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  1. 410 Bank Street is fantastic but make a res. BYO too.
  2. richl2214


    Dai Kichi Sukeroku, the best in the area if you ask me. Nouveau Sushi while good is way overpriced for a Montclair spot. You can do much better for much cheaper, but not less quality, at the previous two.
  3. Too bad, perhaps the 24/7 commitment to the service industry got to them after a while. Good luck in whatever they do. Please God, no Indian or Thai food in it's place, please!
  4. Lee's Hawaiian Islander in Lyndhurst/Kearny on River Drive si definitely fun for a group. Food is pretty decent too. You get those HUGE pineapple and coconut drinks. Have a few and say goodnight
  5. I can attest to everything Curlz posted. I can also say that the limited menu at Adega Grill's bar is just as good as the sit down. Sangria rocks.
  6. wet. save your nickels. ← Exactly Tommy. While Fleming's has all the pomp and circumstance, I find Mignon a much better value for basically the same kind of steak. BYO is the kicker here. On a side note Fleming's sides are much better IMO than Mignon's but I don't go to a steakhouse for sides. At half the price tab Mignon is the winner for me if I am settling for wet aged.
  7. How do you explain them charging double for the same bag of mussels or clams you can buy in Shop Rite? I agree that they ave good fresh fish but they overcharge the crap out of customers. PT Barnum was right.
  8. What demographic is that? The ones willing to pay $15.99/lb for fresh tuna?
  9. Sooo... Food sucks, beer sucks, service sucks????? Why is there about 2 to 3 hundred people a night there if not more? ← You gotta have places for the "peanut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off crowd" too.
  10. Went there again last week to give it another shot. The homebrew beer IMO stinks. Not one of them tastes any good to me. The food is still so-so. Decent bar food but the overall service is terrible. Guess it's very hard to find decent help these days.
  11. This is the SPAM of faxes. Sending a fax to someone who doesn't solicit it is actually worse than computer spam. At least computer spam doesn't waste the receiver's money on ink and paper like a fax does. Any business that sends a fax to me like that gets crossed off my list of places I would patronize.
  12. Calandra's in Newark. Since Ferrara's closed up they now own the crown.
  13. I have the Expobar Office Pulsar teamed with the la Cimbali Jr grinder. You would never buy espresso outside of your home with the results this combo gives you, except in Italy. A tiny bit of practice is all that is needed to pull espresso shots that would make anything made ouside your home taste like swill. As I stated above the only time I have had better espresso than my own in the last 4 years has been in Italy. I do not get espresso when I am out anymore. Once you make a God shot at home your ordering "espresso" out will be over. Trust me.
  14. Sukeroku is the best Japanese in the area if you ask me, just down the road on Pompton Avenue. Cucina Calandra is close by too. Excellent Italian.
  15. They just re-opened after a long hiatus. I was there before they shut down. I can say that for a wine bar their wine list was pitiful. The appys were good but overpriced and very little food for the money (three shrimp for $8) If they haven't updated their wine list I wouldn't bother going again.
  16. It is sooooooooooooooooo easy to whip up a huge batch of your favorite tea and ice it. Sugar or artificial sweetenere(gack!) to taste and viola! A few bags of any tea in a small bowl(usually 4 or 5 depending on the size of the final container), microwave until near boiling, steep, add sugar and dissolve, pour into large container, add cold water to fill the pitcher. Done. There you will have the best tea you ever drank.
  17. richl2214


    Had a great meal last week at Babbo. business as usual as far as the food and service went. All the pastas were fantastic and the pork chop was out of this world drizzled with aged real aceto balsamico. The grilled octopus was as tender as I remembered it. The goat cheese tortellini was perfecto! Buonissimo!
  18. We'd welcome your review of the place. However, the initial post is not really typical of a rest. review on EG. It IS a commercial and a way to get the word out on it. It reads like a brochure or a paid advertisement!!!!
  19. ...and now back to your regularly scheduled program... :)
  20. I just returned from Firenze and I had a very hard time finding ANY gelato that wasn't awesome. Have fun!
  21. Gaffers makes a decent burger, but nothing spectacular. In West Orange, I think that Pal's Cabin makes a better burger, and if you're willing to take a 15-20 minute ride, the Franklin Steakhouse in Nultley makes a much better burger than Gaffers or Pal's. That being said, White Manna is a different burger and different burger experience all together, and is worth judging for yourself. I was there just a couple of weeks ago, and it was delicious! ← I agree on the Franklin Steakhouse. Definitely better than Pal's or Gaffer's. Ya gotta get the angus 1/2 lb burger though. I'm going to hit White Manna this week!
  22. Tawara is excellent especially for the salmon. 53 W Main St Ramsey, NJ 07446 Phone: 201-825-8712
  23. I have yet to go back after my experience.
  24. Poi is a euphamism for Hawaiian wallpaper paste. :)
  25. How about Salt of the Earth in Nutley? Great food, not over the top, and BYO.
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