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  1. Will you have a car? Vietnamese: Pho Le - http://www.pholeusa.com/ Butcher: Monmouth Meats - http://www.monmouthmeats.com/ Sushi: a few miles south on Shrewsbury Ave is Kanj - http://kanjisteakhouse.com/ Thai: Park next to Siam Garden in the Galleria; Get a round trip train to Woodbridge and dine at Mie Thai next to the Woodbridge train station - http://www.miethai.com/ Mexican at Senor Pepper's (With tables) - http://www.exit109.com/~mstevens/Takeout/sr_peppers.pdf or North of the Border (no tables) - http://www.exit109.com/~mstevens/Takeout/fronteradelnorte.pdf Seafood: Ray's in little Silve
  2. 10th Ave Burrito recently moved to a new location on the righthand side of the same shopping center (formerly occupied by Viva's). It is a much larger venue and now has a liquor license.
  3. This eclectic Jersey Shore Cal/Mex establishment was recently Featured on the Food Network series. Did dinner there last week. Was a great meal! Started by getting orders of guacamole and cheese with roasted jalapeno to go with the chips and salsa already provided (note: the "hot" salsa served here is actually quite hot; I like it!). Bottles of Cholula hot sauce adorn each table. The overall style seems to be Cal/Mex, but there is enough variation to set it apart from any particular genre. I guess you could call it Jersey Shore/Mex... Along with south of the border specialties there are a coup
  4. This recent addition to the Two Rivers area of Monmouth County features some of the best gourmet burgers to be had! The former chef of BOOM Burgers in BelmarA, Matt takes pride in the best burgers on the Jersey Shore. A sit-down restaurant with table service. Excellent soups, salads, steaks, fries, onion rings, chili & shakes. Ask for extra napkins as these are the juiciest, best tasting burgers you've had in a long time... Lil' Masters Grille 560A River Rd Fair Haven, NJ 07704 (732) 747-2300
  5. Stopped at Ada's Latin Flavor on Broadway and 5th St. in Long Branch for lunch a couple weeks ago and had one of the best Cubano sandwiches in a couple years. Judging from the roast pork in the Cubano, I'd have to bet that the Pernil is excellent too. Small, clean and brightly lit, this little Dominican gem is a valued addition to the downtown Long Branch area. Empanadas, Mofungo & tostones. Grilled sandwiches incluting Cubanos, Steak and Chicken Breast. Service was good and I had a nice chat with Ada, the owner. How an Ethiopian American accountant ends up running a Dominican restaurant m
  6. I had gone there a number of years ago. Sat for like 10 minutes and was never given a menu or silverware. They pretty much refused to acknowledge my existence. Got up and walked out.
  7. Finally made it to Shirin, a small storefront on the southbound side of Rt. 9 last night, and was quite impressed. After being seated noticed the table next to mine was speaking Russian. Good sign... The place is small, clean and nicely appointed (OK, the continuous droning of Russian pop videos was a bit much). Started with the King's Herring which was served with thin sliced lemons and red onions and sprinkled with dill. Fresh and flavorful. I was going to try the borscht, but as it was rather warm out I opted not to. I ordered the Lamb Shish Kebab which was served on an arm length skewer, w
  8. My go-to burger place in the Monmouth County area has to be BOOM in Belmar. A serious sit-down restaurant with table service. Their meats are custom blended by Pat Lafrieda Meats of NYC and is always fresh, never frozen. No waiting, clutching a number, for overcooked prefab hockey pucks...
  9. The last time I was there they had 3 different types of fish for grilling on the specials board...
  10. A great new Greek place has opened in the Ursala Plaza shopping center in Long Branch. It's a family owned establishment that really puts their heart into the cooking. Our waiter was very knowledgable about the food and was pretty amusing to boot. We started with the Kalimari and dolmedas. For entrees we did the spanikopeda and Pork souvlaki. Again, everything was excellent. The only real problem was with the spanikopeda; the portion was just huge! Caused me to avoid dessert. Luckily, said waitguy advised my friend to order a special dessert that was not on the menu. Ekmek, which was a combo
  11. =Mark


    We were thinking of hitting Vivas in Belmar and had heard there had recently been some changes in the staff. Was wondering if anyone had been there in the last month or 3...
  12. Recently heard about this place, and given it is only a few miles from my house and the curious lack of Thai restaurants on the Monmouth County Shore I figured it was worth checking out. Located in the former location of the eminently forgettable King Wok Chinese Restaurant, this establishment has been open for about 5 months and has no connection to King Wok. It is a small well appointed dining room that seats about 50 patrons with semi-fancy wicker place mats and linen napkins. The hostess was friendly, knowledgeable and seemed truly interested in what the place was doing. I decided to start
  13. Manow Asian Bistro opened in Lincroft, finally giving Monmouth county a decent Thai place.
  14. =Mark


    Boom just updated their Website & Menu... BOOM High Quality Burgers & More
  15. Nicholas is the epitome of stuffy and pretentious. The food has not really held up but the service is overblown and overwrought. They take themselves way too seriously...
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