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  1. Thanks!!!! I will hit Mitsuwa
  2. Are there any Japanese groceries or specialty stores that carry the rhizome? I want it specifically for home use. Not interested in eateries that serve it. I am trying to avoid mail order too.
  3. That's the place I mentioned. I guess ONE other person likes it. Hey dknyc1, did you try the lobster Moussaka when you were there? LMAO! I did, and I even got to throw my plate and glass in the fireplace while dancing on the table after the meal!
  4. Steamers in NJ mean littlenecks to the majority. The steamers in NE refer to pissers or long necks(soft shells). I am assuming that menton is refering to Littlenecks, but who knows. I personally don't like longnecks. They have a muddier taste. Littlenecks are sweet and succulent and can be quaffed in dozens with cold beer.
  5. Fulton Crab House in Cliffside Park has got a ton of shellfish and great steamers. Not cheap and pretty casual...but great seafood. http://www.fultoncrabhouse.com/main.html
  6. I wouldn't stop at Trader Joes for fun. Shakers maybe, but TJ's???? Hehehehehe
  7. Don't know about fish, but Seabra's is the place to go for pork. They raise their own pigs and never inject it with tenderizers like some supermarkets. Rich, try the one in Kearny on Schuyler Ave. if you don't want to go to Newark....same items, and I've never had an issue with the cleanliness. ← Been to the one on Schuyler and it is much better to me. That's were we shop for meats. You are correct on the pork situation there.
  8. I hate being bumped by old Portugeuse ladies with their carts in Seabras. I'd also have to agree with jpr54_ here. The word "sanitary" doesn't come to mind when I visit their fish or meat department. That dried baccala does make my stomach turn very easily but it's not that it's the warm to tepid fish floating in styrofoam containers that raise my eyebrows. My girlfriend is Azorean-Portugeuse and comes from Ironbound. She won't shop there at all. They have decent stuff but if I am going to buy fish in Ironbound I wouldn't go to Seabras, I'd go to Popular Market on Ferry St. where the turnover of fish is huge. Regardless, Ironbound to me is not worth the effort or inconvenience to drive to in order to go to the market. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much traffic nowadays.
  9. Haven't been there since they re-opened. Prior to that they had a wine list that was pretty scant and mediocre for a "wine bar." Food was ok to good but portions were small and expensive. 3 shrimp in their appetizer for 10 bucks.
  10. Sushi/sashimi at a buffet?!?!?!?!?! I can't imagine myself ever doing that. But then again, I am sure the end of the world is nigh.
  11. Never been to C46. Guess all this publicity is good. I will make the trek sooner rather than later.
  12. Off topic but now that you mentioned the Cuban Matusalem have you ever tried the Mat 15yr old? I am rationing that myself ever since it's production stopped. I brought a bunch back from Havana and mowed through it.
  13. It is by far the best sipping rum of the HC's (excluding the 15yr old) but not good for mojitos. You need the HC3 for that or Silver.
  14. Admin: Merged in from thread on sugar cane source in north jersey. Classic, simply classic! LMAO!!!!! One hint, I tried growing my own mint for mojitos. Just buy it in the store, it tastes the same. http://www.havana-club.com/english/home.htm Nice mojito demonstration. Got tho "bar" and click on the mojito on the countertop. I usually use the 3 yr old though.
  15. I am going to miss the smoke at the Belmont. It adds ambiance and perhaps a slight coating of tar to the Chicken Savoy that doesn't seem to taste as good since April 15th. Well, at least the politicians know what's good for me. Being a doctor and all I need lots of help with that part of my life.
  16. richl2214


    I use: Paradise Roasters - Cali Cafe Fresco - Penn Intelligentsia - Chicago Great beans for espresso. However I have a dedicated grinder. Don't know how they'd fare in your superautomatic.
  17. If you can procure a bottle Havana Club 15yr is great, albeit a "hotter" rum than most on the list. I like Havana Club Anejo better than the 7 yr old and I would include that on the list too. Not that hard to get even if you are in the US
  18. Yup they have all those kooky flavors on the menu. It's basically a large pitcher of fruit punch for $15. Come on!
  19. I was there Wed night and it was hoppin'. The "sangria" was no more than a fruit drink. Do yourself a favor and bring you own or a bottle of vino. I ate exclusively off the tapas menu. Empenadas were so-so but the rest of the food was great. Highlight was the stuffed dates wrapped in bacon and the Cuban "sang-wich." Not as good as La Isla but it is an excellent recreation of a classic.
  20. i find the same holds true for NY and NJ as well. ← I'd second that. The pizza I've been making at home on my stone has been miles better than anything I can buy in a shop. LOL Can't hold a candle to my Garndad's pie but I'm getting there!
  21. The only way I'd eat one of these is sans tongue. Gack!
  22. I have a coupon that says "Buy one Whopper, get one free."
  23. Exactly Susan. Once you get fresh roasted coffee from a small roasterie you'll never buy a bag o' beans at Whole Foods again.
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