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  1. He's actually in Supersize Me. Kinda takes the wind out of the sails of the anti-Spurlock camp, doesn't it?
  2. Kevin72

    Lamb recipe

    I think lamb fat is what gives it its "lamby" or gamey taste. My wife doesn't like lamb but if I carefully trim it of most of its fat or mix in pork fat (when making lamb sausages) she likes it. Just a guess on my end. I happen to love it.
  3. Loved this film, my second favorite of the year. What really got me thinking is the cultural aspect it goes into, it's about much more than the McDonald's stunt and really hit a nerve with my thoughts on cooking and eating and where it's going in this country.
  4. What a searing expose on the shocking abuse of the elderly that goes on in this country.
  5. Kevin72

    Cooking Octopus

    So no fatty layer between the meat and the suction cups?
  6. Spot-on article. I can't imagine that all of FTV's "____ on the Road!" and Unwrapped-style shows are actually paying off, ratings-wise. Some of the guy's wishes for show topics actually used to be on when FoodTV first started airing.
  7. I'm sure there are countless more preceding them but the first two "major" scars are: 1) On the side of my right index finger is a deep scar from where my knife slipped on my "culinary nemesis", peeling chestnuts. (I should stop by that thread). 2) A little further down in between my knuckles on the same hand is a scar from where boiling honey landed.
  8. Does Lawry's Seasoned Salt count? I always feel . . . shifty when I use it. I try use prefab mixes but just can't. I was at Central Market the other day and was going to buy some of their fajita seasoning but then realized I had most of the ingredients at home and got self-righteous about it.
  9. Kevin72

    Cooking Octopus

    It's great. Very meaty in texture, takes well to vinegary or acidic preps or spicy flavors. Totally different from calamari, which I used to assume it would taste like.
  10. Kevin72

    Cooking Octopus

    Great recipe and pics, btw bleudauvergne.
  11. Kevin72

    Cooking Octopus

    I've cooked the smaller octopus before and not had that problem. I just was intrigued to try it since I saw Mario do it on one of his shows and the Central Market here had a sale on the bigger ones. On Mario he served it whole and didn't peel it, and also when I've had it at a Tapas place in Dallas here it wasn't peeled. I did wind up shaving off that layer and then wound up with . . . meat. Which was good but kinda ruined the visual appeal I thought it had.
  12. Kevin72

    Cooking Octopus

    At the risk of veering slightly off-topic, I happened to cook an octopus "arm" for the first time a few weeks ago, first simmering it in a pot (with a cork) and then tossing it on the grill. The meat itself was tender but there was an unpleasant fatty or chewy layer in between the meat and the suction cups. When I've had it elsewhere this had not been the case; anyone have experience with this?
  13. Kevin72

    Cooking Octopus

    The emphasis is mine. Now, obviously a guy like Mario isn't going to use a cork in his restaurant unless he feels like it is doing some good. Yet, for the life of me, I can't imagine how it could effect the texture of the octopus without water. I caught that too. It's how he does it on his show, too.
  14. I got a bad bacon grease burn on the palm of my hand that, despite a huge blister covering the entire palm, healed perfectly, no scars. I was actually in some ways disappointed it didn't leave at least some kind of mark. I have two faint burn scars from taking bread out of a hot oven that were in places that didn't have so many nerves I guess 'cause they didn't hurt much at the time. So I didn't tend to them immediatley, and then they left scars.
  15. Guess he didn't help much in the kitchen after this incident, either, did he? Frying in fat scares me but I just keep coming back to it . . .
  16. One other one: Was making a beef braised in red wine dish and I was going to sear the meat off in bacon fat. So I'm holding the meat on one end with tongs and I have my other hand cupped under the meat to transfer it into the pot. Just as I'm getting it over the pot it slips out of the tongs, tumbles into the bacon grease and sends most of it flying up . . . to land very nicely in my still-cupped hand. Probably one of the worst pains of my life, I actually was in tears and had to have my wife do alot of the rest of the cooking that day (it was for a dinner party, natch). Meanwhile I develope
  17. He uses a new one each time! But seriously, I've gone through 3 probes over the same 2 years, so I feel your pain. You can get the replacement probes for $10, cheaper than a new unit. I broke one through getting it wet, but think I fried the nother by haveing it in a too hot oven. THey suggest an upper limit of 200 C/392 F. I've lost track of how each thermometer met its demise. I know one was in too hot an oven, which to me was perplexing since it had "food" sensor and a separate "oven" sensor. I did replace once of the probes free of charge but then ruined the base by leaving the whole
  18. Leave my digital probe thermometer out in the rain. "Soak" the probe tip of a digital thermometer in water to get rid of some caked on food. If any water goes above the end of the probe towards the wire, it's curtains. I'm currently on my fourth digital probe thermometer in 2 years. How does Alton do it?
  19. Kevin72

    Taming red onions

    Just in the past week I've taken to sprinkling the raw onions for a salad with vinegar and letting them stand for 20 minutes, then a rinse. It doesn't make them "sweeter" to my taste but does remove their harshness. It even worked on scallion whites!
  20. There has been a slowdown of new episodes of Molto Mario lately, leading to some speculation on the FTV site that it has stopped production. Please allay some fears and say it isn't so! If there are more new episodes to come, what is the next planned region you will cover? It goes without saying obviously that this is my favorite show on FTV, thank you for fighting the good fight and being such a great teacher.
  21. Are you sure about Jinbeh being Korean? Isn't Korean BBQ where you cook it at your table? Nothing about the Jinbeh's I've been to struck me as Korean, and they have all the typical Japanese restaurant fare: tataki, gyoza, the hibachi grills . . .
  22. When I visit Houston (I live in Dallas but my parents live in Houston): --Anything at Mai's (Vietnamese place in downtown) --The sopa appetizers at Hugo's, or their chocolate desserts --Rueben on an Onion Roll at Kahn's
  23. Hello: 2nd post, and on one of my favorite foods too! Our fave is Jinbeh. There's three that I know of: Lewisville, Frisco, and Las Colinas. Las Colinas is the best; it's also a full-scale Japanes restaurant with a full menu. Also liked 9 Fish (though my wife isn't fond of it) and Blue Fish.
  24. Hello Zip: Figured this would be a good place to make my first post at EG, been lurking for a while. We honeymooned in Italy last fall and spent some time in Bologna. There's the adage that you can't have a bad meal in Bologna and I agree! Here's the places we went in Bologna I'd recommend: Montegrappa Da'Nello and Tinello. I'll have to look up their addresses in my journal but can post them if you'd like. Montegrappa was a "destination" place I'd previously read about in researching our trip. We ate there our last night and it was fantastic, and the servers were very courteous and persona
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