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  1. The crux of this issue is public perception.Ramsay has made a an impression on the pubic as the guy who swears, is a 3 star chef, and can rescue failing restaurants.The public want to believe,however far fetched, that his prinicples will be the same across the board.It makes perfect sense to centrally produce part of the menu for multi sites, but because it's Gordon, it jars with people.In my nieave way, i believe that restaurants should be proud of all the do, so if your centrally producing some of your menu, then the public should know.But i guess ramsay plc isn't that mad keen on the idea, not beacuse it's wrong, just that it doesn't sit well with the public.If they had/have a central bakery producing bread for all the sites, people wouldn't bat an eye lid.

  2. Does being in 'Padstein' not make that much difference to your closed season then?

    We probably have the longest season in Cornwall.When i came down here 13 years ago, the job didn't start till mid march, and then that was like January is now( good at weekends, poor mid week).We have more good places now, so when we get a downturn, its felt more keenly i guess.Mr Stein has a huge positive effect on the town,so please don't think i moaning, i know i would rather be here than anywhere else in good times or bad.

  3. Jesus H Christ on a Bike, some people here will analyse anything!

    Chef makes a mistake and refers to a punter as a twat.Does it matter if it was email, phone , or overheard from the kitchen?

    Will Claude be a tad more carefull with his blackberry?, of course

    Lets just move on with our lives.

  4. Reading the article, it says that he needed £600,000 injection of cash.He has a flat worth £600,000 with a £300,000 mortgage.There's 1/2 of it right there!

    Why do i feel so angry at this? I have been there, nearly went broke, but i didn't bail out, i remortgaged my house and started again.I would have sold the house if i have to, live in a caravan (again).And if it all goes wrong again, all the people will be paid, by selling my assets.

    Fucking disgrace!

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