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  1. Scotty O

    Shake Shack

    It sounds like there is a second (third if you count the CitiField rumors) Shake Shack location in the works on the UWS according to Eater.com this morning.
  2. A little grated cheddar cut into the flour with the butter adds a great salty/nutty flavor to apple pie crust. The pear/gruyere combo sounds great as well.
  3. Went for dinner last week to the Park Ave location, but it appears it had been shuttered by the DOH minutes before we arrived. There were still diners inside, but the trademark yellow stickers were in the window and the door was locked. As a side note, I'm getting real sick of this DOH rampage. It seems to be all about saving face after the taco bell incident.
  4. Do any of the Chinatown groceries sell fresh pork belly? I've been wanting to try my hand at some dishes using the cut, but I doubt I'll be able to find it in any American grocery stores.
  5. Scotty O

    Belgian Beer

    Don't know if I have a top 5, but I love La Chouffe. The best balance of spice and carbonation I've found in a Belgian ale.
  6. As long as we are bending the rules with Jersey reccomendations, why not throw Luger's out there? Steak for 2 will easily feed 3 people, bringing the price down to probably at or below 30 per person, and it's some of the best steak you can find in the city. And as far as presentation--it doesn't get much bigger than a Luger's Porterhouse for 2. Also a quintessential steakhouse vibe.
  7. I own a set of cuisinart pans that are fully clad--not the disk-bottom style. I only have one All-clad pan to compare it to, but they perform similarly for me.
  8. Scotty O

    Avocado Recipes

    Besides guacamole and on salads and sandwiches, what are some good recipes that call for avocados?
  9. Picture Here is a picture. The website doesn't have any info on ordering one as a replacement for the old design--just "Contact Dealer" It does say that the new design allows the mixer to knead 25% more dough than the older hooks. EDIT: Sonofabitch.
  10. Has anyone used the spiral dough hook that comes with the new KA stand mixers? Win, lose or draw over the old C-hook design? Seems like it might be quieter since it looks like it would slap the dough against the bowl a little less.
  11. Since this is my first thanksgiving in the city, and it seems like there is a particular way to do just about everything in the city I thought I'd ask how everyone here gets their Thanksgiving turkeys. I've heard that to avoid waiting in a line that stretches around the block one should get it delivered. Citarella and Fresh Direct have been suggested. Anyone have experience with either? How does Whole Foods handle orders around Thanksgiving?
  12. Scotty O

    Pancake Mix

    Make your own 'mix'--Alton Brown has a great recipe for a homemade mix that you can keep on hand.
  13. Scotty O


    It looks like there are plenty of good recipes here, but I thought that I'd add that Alton Brown's recipe is my recipe of choice. You can find the recipe on foodtv.com
  14. There is a great recipe in 'Baking with Julia'. I don't have the recipe handy though.
  15. By the way--frozen desserts would make a great eGCI course if anyone who has the know-how also has the time. It's one of those things that once you understand the underlying principles and formulas it opens the door for tons of experimentation with different flavors.
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