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  1. from memory the Jamie Oliver recipe adds an extra egg so you get more billowy fluffiness rather than the crispiness. but the basic principle of scorching hot fat and oven for a good Yorkshire is pretty much it.

    did a quick google before replying and where the recipe is not a "mix-it-all-in-one-go" method, there seems to be subtle differences in method i.e. Yorkshires you start with flour, add eggs, and then milk .. popovers the eggs get added to milk and then flour gets mixed in. Does this make any difference to the final product? Or am I trying to introduce molecular gastronomy unnecessarily?

    Mind you - the close relationship between the two might explain Nigella Lawson's fondness for eating hers with golden syrup (fresh from the oven that is)

  2. Danish dough has a significantly higher fat content than puff paste, and the gluten structure is more developed... 

    I fear that a tatin made with danish dough would be inclined to flabbiness as the moisture from the apples precluded the full rising of the dough, and the tatin would lose its airy quality.

    Hmmm .. well given that I attempted to make one on Sat with normal puff pastry (bought admittedly - needed as few obstacles as possible) and that was already pretty rich, sounds like Danish is one to park.

    However - suspect that may be linked to my trying the Rowley Leigh recipe which has a 1:1 ratio of sugar:butter, rather than others which have 2:1 - so my fault really. I was just being a coward and thinking that the extra qtr packet of butter would help jolly the caramelisation along. The colour was fine (having photos in five different recipe books helps!), as was the taste. But less attractive when cooled.

    Still - chalk that one up for experience. Onwards and upwards I feel ....

  3. Slightly disappointed at the lack of jacketless potatoes and upside - down guiness but they'll be back - as will we :biggrin:

    They're back! well the upside down guiness is anyway since I had one at lunchtime on Saturday. Still no jacketless potato for me yet - so yet another excuse to go back (like I really need one!)

    Impeccable food and service as always. Having scanned the posts again, I can see that the paprika rice wafer with its melt in the mouth quality has already been described. I didn't get the sprat fillets though - my third amuse was the most etherally thin slices of salmon (possibly smoked?) on a some bacon and something else which escapes my memory. Was so delicious that I was very pleased that my friend doesn't eat seafood so I got to have hers as well!

    I had the crab salad as starter which was gorgeous in taste and appearance, followed by the salt cod and pork canneloni. Friend had the set lunch so had the belly pork on quinoa and coffee panna cotta. think she was quite pleased with her main - on that basis that when the plates arrived, she looked at hers, then mine, then hers and said triumphantly "Ha! I win!!"

    I had the legendary tarte tatin as dessert, purely for research you understand (see tatin thread in cooking), and was very happy girl indeed.

    So - another great lunch. Bumped into Tony Sr on the way out (may have committed a faux pas when I referred to him as this - so apologies!) and had a nice chat. Think the best story he told us was that the manager of El Bulli had called them to say one of their customers had come back from Leeds / UK, having visited Anthony's and said "you really must try this amazing restaurant! - did you learn from them?" Also sounds like Anthony's are sending their customers to El Bulli also so Leeds may yet become some European dining capital yet!




  4. could be very good news indeed if it comes off - do we have any more details? dates? prices? and in which case it'll be another one to add to list of restaurants to visit (mortgage payments and pensions aren't that important are they?!)

    Does this mean that the Leeds guide that Tarka referred to in another thread will need a "trips out of town" section?

  5. OT - but are those books for cooks compendiums any good? And which ones have tatins in (like the way I swerved to save myself??)?

    As part of the self-delusion that I can be useful - went and checked the above - and the answer is that book two has recipes for a red onion tatin (from Lindsay Bareham's Onions Without Tears) and the tomato one mentioned above (recipe from Jennifer Joyce who is one of the authors).

    Of course I then went on a tatin recipe comparison through the ridiculous number of cook books I have, and I found one in Nigella Lawson's domestic goddess book for apple tarte tatin that uses danish pastry type dough as the base. Has anyone tried it? I wondered if it might make it all too doughy and filling, and thereby preventing you from eating the whole thing in one sitting (coz that's what you're meant to do isn't it?)

  6. OT - but are those books for cooks compendiums any good? And which ones have tatins in (like the way I swerved to save myself??)?

