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  1. http://www.picklelicious.com They deliver and are just as good as the above IMO. it can be a stop when you come up north.
  2. richl2214

    Victory Festbier

    I like Otter Creek much better. It has more depth to me.
  3. Had the nice opportunity of finishing our meal and not 2 minutes after the dessert we were told we had to leave because they needed the table. No more dollars from me. Buh-bye.
  4. Seriously, that comment was a joke. I love reading this board daily but I do think it can be too tight at times. Relax, chew, discuss, deep breath.
  5. Whole(in my pocket) Foods. I still haven't bought into the hype. Maybe someday if I ever own a Volvo and take tennis lessons.
  6. IMO the best pizza in the area is Michael's in Nutley. That's not saying too much though.
  7. Does the Park Steakhouse advertise in NJM?
  8. I'd have to agree with the Holsten's backers here.
  9. We will be meeting in the parking lot at the Galloping Hill Inn. They will be our first stop. We will be skipping Charlies, but going to Tommy's Italian Hot dogs in Elizabeth and Jerry's, which is next to Tommy's. Other stops will include Syd's, J's Beef, Libby's, Rutt's Hut, Amazing Hot Dog, Dickiee Dees, and Tony's Truck. Maybe JJ's. Rich, Best's is a top quality beef dog. But there are some that do not like it as taste is subjective. They taste great prepared any way, but are especially good on the grill. Is it possible that you don't like all beef dogs? They have a higher fat content than a predominatly pork hot dog such as Thumanns. And a spicier flavor profile as well. Maybe you got a bad sample. ← Boiled and on the grill. I also made one on the Foreman grill. I bought a total of three packages and they were each from different stores. My conclusion: my tastebuds don't like Best.
  10. Which Best was it? There's Best Kosher of Chicago, and there's Best Provisions of Newark. I've seen both in East Coast supermarkets. In any event, the Best Provisions hotdog in the supermarkets is the same mixture as served by Syd's and others EXCEPT I've only seen the skinless dogs in supermarkets; Syd's and others usually seve the natural casing dog. I'm hard-pressed to fathom the "oil, greasy meat taste" you found; that hasn't been my experience, even with the supermarket skinless version from Best Provisions. ← Yup, they are the Newark Best dogs I bought. IMO they are terrible. We all have different taste buds I guess. Thanks. I'll steer clear of Syd's now.
  11. On a side note about Best Hot Dogs from Newark. Are they any different from the packages at the supermakets at theses places? I asked because I bought more than one pack at two different supermarkets and I thought Best hotdogs were the worst. I can't quite describe the oily, greasy meat taste they exude. I now buy nothing but Thumans
  12. our friends at Amazing Hot Dog serve a quarter pound dog that is over 3 dollars and can reach over 5 dollars depending on the toppings. the down side to my mind is that you can only really eat one. the upside is that it's a 5-8 dollar meal. ← Tommy, you slacking off?!?
  13. That's it. They have great to excellent flavors. Enjoy and let us know how you like it.
  14. If you are ever in Lyndhurst the Lyndhurst pastry shop makes killer Italian ice.
  15. Take out the pistil in the middle. I don't like them as much raw as I do fried but they can be eaten both ways. If they are picked they'd last 1 or 2 days the most.
  16. Thanks! Since De Piero is by far and away the closest place mentioned here I found that they do have them. Much appreciated.
  17. Anyone have a line on a market or stand that sells them? These are normally procured from a garden but this year is an exception and I find myself looking for these from a secondary source such as a market or stand. Anyone know a place that sells them or at least zucchini with the blossoms attached? I usually stuff them w/ high quality ricotta(bufala if possible) and finely diced panchetta or very good prosciutto. Then tempura battered and lightly fried.
  18. YES! Margherita went over too well. I ended up making 4 of them! Looks like this party won't stop anytime soon and damn good thing I'm my own boss and can opt out of work tomorrow. LOL! We are on our 5th bottle of Nebbiolo and copius amounts of figs with balsamico. I don't see and end to this party yet. Viva Italia! Viva Azzurri! Buh-Bye Ziggy
  19. What food will you eat to celebrate? I just made a thin as paper margherita pizza on my stone. Viva Italia!
  20. I'd rather be in Roma in Piazza Navona cracking open some French champagne tonight and partying until the sun comes up. I was there a week after 1982 World Cup winning and the streets were still electric!!
  21. Eating frogs for lunch while the Azzurri eat frogs on the pitch. LOL! Forza Azzurri!
  22. I like my SSC sticking out of a Spider Roll or sauteed in olive oil and put on a sang-wich between two pieces of white bread toast.
  23. Tony De Caneca for Portugeuse.
  24. Fresh Soft shells crabs are being sold at the market behind Wendy'sand Drug Fair on Franklin Ave. in Belleville, NJ, across the street from the Chandelier.
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