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  1. Yes indeed. The only thing you need to do is make sure it's fresh, not salted fat back, which is very common in our area.
  2. Jaz, the Publix I shop at has bagged panko, similar to what you described in the oriental section.
  3. I think that the marbling in pork is just as important as it is in beef. Unfortunately in most mass consumed pork that marbling is non existent. This is a cross section of some butt I recently purchased for a salami project from Caw Caw Creek
  4. I'd just add some lemon zest. You might think of Thai curry as your liquid base
  5. You really should come on over here to the Charcuterie thread, where many of us have been doing any number of salumi and salume for the past year or so. I think you'll find most any question you have has been asked and answered in that thread. If not, jump in and ask away. We have a pretty wide experience base over there. Plus, Ruhlman occasionally is available to answer questions.
  6. When I lived in Napa, Terra was my absolute favorite place. And yes, I have eaten at the French Laundry.
  7. I can't speak for DCS, but I love my Monogram. MelissaH ← I have a 36" DCS 6 burner and am totally in love with it. My previous two stoves were commercial Wolf's and I'll take this DCS over either one of them. Melissa, the salesman told me that the Monogram is made by DCS
  8. I used smoked rind, from some bacon I smoked a while back, for Christmas dinner. I'm not sure it's authentic, but the flavor was nice, not overwhelmingly smoky, just a nice background.
  9. If you are searching for a bean to use in cassoulet, Rancho Gordo has a flageolet which is an excellent substitute.
  10. Great article...thanks for sharing. Jason, I've previously cured some pancetta flat. You're so right, it's much easier. Ron, I just tied a couple of loose loops of string around the piece and let it hang as if rolled.
  11. Thanks Mike. That's the technique I use also. Although my finished product never looks as pretty as yours. I finally got around to uploading a picture of the Caw Caw Creek belly. As you can see, they come too small to roll for pancetta. I actually have plenty of pancetta on hand. But after Jason's comment I decided one of them MUST be cured for pancetta. I'll smoke the other two for bacon.
  12. I can get them here in South Carolina at Publix. They are definitely my 'go to' choice for out of season tomatoes.
  13. I'll "third" it -- great job! Any tips you can share for how you accomplished that? =R= ← Don't forget to skin the belly and it'll roll up perfectly. ← Well...............it's not always that easy, Elie....although I suspect that Mike must have skinnier fingers than me n' Ron. That would certainly make it easier!
  14. I'll second that Mike....that is one NICE rolled tight pancetta...
  15. I just finished stuffing 18 lbs of salami's today and without the Grizzly I'd still be cleaning clogs from the KA stuffer!
  16. I do. Sorry I didn't take any pics of it yet. I need to get it in a some bags for cure today or tomorrow. I'll get some posted then. Like the shoulder, he only sells it in certain portions. For bacon I think it'll be just fine. They are rather small though, so rolling for pancetta will be impossible. Guess I'll just have to cure that flat. I forgot to say earlier....when I was commenting on the fat back, Emile told me he could get me some that is 6 inches thick! I think my lardo is coming soon.
  17. I put this GE Profile hood in over my new DCS stove in August. I would have preferred something with a bit more suck value (600 cfm), but so far it's performed nicely. Ignore the missing base cabinet to the right of the stove. Simply a casualty of replacing a 30" electric drop in range with the 36" DCS. I've got the replacement installed now, I'm just too lazy to take new photos.
  18. Thanks Jason That's what I was thinking. The only sausage project that will come from this is the garlic ones for cassoulet on Christmas Day. I'm planning on Tuscan, Sopressata, and Genoa for this batch.
  19. Sorry I took so long to get these pictures posted. Here are several Boston Butts. Emile doesn't sell in primal cuts. You can only get shoulder this way. I couldn't believe the fat! I tried to get a good shot of the marbling. Once again, amazing stuff. Now my question. With what seems to be such a higher percentage of fat in these shoulder cuts, should I still use the 4lb of meat to 1lb of fat back ratio? These obviously contain much more fat than the stuff I have used in the past. However, I have been satisfied with the way the cured meats have turned out. If I add 1lb of fat back am I going to have too much fat? I'm not even sure if there is such a thing as too much pork fat , but am interested in any opinions.
  20. Yes he does. I met him for the first time yesterday. I'm a bit under the weather myself today, so it might be a day or so before I get pictures posted. But I can almost promise you'll drool. These shoulders are just unbelievable!
  21. I suppose being able to pick it up from the owner helps, but I only paid 150.00 for all that I got today. I mean it's easily 2 or 3 times the cost of the other stuff I can get, but I am expecting that it will be worth every penny.
  22. Elie, I'm planning to use that exact recipe for the exact same purpose (cassoulet on New Years Day, in fact). Can you give precise details on your tweaks of the recipe? ← Yes Ellie, please share. I too am planning the same, but for Christmas Day. I made cassoulet from Les Halles last Christmas and it was immediately proclaimed "our new Christmas meal" by the family. I am truly excited by my purchase of heirloom pork today from Caw Caw Creek Farms. I got about 10 lbs of belly (truly wonderful looking belly), 8 lbs of fatback, and about 30 lbs of shoulder. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get everything unpacked and ready for processing.
  23. I've kept them in zip locks in the crisper with no ill effects. Since purchasing a foodsaver I vacuum seal them, also with no ill effects. In all honesty, nothing lasts so long that it would go bad, especially this time of year.
  24. Looking through the schedule I see that the first two episodes (Vegas and Philly) are being re-run at 4 and 4:30 pm eastern today.
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