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  1. A touch off-topic and perhaps even controversial, but being a big fan of gender-neutrality, I've always objected to the term "woman," because it's derivative from the term "man." I believe it's more appropriate to employ the more neutral term "woperson," because ... ... oops. Thinking about it some more, I don't like woperson either, because of the implications of the term "son." This brings us to the logical conclusion: "woperchild." That's it. Woperchild. ← It doesn't make me a pedophile to enjoy a whopper junior every once in a while, does it?
  2. This is the best rendition of Leif Erickson with Turrett's I've ever seen.
  3. You need to stop blindly defending whose you you rever. This thread isn't about great meals at the lab (which I've had). This is about Iron Chef and Roberto got schooled. Shame on him if he didn't do his homework. If he turned up at the SAT's unprepared without a No. 2 pencil should we just give him a 1600. I'm a big fan but I know when to call a spade a spade.
  4. Roberto is a better man than I. If I had my ass handed to me I wouldn't invite 200 people over to watch.
  5. Derek, when might that royalties check be coming?
  6. James Beard puts his seal of approval on that one. ← Psssst!!..... Word! If you are an eGulleter and "in" at the BdC, you know to squeeze the nose of the Santa on the way in. Smack him on the way out. ← And what if you find Santa horizontal as was the case last sat.?
  7. Do you have any of that Vietnamese stuff that cats crap out, that sounds delish. And as some chefs know "My Kitty Likes Kitty Food."
  8. It should be noted that having your water poured in unison has nothing to do with fine service. It's unnessesary flair. Look at TGI-Fridays, how far does flair get you there. In restaurants with the finest service I've had; El Bulli, Michel Bras, Guy Savor, Per Se, Louis IV, etc... I've never seen it. It's not that it's a bad thing... just well...obnoxious. It's smoke and mirrors, giving the customer what they think they want but don't need. Like pulling out a cigarette and having ten waiters hovering over you with lighters ablaze. BFD
  9. Growing up in Maine with summers spent on the boat, I can't think of any other way to cook lobster.
  10. Is that an homage to anyone in particular? ← I'm Jarad Slipp, and I approve this beverage.
  11. Who are you kidding. You both know damn well that you'll and up at Ray's. Fortunate for you everyone gets hot chocolate upon departure.
  12. I'd lend you mine but eight of twelve months are stuck together.
  13. Is Graig the dude who is the Rick Bayless Impersonator?
  14. If you book a room at a nice hotel and don't check in, you pay. If you book a ticket on an airline and don't turn up, you pay. Why should it be any different with fine dining? Our size is smaller and our profit margins lower. We're just looking to cover ourselves, often times if the table can be resat you won't even be charged. I can understand why you might by annoyed that they requested your c/c info after the fact, but you must remember that new years is the creme d'la creme of donkey's night out. Don't hate the players, hate how the game now has to be played.
  15. I used to rock gobblers bi-weekly. The only crappy part as waiting in line with Bowdoin students.
  16. I've never seen Michel launch someone out the front door. Though I've tossed several wankers from Nectar. I'm not one for "killing them with kindness. You get back what you give out. If you're a big enough prick that the cons out weigh the pros you get the shoe. Just ask Arlen Specter. A friend just opened a restaurant in Middleburg. On opening night, a guy not 10 mins into sitting, before any food arrives launches into how they'll never make it. The chairs are ugly, the uniforms suck, the art is all wrong. I don't care if he was a middleburg big-wig I would have handed him his ass. It should be known the customer is not always right.
  17. Germany is a slippery slope. Both terroir and otherwise.
  18. I was at BDC for their first service and it was a huge cluster fuck. Choas, 20 mins to flag someone, 50 mins to order, 1:45mins to see the first course...I know how first nights go and I was happy to be there. Though not everyone with me felt that way. One such fellow began loudly screaming and yelling and generally acting like a complete (see avatar at left). Since then I've been well over 100 times. Half the damn time I get announced over the PA as I enter. Do they know who I am? Eh, yeah probably. Do I get treated differently? I'm pretty sure. I'm there without fail every Sat. night from midnight to close with the other insiders and the Dons of well-known restaurants. I would invite the nah-sayers to join us, but we're there to have a good time, not coddle and change minds. Funny, we were all there when Fero Style had his sub par experience. I even waved to him to sit with us. I can't help but think that if he did, he would have seen it in a different view. I can't disagree with his points, they're valid and I've seen it happen myself. Perhaps me and the boys have a rare culinary form of Battered Wife Syndrom that forces us back to some self-fullfilling group therapy. It could be worse it could be AA. Brice are you out there.
  19. No worries, Rocks always leaves his windows down for just such an occation.
  20. I'd only like to add that I too think the author to be a real douche. If this happened to me at ADNY I'd flip. If this happened at my rest. I'd flip. That said, he's clearly is depicting everyday joints. Lighten up.
  21. If Corduroy (of which I'm a big fan) is akin to a Delta lounge, this is Virgin on an IKEA budget. Too bad you have to suffer through the food. I'll just take the free peanuts and pilot wings, thanks.
  22. There was far too much leading insight to that first post. Though there's no confidentiality agreement I don't feel that saying ugly things about ugly people is in anyone's intrests. The official reason why Nectar closed from the horse's mouth is this: GW, who owns the hotel wanted to scale back or reconcept the restaurant. Something Jamison and I were not willing to do. Instead of coming to the table people on both sides jockeyed for postion, and as things came to a head it was a race to see who could shoot first. The name is ours, you may see it again, you may see something completely new, or you may see me become mister-mom and sit in front of this damn computer screen with my bourbon and bon bons. Thanks to all for your kind words.
  23. For the World Series we had a friend whip up some "Polish Twinkies" which consists of a hotdog split down the middle, filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and then deepfried. They were horrible and that's why I only ate five.
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