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  1. I am planning a trip with my sweet lady to the amsterdam area in mid. august...we will drive from duesseldorf to amsterdam and hope to pick up a good snack on our way to amsterdam. stay 2 nights in a'dam and maybe another sleepover at the sea.

    I tried to find a few foodie spots on the internet...http://amsterdam.unlike.net, but i need some insider info. CHUFI...hit me ! Hahahaha

    DeKas in Frankendael Park is a must go for me.

    I normaly have breakfast @ DeBakkerswinkel.

    So i am still looking for some innovative, organic produce using chef who offers us food for a reasonable price.

  2. This might interest you:


    This guy has nearly the same quest as you:


    Note that some places who have a notable burger only serve it at lunch (Peter Luger, Little Owl, Prune).

    AHT....is on my Blog Reader ! and Prune is on my list anyway. I am not a big fan when a restaurant is reduced to one famous item but i gotta taste the sweetbreads @ prune ;-)


  3. I am leaving Germany for a good two weeks for an upcoming Burger Degustation Quest happening in New York....

    So my question to all Locals...Where can i find a good ol´Burger with Killer Fries ?

    A few destinations are already on my list: Shake Shack, Dumont, Mark, Burger Joint etc.



  4. Thats a newbie to me....cheese and coffee ! :blink:

    I had a cookie with maldon salt once with my cup of cappuccino,

    back then i felt that it "cuts" through the flavour spectrum too much.

    But somehow buttery cheddar sounds good to me !

  5. I refer Chef MEIR from CATIT as a very skilled & talented chef. I had dinner there with our fellow eG member BOAZ and this chef could overtake any fine dining kitchen in a rush.

    The only problem in Israel is their limited supply on "fine dining" ingredients which people are normally used to. Especially Seafood is from an average quality.

    If it comes to comfort food Israel is definelty a Superpower in my universe....;-)

  6. Just received a mail from Sam Mason regarding my question about their plates....

    Thank- you, and to answer your question about the plates. We get them from

    Clio, which is a store on Thompson st. Here in the city........


    So i think i am going to start a thread here

  7. I've been to both, Bareiss and Schwarzwaldstube a couple of years ago. Can't remember the menu details, but I remember that I was utterly dissapointed by Schwarzwaldstube which is supposed to be the best of the german three star chefs.

    ...Things can change within a few years. Harald Wohlfahrt is still an absolute World Class Chef. The only thing i don´t like about his restaurant is that heavy, classic wood decoration. But that has nothing to do with the food.....

    From what i hear in the "scene" Vendome is the most interesting restaurant in Germany right now. Headchef Wissler is a highly dedicated man who has the financial privilege to serve modern enlighted dishes with the best ingredients money can buy. Vendome is owned by the same Group that owns Schlosshotel Lerbach where Restaurant Dieter Müller is situated...

    If you let me know where you will be located in Germany i can try to give you

    recommendations for restaurants from 1 to 3 Stars.....


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