bad for the local
  8. Yow.Za. (Former) Dallas-ite Casey has some choice words about Carla and the editing of the finale for D Magazine's Side Dish blog: Casey on Finale
  9. Speaking only for myself here, but I like Richard because, like Stephanie (who I also wanted to win last year), he's a professional, relatively drama free, and pretty damned skilled to boot. Of the three to pick from, Casey's main drawback is that she was uneven (the infamous onion incident), and Marcel's is that he could be a little too independent and egotistical, though yes, he acquitted himself well as a sous. Plus there's some sentamentality over his loss last season: he went in a favorite and then very clearly choked, coming in behind even Lisa for that matchup. Had a new baby at home,
  10. Fitting cap off to a progressively underwhelming season. There's just no compelling "story" to Hosea's win at all. He seemed to luck into it. I mean, given what happened to Stefan who had been losing his groove the past four eps and Carla's rather unforgivable sins, I don't object to the final judgment or feel anyone was robbed, but he was and still is my least favorite of the three competing. I only got marginally more interested in his prospects b/c he picked Blais.
  11. Yeah, I was just coming to post that. It was her alright. Ditto ! It was absolutely her. ← I have to know about what went on behind this. Granted it was probably shot alongside TC or even before, but Ariane just doesn't strike me as the one you want on your team in such a high pressure situation. And they had her butchering and prepping meat?!
  12. Will there be recipes for bullshit eggs and a chapter on monkey's ass I wonder?
  13. Hopefully this choice of Leah vs. Stephan might cause a slight revision in the "judge only on the dish" attitude, because as you point out OA, Stephan probably should have gone home under normal circumstances with those rules being what they are. But it seems so clear that this was the right call. Leah was in every way an inferior chef and if she skated by this time she'd be right at the chopping block next week probably. Her heart clearly wasn't in it, she admits it, and her dishes were reflecting that. I understand that the judge by that dish alone rule should probably be the general fram
  14. I initially thought so too, but that would have meant a total of 25 dishes, an impractical amount of food for the judges to consume. ← Yeah, I did the math and everything. And I was panicking for them. "So, do they have to have say, peas and squab in each course? Can peas count as one course and squab the next? They're going to have to be creative! This is a disaster!!!" Took me until they went to WF to figure it out.
  15. It seems to me that Colicchio has been itching to send Leah home since around the Xmas Party debacle when he barked her down in the stew room. He was pretty hard on her last week and it seems clear (with the caveat as always the show's editing) that he wanted her to go home over Jamie. So maybe he finally won out over everyone if that was the case. I think it required probably probably a good gut check to think the nature of the challenge through. I've read alot of the last meals-type discussions particularly from Bourdain's angle and the thing that comes up over and over again is that pe
  16. It seems to me that one of the abiding complaints of season 3 (Hung, Tre, Casey, etc) and even to some extent season 4 was that the contestants were solid but the challenges left quite a bit to be desired: they progressed oddly, too many catering challenges, too many gimmick challenges too late in the season (the airline food ep being a particular standout). Conversely I've liked the progression of challenges this season where they got most of the catering and gimmick challenges out of the way early on but it's become much more based on pure skill as the season progresses. Last night was ste
  17. I guess I'm just a sucker for these goofball eps so I loved it all, like Claudia said: the grainy footage, the entendre-laden promos, the porn names, etc. I must have that deep fried pork and oyster thingie from Momofuku before I die (which, conversely, may be WHY I die if I ever eat it). I just like that Tony's got enough clout to do these sort of eps and dig down deeper into why so many people love the show and that there's faith enough in the audience to put it on the air.
  18. The problem with Jamie's remarks for me was that, she's certainly free to not like the food or be overly impressed with it (but I find it hard to believe, given her own seafood-centric approach, she wouldn't see something exciting/interesting in the opportunity). There were just better ways to say it than, IIRC, "I was a little bored with it to be honest . . . ". Taken into context of her snotty attitude at times throughout the season, it was just too much. Plus, it just rankles that someone who a) has shown a pretty narrow repetoire without backing it up (seasonal, seasonal, scallops) an
  19. Speculation here, but I'd imagine this is the totally "raw" kind of cotechino more typically found in Italy and not widely available here. That kind cooks for a very long period of time (4 hours) vs. the precooked kind that's sold here, needing only an hour or so. Plus, I'd guess that the kind permitted for sale in the US has to have more preservatives in it. Foodman makes his own from scratch so maybe he or J Molinari can offer some more precise explanation.
  20. Kevin72

    Avec Eric

    Yeah. I'm officially on the hunt for his On the Line book now as well. He's really a class act. Doesn't berate anyone's dishes or humiliate them but he's got enough clout and respect that you can tell it's devastating to alot of the chefs on TC if they don't impress him.
  21. Leah is rapidly turning into this season's Lisa: subpar talent who makes it frustratingly far due to the worst mistakes of others. BTW, it's getting downright fun watching the ways Colicchio barely contains his disdain for Toby. The withering glances, the "it's not as easy as it looks" retort when Toby had a long speech about how poorly replicated a dish was, and then there was a wide shot of the judges' table when Toby was talking and Tom was leaned as far back and away from him as possible.
  22. Bwa-haha! I thought it was a little rude of her; she was getting a meal at one of the top restaurants in the country and she can't wait to say how bored she was? Still, two former top contenders (in my book at least) gone in as many weeks. I like Hosea less and less every episode, yet Carla's steadily winning me over. Weird final 5. Now THAT'S an Elimination Prize!!!
  23. He name checked it, and then went to a similar type place but I forgot the name. I forgot to mention how much I loved the L20 sequence and the discussion. That totally should be the blueprint for the roundtable show he attempted last fall. I'd watch that all day.
  24. Wow, impressive attempts on all. Splendid Table is an endlessly useful and fascinating book and I just keep going back to it time and again. I can never just get a recipe from there; I always get lost re-reading chapters and whole sections of the book over again. The pears and prosciutto are a favorite for me as well.
  25. Thanks! Let us know how your dish turns out. As for the cooking and reheating questions asked, I'm not scientifically astute enough to answer these but I'm sure Chris and/or Samuel will probably chime in here shortly with some answers.
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