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  1. The responsibilty was claimed by THE A.L.F. who don't tend to publish a membership list.But your right,when the Police advice is to give in to bullies it a bloody sad day.They will just move on to the next place that has it on the menu.Then what, all meat, all fish all restaurants not serving The Tree Huggers Special?

    Fuck the ALF !

  2. dont want to say to much as we had them target us and the police have been in to warn us. i personally think its a choice to be made by the customer. i dont attack vegetarians for killing sprouts.

    if it didnt sell it would come off the menu. simple as that.

    I totally understand.

    Bullies always anger me.People going outside the law to force change on legal operations angers me.Disregarding the actual issue of foie, the bigger picture of threatening,bullying, and criminal damage angers me the most.I was threatened by the An Gof people for flying a St Georges flag, and that still angers me.

  3. Takes foie off menu..Caterer

    Personally, i think it's a fucking outrage that illegal acts force a restaurant to change it's LEGAL practices.Peacefull protest by all means, we live in a free state, express yourself with petions, banners or write to your MP (they are the ones that can change the law) but this situation is wrong.

    My full support to the Owners and staff of the Midsummer House, and i understand that they have to protect their premises and staff.

  4. To echo what was said above, and to repeat what i always seem to at this time of year, we also do not do a Valentine Menu, have nothing heart shaped or any of that nonsense.I do buy some roses for the ladies, but it's a gift from me, not charged for, or costed into the menu.

    A midweek VD night is ideal, nothing worse than it on a Friday or Saturday.

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