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  1. I just wanted to bring this message back up to the top. I am supposed to have Thanksgiving dinner here and was wondering if anyone had eaten here since my last posting and if they could give me some recent feedback. Thanks.
  2. I heard about the new chef at Church Street and decided to give it a try tonight. I have to say "WOW." My husband and I both loved our meals. We started with the pumpkin pierogies with carmelized onions - excellent. I had a wasabi pea encrusted tuna that was out of this world. My husband did not stop talking about his shortribs all the way. I only wish we were not so full and could have had dessert. I took a peek at the new lunch menu and will have to go back to try that as well. Looking forward to our next meal at Church Street. Welcome to the new chef, Barry.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has been to Fortunato since the chef left and how it was? Do you know who is cooking there now?
  4. Any feedback on this restaurant since they've gotten a new chef?
  5. I understand that they have gotten a new chef in the last month or so. Has anyone been there lately and can you tell me if it is as good as it used to be? Thinking of going for Thanksgiving and hoping to get the same great meal they are known for.
  6. They used to have a website under their old name, but I can't find it anymore. If you call them, they can tell you if they have a website and under what name. I would not say that they have anything that sets them apart food-wise.
  7. I've had dinner there twice in the last year and have enjoyed it both times. I believe they have live entertainment in the bar several nights a week.
  8. Coincidentally, I read this in an e-mail I received this morning from "The Strong Buzz." I believe Andrea Strong may write for the NY Times. Guenther Seeger Rumor has it that Atlanta’s hottest chef, Guenther Seeger, formerly at the Ritz-Carlton and then of his own impossible-to-get-a-reservation place, Seeger's, is coming to New York. His Atlanta restaurant closed on August 19th. Word on the street is he is after three Michelin stars up here, but really you know all anyone wants is an off the charts review from The Strong Buzz. I mean after that, what else is there?
  9. Village Green has always been one of my favorite restaurants. I understand that they have a new chef. Can anyone tell me if they have been there since the new chef arrived and if anything has changed as far as the menu or the quality of the food.
  10. Village Green in Ridgewood will also do a vegetarian tasting menu. I think Park and Orchard in Rutherford is vegeterian restaurant.
  11. I was inquiring the other day if this restaurant was closing, well I heard today that the chef left.
  12. ← They have changed their name to Balocco (or something like that), but they are still there.
  13. I heard a rumor that the restaurant may be closing. Has anyone heard anything?
  14. What about this place. It is in Clifton but right on Rt. 3 near Bloomfield. It looks like they have a couple of rooms that may accommodate your size group. http://www.njskylineview.com/catering.html
  15. 4 stars in today's Star-Ledger.
  16. Susan


    Has anyone been here yet??
  17. This place opened up in the summer and is very good. Nice, small bar when you walk in. Food is delicious. www.27mix.com
  18. I have not been to any of these restaurants, but they are in the area and I have read that they are good: Mahogany Grill, Manasquan Brandl, Belmar Moonstruck, Asbury Park
  19. I have been to both. Although I enjoyed my dinner at both, I have not run back to either (I live up north). I would say that Whispers is a little more upscale. If I am not mistaken, they are not owned by the same people, but the chef from Whispers left and went to the Black Trumpet. Again, both dinners were good, but not as good as David Drakes.
  20. I have a flight out of Oahu on a Sunday night at 10:45 PM. I have some time to kill before the flight and thought I would have dinner somewhere not too far from the aiport. I had reservations at Alan Wongs, but they are closing for some renovations during that time. Right now I am looking at either Mariposa or L'Uraku. Any feedback on either of these restaurants? We really don't want to get get dressed up since we want to be comfortable on the plane and I don't want to be too far from the airport, but I would like a really good dinner. Thanks.
  21. You can also eat something light at the Elysian bar or at the small tables in the bar. Best part is they don't allow smoking at bar, so you get to eat in a smoke-free environment. I believe they also validate parking. They are located on 10th and Washington. They are the same owners as Amanda's.
  22. A friend rode by and said there was a sign on the door saying they would be open shortly. So, I called the phone number and the recording said temporarily disconnected. I guess they have closed???
  23. Went back to Fortunato's on Saturday night with a group of 9. My husband and I shared a truffle risotto for an appetizer which was absolutely delicious. For dinner my husband had short ribs which were a special. Since I liked my husband's skate so much the last time we were there, I had that for dinner. Both were exellent. Several people had the osso bocco, which they said was also delicious. A couple of the others had different pasta dishes, which I can't remember exactly what they were, but everyone loved their dinner. We will definitely be back again.
  24. I would recommend: Fortunato Ristorante, 775 Riverside Ave, Lyndhurst - Went the other night with a group of 9 and everyone loved their dinner. Cafe Matisse, Rutherford- Haven't been there recently, but have always enjoyed my dinners there. Papillon, Nutley There are lots of good restaurants in Montclair including Fascino, Orbis, Dai Kichi (sushi).
  25. I thought there was a large public parking lot behind the stores there.
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