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  1. bakery business, palates & olfactory senses,(helloooo-this should be priority #1 to all chefs) food cravings, and being a woman pastry chef, and juggling personal/family life with pastry & baking career, hmm the list is endless of things to discuss on this here forum! maybe if I spray-paint the baby with colored pink & blue chocolate & mycryo, and nestle it into a foamed emulsion bed of lychees and star anise... ha ha, she hasn't lost her sense of humor (or mind) YET
  2. Hi y'all! It's been a while, so I thought I'd catch you up on the latest for those who followed my blog, Mel's New Bakery. I am pregnant! It is a complete miracle (and surprise) since I have been told for 10 years that I can't have kids. I worked the holiday hell season, the 14-18 hour a day bit, for weeks without knowing I was pregnant! In this case there's no martyrdom, I didn't know! After Christmas, I was SO TIRED, and kept falling asleep everytime I sat down. I kept thinking, damn, did Christmas really wipe me out this bad??? turns out it wasn't just X-mas....hee hee! I am due in August.
  3. melmck

    Quiche Pastry

    Pate brisee, plain and simple. I sell a ton of quiche!
  4. I think the quince might set up too jelly-like as well. Definitely peel the skins, quince don't need any additional help in the pectin department. They are tough to prep, I peel the outsides, quarter them and then carve a triangle to get the middle out. Then I poach them. You could poach and use mostly poaching liquid and some quince to get a curd.
  5. $20 an hour, bwaaah haa haaa! BTW, love the name dear, I wonder how many here know it's meaning;) If you are just starting out it would be years before making that. I have 3 career changers on my hands right now. I used to be VERY sceptical about them, especially those over 45. Then 2 proved themselves to me, and have the dedication to keep learning, despite making 1/3 of what their salaries were before. One is a lawyer/former President of a company...I think they are nuts. But to each their own! Also, and this is just my opinion, I am not impressed with what my local baking & pastry scho
  6. whaaaaaa? those prices are crazy. and the site itself has really overpriced stuff. For cake pans, basic round (all sizes) or square, bakingtools.com is the place to go!
  7. If you are adding additional flour as you roll out between turns, this will definitely create the spongy texture. Try to use AS MINIMAL flour as possible, just barely enough to keep from sticking to the surface and tearing the dough. I work with the dough and butter very cold, straight from the fridge but pounded out until it is pliable enough to bend. I do the roll-in, and first turn on day 1. On day 2, I do 1 more turn and roll it out, shape it, freeze it. I also use half AP flour and half cake flour, sifted.
  8. I use cheap wood baskets from Cash & Carry or Cost Plus World Market. 75 cents a piece. I flour them well, get a nice crusty flour build up then use rice flour to prevent daily sticking. I bang 'em a gainst something to get out excess,and if they fall apart, say every 6 months, I buy more. Very cost effective, and still leaves nice impressions on the dough.
  9. Hi Everybody! It has been quite a year, and now comes the time to say farewell to this here blog. You have seen through my eyes the first year of business- it's still hard to believe, it went so fast! It is also hard to believe how many views this blog has had. Over 40,000! (Not too shabby!) Throughout the ups and downs of my new life as a business owner I've spilled my guts to the world. I hope that I have shown what it takes to pull off 'Starting A New Bakery' . What makes me feel the best is when people say "You must be doing something right' or "EVERYTHING is fabulous. Everything!" It is
  10. We had a nice BBQ for family, employees and friends who helped us get here. Nice weather, crazy kids running around. Instead of a cake to celebrate I made berry & cherry shortcakes. I am so happy about yummy fruit, I have rhubarb, berries and Bing/Van cherries in everything! My family had the Food & Wine article mounted/framed beautifully for me to hang in the bakery, along with a card that everyone scattered across the country signed for me. very,very nice. Goals for year 2: pay myself go to Hawaii (see the in-laws) lay on beach and eat shave ice make better stuff all the time expa
  11. Tomorrow we are having a party to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks Brian, I know, and I have been thinking about you out there doing the same #$%*. Yes I go to Cash & Carry once a week. I also order stuff online so it will be delivered right to my door. It is sad when you work 16 hours a day and the dishwashers make more money than you. Which so far is nothing. There are times when you think, when is this going to pay off? Is it ever? Or am I just on a slow march (yet restaurant-paced) towards death? Plus my husband does all this work too and he doesn't get paid either, which can be very wearing on him. Stress city! It doesn't seem like it, but ha
  13. THANK YOU!! Your letter meant a lot to me. It is totally true, what I write and how it is, and occaisional validation is refreshing. It is absolutely impossible to completely understand the 'business owner vs. employee who works for business owner' thing. Like men understanding what it's like to have a baby! Sure, you can say you understand, comprehend .I suppose it's like anything, after I had major surgery people would say oh yeah I feel your pain, but then you talk to those who have had the same surgery and they instantly hug you or want to cry. Iam not looking for an argument here, but thi
  14. melmck


    Qualita Paper Goods 714-540-0994 ask for Homar, request a catalog glassine papers instead of doilies, gold or silver boards I HATE DOILIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And folded napkin cradles too....... I refuse to ever, ever use them at the bakery. I also have gone to paper or art supply shops and bought cool paper just to line plates.
  15. I'm with chefpeon, make plenty of batter, save extra for minis, cupcakes whatever, or just put it in a container and thaw later. keep an eye on your oven to figure out baking times! check at 15 minutes and every 5-7 minutes after that.
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