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  1. No, is the short answer.Restaurants are a tough game at the moment, and the VAT reduction had fuck all effect on trade, or spending in general in my opinion.We have rejigged our menus to reflect the current economy(and time of year), but the VAT reduction played no part.And just to add, when the budget puts up spirits/wine/beer i don't rush out and reprint the wine list. :biggrin:

  2. The only noticeable difference over this last few months for a tiny independant like me is a massive drop in bottled water sales and a lot of house wine being sold.

    Strangely, water sales were high overthe last 10 days or so, and more expensive wines being sold also, so thats the end of the credit crunch finanical meltdown,phew! :wink:

  3. oh don't get me started!

    everyone of them defines sucess by Michelin Stars.

    The image of chef has radically changed over the last 20-25 years, much to the good, but not all.Celebrity invades all parts of our culture, but we do seem to have lost the pride in the day to day cooking.The image to the general public is that we are all striving for recognition, fame and the 3 book deal.

    "if the restaurant is full and has lasted, then the chef is right"

    Paul Bocuse

  4. It's a complete waste of the BBC's money.Were in a real downturn in the economy, real restaurants are finding it tough, why the hell would some TV Game Show wannabees succeed in a very tough buisness.

    1) open restaurant

    2) work bollocks off

    3) be a success

    4) write a book

    5) get a tv show

    6) become Celeb

    7 ) Use new Celebrity to help promote restaurant/s

    and the TV version

    1) Become a TV celeb

    2) open restaurant

    3)Die on your arse

    and the fact of the matter is that the kind of people who would actually believe that this would be the their chance in the industry are not the kind of people who are going to suceed.

    a bit harsh for me, but currently spent 3 days in bad with flu and don't have the patience i normally have

  5. We didn't all tune in to watch the Olympics because they'd selected 8 members of the public just like us to run round the track. We watched, not because Usain Bolt is 'just like us' but because he isn't. If people thrill to the best in Sport, why not in cooking rather than putting three hacks on Masterchef who can't fry a fish finger and inviting us to believe that these are professionals "at the top of their game" and "looking to join the culinary elite" ?

    Rant over.


    But that is Brit TV in a nutshell. Celebs doing things they are not famous for (Come Dancing, Jungle bollocks thing, etc etc) and "ordinary" people trying to be celebs (Fame Acadamy, Britains got talent etc etc )

    Masterchef is a strange mix of the 2.Ordinary chef, wants to be famous so that he can then appear on Celeb Love Island and stop cooking!

    Personally i wish they would all fuck off back to their kitchens and stop appearing on TV,Can we have a year off from cooking on TV?

    Obviously with the execption of MPW !

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