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  1. I am giving serious thought to also using mine to sear a steak.  Has anyone tried this?

    If you cook a steak via some other means you can use a heat gun to improve the browning of the crust. I've done this, but it is pretty inefficient - it takes a while and you need to hold the heat gun.

    didn´t work for me as well....maybe a "Laser" next time.

  2. Rouget is Red Mullet but that fish in the photo was not Rouget. 

    I totaly agree...never ever rouget..i suggest Loup de Mer.

    The skin of rouget is almost paperthin and fragile, the one

    on the photo looks quiet thick....Loup de Mer is my guess.

    Anyway..brilliant review and definetly a must go,


  3. OOOps too late...

    2 is a preset for the temp shown (25 C, 35 C, 37 C, 56 C). The Symbol is to adjust your desired temperature. So set the switch on the symbol and press...

    4 (hold it) then you can adjust your desired temp with button 5...

    3 shoes you if the thermostat reached the desired temp or if it is still heating...

    6??? No idea...on my Lauda it is the button for the fuse

  4. Edsel:

    The Brine is actually necessary as it keeps more liquid inside the meat during the cooking period...

    I have to admit that the liquid inside the bag was a little bit too salty for my taste. The meat itself wasn´t at all...

    Next project....candied Fruits / Veg "Sous Vide"


    I chose "just" 12 hours as i like a slightly, slightly resistance in the meat texture...

    ..but thanx again. Your advices are worth gold & diamonds !

  5. There's a lot of salt in the fat from confit


    When I make Duck Confit Legs i salt the legs with Sea salt and let them cure for a good 12 hours. Then rinse/wash! the salt off and confit the legs. The confit fat shoudln´t be salty at all and for reusing it you just have to clarify the fat.......

    and it is ready to go for a second, third, fourth...............

  6. i gladly invite you to cologne, to show you a few real german sauces wich are very good too.. (rheinische sauerbratensauce beeing one of them) ;-)

    ....or "Düsseldorfer Altbier Soße" a dark sauce made with a slightly bitter dark beer which you just can find in my lovely hometown DÜSSELDORF !

    Why in heaven do they sell Currysauce in a german restaurant ? Is that legal ?

  7. It is amazing when i think that my mother didn´t waste anything and made such delicious meals from almost scratch. It wasn´t the best food i ever had, but somehow i can´t forget that lovely smell and the taste of her food.

    My Mother is from Croatia and then moved to Germany where she and my Dad are still living and cooking !

    My father is a master in pastry. Even if his "repertoire" just counts five perfect desserts. He makes a yeast dough without any scales and it ends up with the most moisture "dampfnudeln" (steamed dumplings) with roasted poppyseeds and vanillasauce.

    MOM...DAD...I am on my knees !

  8. As most of the great chefs were influenced more or less from their culinary childhood memories, i would love to see a kind of TV show where they visit the mother or grandmother or anybody who was responsible for this first step into their culinary heaven......

    Any producers around ???

    I once saw a show where they asked Ferran Adria´s (El Bulli) mother what Ferran ate when he was a young bloke......."FRIES !". And now he is one of the most influencial chef on the planet.


  9. Can you explain how those fries work? At what stage is the dessication done?

    Cut Potatoes into your favourite "French Fries" cut and boil in salted Water. Cook until tender and then while hot put in the dessicator to suck out all excess moisture/steam. Blanch in a fryer...first at 130 C for a couple of minutes and then finally at 185 C until golden crisp.....

    Right now i can´t remember if we put the fries back into the dessicator after the first blanching in oil........

  10. My husband got a spatzle maker (a little square dish that goes back and forth on a track over a sort of grater)

    We are really talking about the same dish.....Amazing! My mom is using the same "machine"...

    And by the way....so far in the thread 2 times Matzoball Soup and 2 times Chicken Stew with Spätzle.....a tight game

  11. As I am still young I am considering my Mom´s alltime Food Miracle

    was a simple Chicken Stew with Paprika and a kind of Spätzle Dumplings....

    I will never ever forget this taste !

    As a Chef...Thank you "Mama".....what is / was your alltime Favourite ?

    The one and only dish that is still in your mind in smell / taste.....

  12. As they use a Dessicator in "The Fat Duck" to create their crispy-double crunchy French fries, I was wondering if anybody else is using it and what else is possible besides the french fries...?!

    Any ideas?


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