    I like the books. They do have some interesting selections in them, but most importantly, they have pointed me in the direction of further cook book purchases. and that's a good thing isn't it?

    I only have books 5 and 6 with me this week - and they are tatin free, but will check later this week when back home.

    Now ... must go and ponder what to use / buy as tatin tins ... I mean finish my work!!!!



    Edited to say am far too slow in typing since Fi has said it all?!?!?

  7. wow! everything mentioned sounds fantastic ... but wanted to add some of my favourites too?

    - A full english breakfast : many of the components have already well considered here, but you can't forget crispy black pudding, grilled mushrooms to go with the eggs, bacon, sausages and beans. And you must have Heinz tomato ketchup. And a vat of tea to sluice it all down.

    - porridge. No really. I live in teh north of england and in the depths of winter, I really like that warm stone like feeling in my stomach. And it keeps me full all morning which stops me snacking on junk food.

    - smoked salmon scrambled eggs - on buttered toast or bagel. Sometimes I chuck in halved cherry tomatoes for colour and a bit of fresh tartness to counteract the richness.

    - homemade smoothies - fantastic for when I'm dashing around. Basic one is a small tub of biolive yoghurt, frozen berries and then banana or mango to thicken, milk or orange juice to dilute, and honey or maple syrup to sweeten.

    must stop now before I dribble inappropriately on the keyboard!

  8. YKL - one of the best tatin recipes I've come across was in Alastair Little's "Keep it Simple"... pretty foolproof.

    Oh S***! I have that book as well! :biggrin:

    and since I am working away this week, thought I'd bring a couple of my latest books for cooks compendia for reading in the evening so will see if they are the ones with the tomato one curlywurlyfi refers to ...

    Anyway - point of this new note was to suggest a crap title for the competition (can't do snappy or stylish) - how about .....

    Tarte Tatin Titans?

  9. yet again, another thread to remind me why eG is the most joyous of all my web discoveries! ever!

    perhaps we can have a similar thing to the Costco-a-go-go cook off - pick a date when eGulls throughout the land band together in small groups for a pan-UK tatin cook-off.  Then retire wounded four hours later, several stone heavier and lightly fragranced with apples and butter.  Post the photos and comments on the morrow.  Bags me at Moby's house.  Let him put his pippins where his mouth is.

    Hmmm ... my difficulty with the above is that I feel that you do need actual tasting to get the full effect, and for a fair judgement. So, if there is need for a roving taste martyr ... could I possibly put my name forward? or at least can I carry Tarka's bags since she would obviously be first choice. :biggrin:

    Living in Leeds means I could be in London in a few hours, or northwards up the A1 for the north east or Scotland. Might even be prepared to cross the pennines if there is decent tatin there. and with my mum in Birmingham, could also make use of excellent transport networks there. Oh yes, and I'm a greedy gannet - is that suitable qualification?

    Actually - all this is making me think I should be brave and attempt my first tatin this weekend. Was looking at my cookbooks last night, and apart from all the suggestions here, seem to remember that I have teh Ramsay and Tamasin Day Lewis recipes. and possibly even the Roux brothers one somewhere. hmm ....

  10. 17. All restaurants to have courtesy taxis waiting outside the restaurant door that you can pour yourself into after a great night out - which get you home safe and sound

    18. All waiting staff will receive sufficient training so that they are polite, helpful and knowledgeable about the menu

    19. All handsome french waiters must flirt with the female diners, but not in that creepy way (feel free to delete this one - I understand that this may be unreasonable)



  11. 6. Order the Territorrial Army to invade Leeds, abduct the staff and all equipment from 3 York Place and Anthony's, and bring them to West London where they so clearly belong, thus preventing those Yorkies from feeling too smug.

    6a. But only after June 22nd

    ah hah! now you have lost that element of surprise ...

    note to self - must build defences round Leeds by 22nd June. Options include baking a twenty foot wall of yorkshire puddings .... or a reception committee with catering by Tim from Bonapartes.

