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  1. Well, it's good to know that I can skip Seastar, and good to hear that Pogacha is still going strong. I haven't been in about 6 years, and I'd heard they slipped after a change of ownership about 5 years ago, but evidently not. They used to make a magical dish called Dobar Chicken, and they're who taught me to drink Kiona Lemberger, for both of which I'm eternally grateful.
  2. And now the bar menu is looking better and better. Those tasting menus look pricey, for the dishes named. Did it seem correctly priced?
  3. Oh, that's good to know, since it's a lot closer for me. And we really like Seven Stars Pepper anyway, so going there is never a hardship.
  4. Please, tell us what you had and what it cost! I've been wanting to try Cascadia.
  5. Here's a vote for a cheaper alternative. I wear the Land's End All Weather Moccasins. I stand in them all day and my feet never get tired, and the grips are awesome. At $29, they're a fantastic bargain, and I've never even been tempted to try the higher priced stuff.
  6. I am having such a blast reading this. I think I speak for many of us when I say that you're doing what we wish we were doing, only it's nice that you're doing all the really grueling part, not us! I hate to reveal my idiocy, but what is laminated dough?
  7. Please, ma'am, may we have some more?
  8. I do understand about the thermometer. I hesitate to say this lest it seem like criticism (which it isn't) but outside the laboratory, menu planning dictates that one be able to predict doneness and serving time, which is why I was wondering. Not how to determine when the food is done, but how to have the rest of the meal and the diners ready when the meat it.
  9. Excellent course, and I look forward to the upcoming installments! Is there any chance that you'd create a table for us, with type of meat, weight, and aooroximate time to reach temp using the 140 degree method? I'm longing to try it, and do have a thermometer, but it'd be wonderful to know in advance how long various pieces of meat might take to get up to temp.
  10. Abra

    TDG: Burn, Baby, Burn

    While it's hard to compete with Kendra, I could tell about the time I put a large gingerbread in the oven in a springform pan whose catch wasn't really caught. The minute I set it on the hot oven rack the damned thing sprang open and batter started pouring down all over the oven. With what I thought was great presence of mind I grabbed a cookie sheet and slid the pan, with about a quarter of the batter still in it, onto the sheet. Of course, in the process I managed to drip batter into the oven door, which soon cascaded down in to the drawer below. You know the type of drawer I mean - the one with the plastic wrap, foil, matches, spare corks, and lots of other stuff that works better when not coated with gingerbread batter. In a flash of inspiration I turned on the self-clean cycle, hoping to get rid of the evidence. Soon after the oven locked irrevocably, the smoke detector went off and billows of ginger smoke filled the kitchen. You can imagine the bad language that ensued, amidst the gales of laughter. An hour or so later, I managed to bake up the small remaining bit of batter, and it was delicious, if a bit smoky. And yeah, I cook for a living too.
  11. Found 'em! The Wild Salmon fish market at the Fisherman's Terminal gets them in every week. I think they come in on Thursday, but the guys invited me to order ahead if I know I want them. As I recall, they were $6.99 a dozen.
  12. I suppose we could ask Union if there's a local retail source. I'm dreaming of those oysters.
  13. Those Stellar Bay oysters they were serving at Union for the tasting menu were some of the best oysters I've ever had. Does anyone know where they can be obtained? I think it was just a little Meyer lemon, Casa Brina oil, and a little fleur de sel, but those oysters.....
  14. I've got durum flour, and I've got semolina flour, but no 00. Thanks for the recommendation to DeLaurentis, sequim. I've never been there. Maybe you and I and agnolottigirl should have a pasta-making fest sometime soon? Moby, I'm a no-mix-er too, but I do trust KA in general, and they claim their stuff is the best, so I gave it a try.
  15. Wow, Moby, this is a beautiful course! I didn't get to make pasta this weekend, but I did look at the bag of Perfect Pasta flour I have from King Arthur, which lists flour, durum flour, and semolina flour as ingredients. Has anybody in the U.S used this, and how do you think it compares to just using AP flour? That grating of chocolate sounds irresistable - I might have to make half arugula and half squash with chocolate when I find some ravioli-eaters to help me out. Hey, sequim, we roast our own coffee pretty regularly - it's not only for geeks anymore!
  16. Oh, what a fun thread! I'm new here, having recently found my way here from the other board. I've been making that cocodrillo bread for a couple of years - it really does kick butt. I'm entranced by the thought of having other people to bake with. I don't have BWJ, although I have a lot of other baking books. Do I need to get it in order to play with you all, or will you be moving on to some other book in the nearish future?
  17. Thanks, Moby. I'll be experimenting this weekend, and am looking forward to the next installments!
  18. This is wonderful, and timely! Although I cook for a living, I'm just getting started with pasta, using the KA roller attachment. Being an experienced bread maker, where I prefer to work with the super-slack wet doughs that produce very open bread, and a reasonably experienced pie dough maker, I'm having trouble getting used to the drier feel of pasta dough. Can you give us some more guidelines or analogies as to how the dough should feel? I've been using the food processorr to get it started - is there any reason to do it by hand? Would I understand the dough better that way?
  19. I say yes to the Spring barrel tasting, with maybe oysters on the grill on my deck after? We've got a Sound view (can see the Ray's Boathouse sign via telescope) and have a trusty Weber.
  20. Abra

    Pressure Cooker Recipes

    Size does matter. I recommend the 8 litre Magefesa - you can do a large cut of meat or a big pot of beans or soup in there without worrying about whether it'll fit. It has a trim profile and no protruding handle on the lid, so it's not a total space hog in terms of storage. it's not sold in stores, as far as I know, but you can see it at http://www.magefesausa.com/magefesa.htm
  21. Abra

    Pressure Cooker Recipes

    You might want to check out the Magefesa. It's about half the price of the expensive jobs, and Cook's Illustrated sometime back rated it every bit as good and twice as cheap. I've had mine for a couple of years and wouldn't live without it now.
  22. I love honey and always try to bring some home whenever I travel. I love French pine honey, Italian chestnut honey, and a new-to-me treat, Corbezzolo honey from either Sicily or Sardinia, I forget. You can get it from Zingerman's, and it has a totally unique flavor, sort of bitter and medicinal, but very alluring.
  23. The Pub recently annmounced that they're upgrading to sustainable/natural/organic/local food whenever possible, so that should make for some improvements. You're right, lala, the deck is wonderful.
  24. San Carlos is really Southwest, as opposed to Mexican. I've been wary of Via because it's owned by the Winslow Way Cafe folks, and I think their food is terrible. And now, the Thai wars! The island divides into devotees of Bainbridge Thai, or Sawadty. I'm totally in the former camp, although I wouldn't be averse to a taste-off. I find Sawadty too sweet and too Chinese-y. Oh, and good burgers at the Blue Star, although they are so grumpy there that I have to steel myself to even walk in. I'm glad to hear the teriyaki place is good. I'm right there all the time, in the wine shop, but haven't gone in yet. Sounds to me like we're working up to a dinner gathering! I think that's way cool, since I only joined this morning.
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