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  1. I went to the Indiana State Fair this weekend and saw plenty of scary food (deep fried HoHo's, Dippin Dots, corn dogs ). But I was able to feast on some really wonderful stuff. The Wisconson Cheese stand offers massive servings of fried cheddar cheese with spicy German mustard. Indiana honey producers had honey ice cream. The best part of my sampling was the discovery of the Sati Babi stand. The sati babi is marinated, grilled pork cubes on a stick. I have been eating these at fairs in my home town of Terre Haute since I was ten. As I have not lived there in over twenty years this was a real homecoming, and I almost fainted when I noticed that they were actually selling bottles of the marinade! Of course I bought a bottle- and read the ingredients carefully. Still can't figure out what makes it so distictive but at least I can make it at home.
  2. I love lamb. Just about every year my husband and I buy an entire lamb- we used to buy them from a local 4-H fair but this year got it from a local farmer. He raises them with their mothers for a few months, then lets them frolic in green pastures. They eat nothing but mother's milk and grass. I asked for an older lamb because I enjoy a slightly stronger flavor...and the yearling we purchased was perfect. I find that any "gamey" or off flavors reside in the outside fat, so I trim my chops and roasts pretty close. It's a shame more people aren't willing to try it.
  3. Beautiful website! I can't wait to try thr buttermilk cake!
  4. Put me down for the Yumbo as well! It was so squishy textured and jam-packed with caloric goodness. I miss the McD's Arch Deluxe. I may be the only one who does- they didn't sell very well. It was the bun that got me- texture was more dense than the cottony tasteless run of the mill Big Mac bun. Arby's had an overkill sandwich back in the 80's- I'm not sure of the name but it was roast beef, bacon,cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, and horsey sauce. It would immediately fall apart when you picked it up, but god it was rich and tasty.
  5. which one did you go to? The one in downtown Indy is a bit devoid of any atmosphere, but I've never been to the Carmel one... ← We went to the one downtown. No, not much atmosphere, just a straightforward deli/cafeteria line. I can always forgive lack of atmosphere if the food is wonderful.
  6. I finally made it to dinner at Shapiro's- I've had their stuff a couple of times but mainly as carry-out. My husband has never eaten there, period. So, I was quite excited, and we spent a long time reading the menu and contemplating the various items on the steam table. Fortunately the restaurant was not busy at all and we could take our time. I ended up with corned beef and swiss on an onion roll, and my husband got the brisket with a couple of side dishes. Not only did he get a piled upon plate, he got two slabs of rye and the monster pickle as well. We were now quite happy diners...The brisket was moist and had deep beefy flavor, and my corned beef was glistening,tender,salty. I think we will be going back soon- need to try their breakfast! Will also have to bring the laptop as they have wireless access too.
  7. I find it essential to be organized when preparing Indian cuisine. When the recipe says "heat oil to near-smoking, then add 1/4 teaspoon cumin, 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground fenugreek, 1/2 teaspoon tumeric and a cup of minced onions and stir like mad..." I tried to do this sort of thing in my usual random poking around the kitchen method and was faced with scorched spices, smoking oil, crazy burning stench...
  8. Ovenfrenzy


    I like it on salmon patties. It's great on sweet potato fritters, falafel, grilled pork tenderloin. As for the heat- I have to use small amounts- it seems fairly hot to my wimpy palate!
  9. I ate there last June while visiting Chicago. Had some apple/pear juice freshly made- very refreshing. Ate tomato soup and grilled cheese- their version was superlative! The bread was a rich sourdough and the cheese was a very sharp white cheddar, grilled so that it leaked out the edges and burned into lacy brown crust. The tomato soup was homemade, subtly flavored with herbs, and creamy. My husband had an egg dish with spinach and mozzarella that looked good too. I will go back next time I'm in town!
  10. Ovenfrenzy

    Dinner! 2005

    My husband, who does not really like to eat meat, was out of town...So I bought a big ol' Angus porterhouse and pan-grilled it in garlic butter and ate every bite and sucked on the bones! It was fantasticly juicy and rich!
  11. I love the hopelessly un-trendy "layered salad", which I think is from the 70's...It's a cold gloppy dish of iceberg lettuce, peas, cheese,red onions,tomatoes, and mayonnaise(or Miracle Whip! ) all tossed together after sitting in the fridge all night. I also love to read the passe Silver Palate cookbooks- the recipes seem SO dated but wickedly delicious at the same time- everything is rich, napped in cream, fried in butter, topped with cheese...and spritzed with raspberry vinegar! I confess I haven't tried to many of the recipes, but those I have tried were fantastic.
  12. My husband won't eat beef, pork, or chicken unless it's organic. Since we don't live anywhere near a grocery that carries such meat, we mainly eat vegetarian or fish. I want to just buy a damn roast at my local store and brown it and braise it into an meltingly tender beefy explosion...Grrr. Other than that he's great and willing to try anything I cook.
  13. Start by grinding some black pepper onto a nice fat filet. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a skillet and add one tablespoon of brown sugar, a tablespoon of bourbon,and a teaspoon or so of tamari. Whisk all of that together and put your salmon in there, skin side up, lid on, heat medium to low. That's my favorite way to season salmon!
  14. I bring my lunch in to work nearly every day- it saves money. Most of the people I work with go out to eat or buy fast food and bring it back. I sit at my desk while I eat and surf the internet(like I'm doing now!) Because I am watching my weight I pack salads, fruit, hummus, hard-boiled eggs- healthy food. It is very difficult to enjoy this healthy meal when the boss sits down with a greasy cheeseburger in the cube next door and I can smell every fat molecule... Sometimes I bring in leftovers. Often people will walk by and ask me what the hell I'm eating. I patiently explain "Braised rabbit" or "Spinach koftas" etc. Of course many times leftover lunch is as mundane as spaghetti or pizza, but people still comment because it's homemade.
  15. Every once in a while I enjoy going to a Chinese food buffet- it's fun to try new dishes or simply indulge my inner glutton. There's no game plan- I just wander around eye-balling the spread, then start to pile the plate. I do this so infrequently that I don't feel guilty about going up for a few refills, and in fact I see it as a chance to just EAT until I'm very full. The only time I've had a "problem" with a buffet is at brunch buffets. I love brunch foods, consequently I want to try everything- and I don't have room for the Belgian waffle and the Denver omelet and the danish pastries and the lox with bagels... Frustrating, but in an enjoyable sort of way!
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