  12. Please excuse me if this is a tired old topic but I didn’t manage to find anything with any of my searches.

    My friends and I have been known to amuse ourselves with the following game – the idea is that you are hosting a dinner party, and the question is who would be your fantasy dinner guests? (apart from your dearly beloveds of course!) Can be anyone you want – dead or alive, real or fictional, etc etc. The combinations can get pretty wacky, and you find yourself saying things like, “Well of course I’d love to have Al Pacino for dinner, but I’m afraid he’s only as a back up for Jack Nicholson!” :raz:

    My problem is that whilst there are tonnes of people whom I’m adore or admire from afar (Nelson Mandela, George Clooney, Jonny Wilkinson, Paula Radcliffe, Judi Dench to name a few), it can be a different matter when I’m thinking (with my tenuous grip on reality) whether they would be much fun at a dinner party. I.e. will they appreciate the fine food and wine, will they be sparkling and witty conversationalists, or will they be too shy or too dominant in the room.

    I have a bit of a rolling list which changes periodically, and this is how my current list stands:

    Males: Bill Clinton, Stephen Fry, Jack Nicholson, Jools Holland (assuming there is a piano for him to play!)

    Females: Clarissa Dickson Wright, Sharon Osbourne, Dawn French, Mo Mowlam.

    But if I expand the list to include fictional characters as well – then I want Aragorn (*sigh*), Jane Austen’s Emma – and watch as she tries to play matchmaker for everyone, Jo March or even Dumbledore. My friends pointed out that Bridget Jones could be quite funny since she would inevitably get plaster very quickly – but I feel it is wrong to invite people just to mock them!!

    So – any thoughts? Or is this some weird game that I show grow out of?




  13. Any chance they will let us borrow the place after they have finished?

    Make a great Egullet event venue. Basildog can be executive chef, the more talented among us could cook in that fab looking kitchen. I could wash up  :hmmm:

    Now that sounds fab! For that I would consider ringing up the rip off premium phone line to try and get a seat. The theatre of it all would be so much more entertaining, and no doubt the food would be so much more impressive.



  14. hmmm ... only a month since I last posted - and two more cookbooks now live in my house - but they are goodies!

    One is the Elizabeth David Classics hardback which has three books in one, and the other is a collection of articles called the Wilder Shore of Gastronomy - think the journal was called PPC - petit propos culinaires? I'd not heard of it before but looks like I'll enjoy it.

    Having said all that ... there are a few books waiting in my amazon basket for future purchase, so suspect I will be back here before too long!



  15. I'm not automatically averse to "reality" shows so the concept of this show has piqued my interest, but alongside all the other reasons noted so far for the disappointment is that I'm simply not interested or engaged with any of the participants.

    I either want to see someone come out of their shell, or overcome difficulties, prejudices etc to come good at the end, or anyform of progress which would justify getting that much time from GR, Angela Hartnett and Mark Sargeant.

    Or I want someone to be sooooo awful (in a kind of Jade from Big Brother kind of way) that it makes me shout at the TV, but in a good way since at least I would be getting involved!

    I was all ready to get cross at Edwina, amused at Hal, and snooty at Jennifer whatever her name is, but fundamentally, I don't really care what's happening since as everyone else has pointed out, we don't get to see much of the training, the teamwork etc etc.

    It's on for another fortnight isn't it ..... and I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Hmmmm ...

  16. Leeds is quite a small city centre so you'll be able to wander around quite easily, for shopping the obvious haunt is harvey nichols and the victoria quarter which houses the better shops and also in the streets surrounding it eg a good cookshop peter maturi, flannels good clothes, hugo boss etc.

    There's also a restaurant / gallery at the top of flannels which my sister and I tried yesterday, and which was very good. Think I have read that Simon Gueller is some sort of consultant. In any case, the "fine apple tart" I had was very fine indeed - as were the scallop starters.

    Umm ... shopping wise, you could also head towards the Corn Exchange which is a beautiful building, and some quirky shops - good for an hour or so. More importantly, there are some nice bars / cafes near there ... e.g. Arts (v laid back), Norman (v cool and trendy), Oportos, Velvet, etc etc

    Cocktails, FWIW, Mojo's do the best cocktails in town (had a lethal lynchburg lemonade there - marvellous!) but is probably too far and not the right style? The Wardrobe (near the West Yorkshire playhouse) has always done pretty good vodka cocktails from memory. Or I think someone has already mentioned room which is bang next door to Anthony's?

    and if by some miracle it is a sunny day (bound to be since I will not be in Leeds that weekend) - you could always just head to Roundhay Park and lie on the grass, or visit Tropical World / Canal Gardens.

