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    I too thought Earth and Fortunato were excellent. This place is different. Like I said unless he has a big stake in the place I don't see him hanging around for the long haul. I'd love to see him do a place like Earth again.
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    I have to agree that this place seems to be geared towards building a "club scene" more than a good restaurant. I don't think LoPinto stays there that long. IMO the food is very typical. Good but nothing to rush home and make a second reservation for. If I end up there again I won't be displeased but I won't really look forward to it. Maybe I'll revisit in a few months but not anytime soon. Hopefully I won't have to pull out the Z. Cavaricci's and fake tan to get in.
  3. I always thought Best hotdogs had a very "greasy" like taste. Never could stomach them. Thumann's or bust! I do visit Balthazar bakery every week as I work one block away. Fantastic place!
  4. tommy says: "i'll concede that most places don't do risotto very well, and if you can find one that does, let us know." I thought risotto at Blu was excellent. I also had a great dish of porchini risotto at Osteria Giotto. However, next order on a different night was so-so. Risotto needs love while cooking, if you leave it for even a minute alone I find it can flop. Score a second for home made.
  5. I've been to LuNello's in the new Cedar Grove spot. I had a great meal but had to wait 35 minutes past reservation time on a Thursday night. I really like Scalini Fedeli in Chatham although some might not classify it as a typical Italian restaurant
  6. Wine Library 586 Morris Avenue Springfield, New Jersey 07081 Very good selection of cheese and very knowledgeable staff behind the counter.
  7. Had them at Lunello's a couple weeks ago. Also bought them myself at DePeiro's farm and made them myself stuffed with pancetta, ricotta and parmigiano. Sauteed lightly in olive oil.
  8. Anyone been recently? Is it worth a visit?
  9. In med school I lived on coffee and chips. Residency is much worse. Your best friend will be Pepcid AC. Good luck!
  10. Valley Regency gets another big vote. Easily the best wedding food I have had. I'd also have to give a nod to Nanina's in the Park. Both fantastic food and very plentiful. Crystal Plaza is good if you want to spend $60 grand on a wedding and don't mind limiting yourself with their kosher food offerings. I probably ate there over 100 times as I use to do video jobs there with my uncle. I can only count about 5 times that I thought the food offerings were sub par.
  11. Shake Shack makes a phenomenal burger too. Can't wait to go back soon.
  12. Can't see the logic of that. It's legal to buy a cellphone, but many restos ban loud conversations or ALL conversations on them, as it disturbs the other patrons. It's also legal to buy a broom, but you can't start sweeping up the floors of a restaurant while you are dining there. The key ingredient here is consideration for your fellow patrons. Smoke, loud cellphone talk, are both deleterious to the dining experience of others. Not to mention the dangers of second hand smoke. That's the key issue here. P.S. How can you be BOTH for and against the smoking ban at the same time, Rich? ← That's exactly my point. The owners can establish thier own set of "rules" establishment they own. Also, no one is forcing people to work in places that allow smoking. I like the fact there is no smoking in dining establishments but I oppose the gov forcing owners to not have a choice.
  13. Spoken like a diehard smoker!! But, sorry, smoking bans are here to stay. If they can stick in Italy, Ireland, and France, they will stick here. ← I wouldn't say I'm a diehard smoker unless you consider a fine cuban cigar once a month "diehard." I don't smoke cigarettes either. I do say though that when I read most of your posts they are always very assumptive. One thing I learned about the internet is never to assume too much. You are usually wrong. For the record, I don't mind the smoking ban at all. I actually like it. I am just against an owner of an establishment being forced to ban something in his or her place that is legal to buy and consume in the US, like alcohol.
  14. I wish they would ban alcohol in restaurants and bars. It really impacts the health and safety of those consuming and those around them.
  15. Curly's in Wildwood were always good as a kid. Haven't had them in several years so I don't know if they maintained or not.
  16. Go to Sharkey's in Clifton instead.
  17. The Loop lounge is a long time hang out of mine. Never really was too close with the owners but I am great friends with the bartender up front. On topic I would have to go with a crab trap full of Jersey blue claws that I caught myself and steamed, a pound of melted, clarified butter, and a 12 pack of good beer. Nah make that a case.
  18. Nutley you can try Micheal's on Kingsland ave right across from Hoffman La Roche. Pretty good pie imo.
  19. Have you been to DelFriscos?
  20. Jewel of Russia Ultra Jewel od Russia Classic Chopin Belvedere Goose
  21. Curlz, check out shopper's vineyard in Clifton, NJ http://www.shoppersvineyard.com/bellede/be...andy-32736.html
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