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  1. The Caterer.. our trade mag have engaged with twitter and made me continue to subscribe.. even tho most of the content i will have seen via twitter days before...why ? cos i can engage with them easily.simple.And on egullet. you basically have to listen to everyones opinion,, twitter i can listen to the people i want to

  2. class of 2002.. but dropped out man.. too many rules! But seriously , moved on to twitter. works for me ..and as many have said you need to give it 2 goes before it clicks.Connects you to guests ,suppliers,chefs, the meltdown on bosi? yup watched it unfold..and put in my 2 cents.egullet was great.but moderation stifled me..twitter is free of that..self moderation is key.Met some amazing people..some from my early days here..but i feel we will always connect..whatever format works best at any time.

    Blogs don't really enter my world. i drop back here know and again.. but day to day twitter will do the job.

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