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  1. assuming, of course, that we like KC BBQ the best. i prefer central south carolina and eastern north carolina BBQ. to me they are true expressions of BBQ. and to a lot of other people as well. comparing KC BBQ to all other BBQ makes about as much sense as comparing it to dry-aged steaks or pasta. while they are related by name and smoke, they're totally different animals. if you'll pardon the pun. ← I'm not so sure that the point is KC BBQ or Carolina BBQ or Texas BBQ per se--I think the point is enjoying genuine BBQ at its origin where they really do it right vs having BBQ in NY/NJ where they can imitate but not duplicate genuine BBQ. Kind of like having a NY style bagel in Florida. As best as they try to make one, it's just not as good as the "real thing." ← Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Tommy my friend who now lives in East Hanover has been to plenty of BBQ places here. Enough for him to form an opinion that NJ "BBQ" places are not in the same league he grew up on. I found the same when I lived in Kalifornia for a year. Not one pizza place that served a decent slice and I visited plenty. Could there be some hole in the wall place in NJ that serves great BBQ equivalent to the real thing? Sure.
  2. I agree with you 100% My wife and I went to KC and Memphis last year just to get an education. I have read over and over on EG that any of the places around here do not compare and I have to agree. Memphis was very good but KC was AMAZING! I think about it all the time and am planning on going back. We were there for less than 36 hours and went to 5 places. Even the worst of the five was excellent. I still enjoy Blue Smoke and Dinosaur but they are not KC. Keba ← NJ can do bbq about as good as Kalifornia can do pizza. Hope some of you can experience a KC BBQ someday. You WILL be ruined for anything else.
  3. I got some exceptional coffees at Beans during the summertime. I've been meaning to go back. I guess my only problem with Beans is the usual complaint in Montclair--Parking! Not the toughest place in town to get a spot, but it can get frustrating sometimes. ← I haven't gotten great stuff from Beans. The espresso roast was stale and definitely not fresh. I never went back. I order online and have the smaller companies ship to me. It's the best. Nothing in NJ is close. I grind my own. http://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/ http://www.doubleff.com/ http://www.paradiseroasters.com/ Are only a couple.
  4. I was quite disturbed to hear of this revelation; You write a column in the New York Times. `This is a restaurant you reviewed in the newspaper. Comped meals are not only unacceptable, IMHO, but completely against all journalistic principles. Does the NY Times editor know of these comped meals? If they do and approve, shame on the NY Times. I feel that any media food critic should be anonymous on his visits prior to review; there should also never be a comp after the review, either, because that casts a further cloud on the veracity of the review, e.g., a possible quid pro quo. ← I wouldn't think Jason and Rachel would stoop so low as to review a meal that was comped. Next subject.
  5. Personally I like OG better than Fascino but that's just me. You will enjoy any one of the three mentioned here though. OG will be bigger portions and cheaper than Fascino and not as "stuffy." Fascino is a great place but I;d go elsewhere for dessert, IMO that is the only part of their place that lacks.
  6. Thanks Susan I'll have to check it out! I am a choco-holic.
  7. I never found the need to watch the Oscars or any other self serving awards show. That being said I had a suprisingly good prime rib at Charlie Browns yesterday at a birthday I attended. Who'da thunk it?
  8. richl2214

    Azorean beer?

    No but I've tried their women. My girlfriend is from the Azores. if the beer is half as good we got a winner!
  9. Nouveau is decent for appetizers but their obscene pricing is only fit for free-wheeling, yuppie Montclairians who feel the need to be ripped off because "if it's more expensive it must be better." Someone at one time compared it to Nobu in NYC. I hope that person got back on their medication. I'd pass. Aozora is good and worth a visit. It is perfect for a well-behaved 7 yr old eGulleter!
  10. I have been going to Dai Kichi for years and still like it a lot. I think one place that serves great fish is Sukeroku in Little Falls on Pompton Ave. They have been around forever and still serve great stuff. Not the cheapest but I never had a bad or even marginal piece of fish and I've been going there for over 10 years.
  11. richl2214


    How has your service been? While I think the food is still excellent(and maybe even better since the risotto is almost as good as Giotto's now) I find the service has gotten noticeably worse.
  12. Can this guy from Cuban Pete's be a BIGGER idiot? Skirting the laws to serve so-so sangria is laughable.
  13. One of my favs is Ron Zacapa Centenario. Haven't had anyone that I gave a taste to not love it.
  14. Does that mean places like Fink's weren't even close to real BBQ? I haven't been to KC, but I'd consider a trip for BBQ alone! ← Took him to Fink's. He laughed at that too. Real KC BBQ is an etheral experience for those that have never had it. I warn you though, once you get the real thing, you won't want anything else.
  15. I have a friend who moved from Kansas City about 5 years ago and now lives in Essex County. He breaks into laughter every time we mention B-B-Q in NJ. It just simply is not available on the level that it is elsewhere(KC, Texas, etc.) If you've been to a real KC BBQ place you'd know what I mean. Clsest I've gotten is Indigo Smoke in Montclair and they aren't even close.
  16. At this restaurant, yes. Not in the rest of Jersey or even for most of the US. Most sushi restaurants except for the very top tier serve the green dyed domestic grated radish paste, which is -not- actual grated wasabi rhizome. It should also be emphasized again that Sakura Bana is totally Japanese owned and operated -- many Sushi places in NJ are owned by Koreans and Chinese. Not that there is anything wrong with that mind you, but a Japanese-owned and operated sushi restaurant is going to be a much more authentic experience for the most part. ← Yup, it's usually dyed horseradish powder. Glad to see they serve fresh wasabi rhizome. You have to eat it within 10 minutes of grating it or it's flavor is drastically reduced. Thanks for the hot tip. Add me to the crowd for next week.
  17. Here's the new W.C. slogan White Castle.... ...when your colon has been a naughty boy.
  18. Is fresh grated wasabi the norm?
  19. Have any of you ever had Ricotta di bufala? We had this in Positano, Italy. It was stuffed inside lightly fried zucchini flowers. Oh....MY....GOD! That being said mozzarella di bufala in the US pales in comparison to Napoli as stated above. Try and find Lioni mozzarella di bufala. On the press page you can locate where it's sold near you http://lionimozzarella.com/index.html Also can be found at Appetizzio's Italian Specialties and World Market 5 Ridge Road Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 Phone: 201.939.1566
  20. Updated menu: Veal pounded paper thin covered in a porcini mushroom and shallot reduction Fresh green bean with toasted hazelnut slivers Hearts of iceberg salad with bacon Belgium chocolate dipped strawberries made after dinner Washed down with a bottle of 2001 Tignanello and for dessert some Veuve Cliquot Grande Dame with the strawberries. Afterwards I enjoyed a 1997 Cuban Partagas Corona
  21. I really never had a problem with smoke as long as it's not blown directly in my face. I have yet to find a place that serves food that is "too" smokey to patronize. Won't affect me in the least.
  22. Word is that places can probably have an outdoor smoking "area" as long as wait service is not supplied.
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