  17. aaaggghh!!! darn it - it's happening again! Was already fighting the temptation to wander in for lunch tomorrow after the excellent piece in the Independent but my reserves of self control are dwindling fast.

    Might not be able to read egullet for much longer at this rate!

  18. good grief - that is all so madly restrictive! you have my sympathies! having said that - i do remember going on holiday with my friend last year who was also on some sort of detox type diet, which included most of the restrictions here plus some really annoying ones like nothing fermented, with yeast, only one piece of hard fruit a day(?!?). So that cut out even wholemeal bread, nothing with soy sauce or fish sauce - ruling out a lot of oriental choices.

    anyway - thought I would try and offer some menu choices - and I recognise I am far less expert than most but wanted to join in anyway? none of them go together but maybe you can pick and choose?

    Elizabeth David's piedmontese peppers - filled with tomatoes, garlic and slivers of anchovies. Bastardise it with a crumbling of feta if you must.

    Think I saw Sophie Grigson do some sort of pearl barley risotto - or has that been covered? Maybe with a colouful plate of oven roasted mediterranean veg?

    On a completely different tangent, main course could be something like chinese steamed sea bass, with ginger, spring onions, soy sauce, and finished with hot oil at the end. simple and delicious. Maybe some garlicky chinese greens to accompany it all.

    dessert - apart from fresh fruit - have a vague recollection of some sort of blueberry yoghurt ice cream - made with goats yoghurt. But can't remember if there was much sugar - but suspect you could probably substitute honey?

    actually - am not sure this has been useful for you at all - but hope something works out for you!

    all the best


  19. forgive me for bringing up this old thread but didn't think it was worth starting a new thread!

    Just wanted to say I was in Brussels over the weekend, and for dinner on Friday, Emma and I ended up in Vismet, a fish restaurant in the Ste Catherine part of town? Food was lovely - I had the cod ravioli in a sauce antiboise to start, and my main was fillets of bream, served in its aniseedy marinade, with fennel, carrots and what looked like a wet pilav.

    The ravioli were light and silky, and I think it may even have been a salt cod filling, since the stuffing did have an extra flavour. My bream though was wonderful, had obviously been gently cooked to keep it tender and succulent, but with a fresh clean flavour.

    Emma had the prawn croquante and the solettes as her main - and both pronounced to be delicious.

    If you're worshipping at the temple of gastronomy that is Comme Chez Soi then this won't knock your socks off - but for good and well cooked fish - this is certainly worth a visit.



  20. suspect you need the expertise of Gary Marshall on York!

    But my tuppence worth includes:

    Bettys - for tea and cake

    Meltons Too - more bistro like

    Blue Bicycle

    all depends on what you're looking for? I've always enjoyed Cafe Concerto on Petergate as a good pitstop during shopping if you're doing lots of sightseeing.

    of course you could always hop on the train to Leeds and try No 3 York Place or Anthony's (see other threads?)

    Hope you have a good time!

  21. My GF and I have three little "food vacations" as we've been calling them, planned for this summer.

    But .... but ..... ALL my holidays end up being food centred to a greater or lessser extent!! All those new markets to visit, restaurants to try, and of course, the obligatory coffee / cake / beer stop to help your appreciation of art and culture!

    The best quote was provided by my best friend who said that when she and her husband were in Amsterdam for a short weekend break, they were sat at breakfast and she was running through her suggested itinerary for the day - Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank house, various churches etc. Simon spluttered over his coffee and said, "but where are we going to eat? Have you learnt NOTHING from Yin after all these years?!?!"

    Felt so proud when I heard that :laugh:

    Anyway - great foodie vacations? Someone has already mentioned NYC and San Francisco - but on the European front - Barcelona is pretty marvellous with La Boqueria market, great tapas in the Ramblas and pretty good seafood as well.

    Very much enjoyed my week in South West France last year - because the basic quality of food (bread, pate, cheese, wine - what more do you need?) was so superb. It helped that it was 40 degrees C, and we were staying in a chateau ... but even so ... *SIGH* ...

    Still - am off to Brussels this weekend so am looking forward to industrial quantities of moules frites, beer, chocolate and much more!



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