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I've been cooking since I was knee-high to a pot roast (9YO). I've enjoyed informally reviewing restaurants for years and since Connecticut participation in eGullet is and has been next to non-existent I went to Chowhound, as "Scargod". Their moderation has been a source of irritation and I was banished for criticizing them. I was reinstated (with restrictions), then, when my wife joined, they thought I was pulling a shenanigan and banned us both!

The oppressive moderation and their cow-towing to younger people and allowing any kind of dumb food discussion or comment into their widening tent has completely turned me off.

I had a business in Texas for 18 years. I've raced sports cars in the SCCA, drag-raced, scuba-dived. Now I mostly play tennis, garden, do woodworking and snow ski.

I am a "JOAT" in every respect.

I take care of the homestead, do the shopping and cook about eleven meals a week.

Semi-retired, I do what I want.... almost.

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