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  1. As a photographer who has manipulated lots of photos and worked with making props I can say that it is sad to see fake food. The bulging, overflowing hamburgers and the like. I don't like the idea of my mouth watering because of fakery. Making good food and serving it au point is not easy. Showing a picture-perfect image, implying that McD's can do it as well as anyone, just reeks of false advertising.
  2. Palmer is a new road course track that just opened this year. It is situated ten minutes from Ware and fifteen minutes from downtown Palmer. I've discovered that there is a lot of interest among racers and cohorts for a better lunch experience than what is offered at the track. Whatever it is, we will have an hour and a half tops for a round-trip. I discovered the Ware Cafe, which is quite good by small-town cafe standards. Great gourmet hamburgers! What else can I find, primarily for lunch, though I and others are interested in a good breakfast (offered by 7AM, at the latest) and dinner for those that are staying overnight in the vicinity? For dinner the radius can enlarge to allow for a little longer drive time.
  3. The guy asks for seafood recommendations and gets what? Only fried clams are fit to eat? A place that caters to families with kids? Sheesh.
  4. This is a map I created and just updated. There aren't that many places on my list that are west of Boston; you owe it to yourself to at least get into the Cambridge area. Oh, the seafood! https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=207009040457871020162.00044904677eb2ed32f48&msa=0 PS: I grew up in Dallas. I've been in CT for 13 years.
  5. Nice article. Read it and weep, bitches? Who be dem bitches?
  6. Nice to see a BC guy in my general area. I have been in Vancouver a lot lately. The food is so good there (and expensive). Mmmm, Blue Water Cafe... I digress. I have not been in Boston in a while but I will still share my map. I'm sure most places are still relevant and there are many near your hotel. http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=207009040457871020162.00044904677eb2ed32f48&msa=0 Cheers!
  7. Translation: Chicken Camp. It is the largest fast food chain in Latin America, as well as one of the world's largest fried chicken fast food chains. Look out Colonel Sanders! Now, how could any self respecting foodie eat those tacos? I have to admit my shame... Recently I ate a McDonald's chicken club sandwich. Two things come to mind: Bad value. $8.00 for a tiny, nothing sandwich, fries and drink. Secondly, Bad food. Tasteless cardboard. Even the brittle bacon and supposed "Swiss cheese" didn't help.
  8. It is far from being my favorite Thai place. Same people that own Thai Taste, downtown, under the Duncan Hotel. Both are OK "Thai" if you are really on a budget and need a fix. I've eaten at Thai Taste many times but gave up on it because of cleanliness issues, mediocre food, service and Thai Taste being overrun with fruit flies. IMHO the nearby (to Thai Taste), Bangkok Garden is better, though the food is somewhat comparable. My favorite, by far, is The Terrace (in Hamden, not far away). We were there yesterday. Amy is a great French trained chef. They will pretty-much make anything you want. A decent wine and beer selection, too. If you want, she will make some seriously hot food for you. I particularly like their "Jungle Curry". Besides the great food at The Terrace, I have a long string of negatives regarding meals at the Rice Pot and Thai Taste. I just can't go back to either!
  9. While I appreciate your desire to have better knives I think you are rushing things. You can buy knives online and there are great knife forums, as well. I have a full set of Henkel Pro's for everyday use because you can bring back an edge with a steel fairly easily. I have a Shun Santuko with Granton edge which I really like and a custom carbon-laminate from Japan which is a fantastic knife, but requires too much attention to keep the edge sharp(you can't let it sit-you must clean it immediately). Since you are a'feared of sharpening I don't think you want a high maintenance knife either! You don't mention whether your husband is willing to sharpen or learn...
  10. I had forgotten about our wonderful meal at Hemmingway's (about four years ago), and also failed to put it as a POI on my map. Looking at reviews collected by Google Maps, I found that starting about November of 2009, there is a high percentage of unfavorable reviews. Many seemed to focus on service. Has anything changed at Hemmingway's in the last year? I am not familiar with Woodstock Inn. I hope to get back up there this ski season and look forward to trying it.
  11. The ONLY place I have heard of is Simon Pearce in Quechee, about five miles away. 1760 Quechee Main St. 05059 (802) 295 2711 www.simonpearce.com It is supposed to be very good.\ Look on my map: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Woodstock,+VT&sll=44.472991,-72.674561&sspn=1.162205,2.469177&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Woodstock,+Windsor,+Vermont&ll=43.711564,-72.226868&spn=0.588638,1.234589&z=10 There are other places from 15-30 miles away.
  12. Hideaway Pizza on East 15th street is the only place I have eaten pizza in Tulsa. I thought it was decent. I'd say it was good pizza typical of what you get in OK and TX. How would you say it stacks up against The Wedge or Upper Crust?
  13. Please excuse me. I don't mean to offend anyone, since we are all bearing our souls on this thread. I agree with pastrygirl that there is "good" cheese and not so good "cheese". Someone else mentioned "cheese" made with petroleum... For me it was Longhorn cheese or "rat-trap" cheese as a kid and young adult. Processed cheese doesn't do anything for me, so I wonder what the attraction is for other? "Good" cheeses melt, have great flavor and don't cost an arm and a leg. It must have to do with what was or is economics or availibility, or is it nostalgia, "comfort food" or... OMG! Could your tastebuds be calibrated differently from mine? I eat Ben and Jerry's from the container and will drink wine in a jelly glass or coffee cup. I hate healthy cereal breakfasts. Eggs and ham, please!
  14. I wouldn't call it a simple write-up; I enjoyed the descriptions of the foods and textures and felt as if I were there. But where? Forgive me, but you never stated in the whole description that you were at Radius. If others don't read the previous posts they might not get it. Thank you for the heroic effort of over two hours of dining...
  15. Chris, You are a brave man. While I know OK city has some good food, I also know how bad to mediocre food can be. I worked, from time to time, in Perkins. Stillwater was pretty much a foodie wasteland. I have had a few good meals in OK city and quite a few in Tulsa. Right now I wished you could point me to some good fried catfish! That they have in Oklahoma!
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