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  1. Stopped by here the other day. The owner said they should be open in about two weeks. As someone mentioned, I believe it will be Italian food. The owner previously owned Nanina's in the Park in Belleville.
  2. Susan


    I stopped in the other day. I think they opened last Monday. He told me he owns Soho Pizza on Valley Road in Montclair I was thinking of trying the place this weekend. Has anyone been there yet?
  3. The dining room at Taste of Portugal on Delancy Street is non-smoking. There is only smoking in the bar area which has a door separating it from the dining room.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has been here and what did you think.
  5. Was there on Saturday. Had the crabcake and the grouper. Everything was delicious. Very crowded and very noisy.
  6. Susan


    When I tried to open Table Hopping with Rosie for the week of 2/11, the week of 2/18 came up. I would like to read the story on Chakra. How can I get to the week of 2/11? Thanks.
  7. I have been to Babbos twice and love it. But I hear that Mario Batali's other restaurants are just and good and cheaper. Are they talking about Esca or Lupa (or any other ones he might own and I don't know about)?
  8. I posted this under Table Hopping with Rosie but figured it may not be seen there. A friend of mine is a big fan of Two if by Sea and was dissappointed to hear that they got a new chef. So, I thought I would ask for him if anyone knew where the old chef went to. Any insight would be appreciated.
  9. Table Hopping with Rosie mentioned some: http://www.njmonthly.com/rosie/rnews.html
  10. Thinking of going next month for my anniversary, but have read mixed reviews. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  11. We were here on Friday night. We had the omakase dinner. It consisted of 2 hot items, 2 cold items, 5 pieces of sushi, soup, and dessert. It was $55 each and each of us had the same items. Everything was excellent. As the other person mentioned, the sushi is served with different things on it than regular sushi. The hot items were the black cod in miso sauce and rock shrimp tempura. I'm not sure if the portions would be bigger if you did not order from the omakase dinner. The cold dishes were salmon tartare with black caviar and a tuna salad. As a I said, everything was delicious, but it was a little expensive. I'm not sure if the restaurant was reviewed in the Times, but it was definitely reviewed in Sunday's Star-Ledger and received 3 stars. I would go back but would probably order things individually rather than the omakase menu. I think the omakase may have been even better, if my husband and I received different items rather than the same things. I believe that is how it worked when we went to Nobu.
  12. Susan


    Well I guess everyone from eGullet was there on Saturday night. I was there at the same time as Adeguilio and Rosie. My husband and I were in the front room to the right when you come in the door. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and dining experience. My husband had the lamb chops (he loved them) and I had the sea bass special. For appetizers, we both had different pastas. My husband had the penne with the beef and I had the orchietta(?) with the shrimp and artichokes. Very good. Anthony showed us the Star-Ledger review that was coming out the next morning. I guess we'll never get in there now. I'm glad for them. They really deserve it.
  13. What about the Ocean Place Hilton in Long Branch. I'm not sure if that's still the name, but they are right on the water.
  14. Susan


    Dined here this weekend for the second time. Everything was delicious again. The atmosphere is very nice and the owners are very friendly.
  15. I really like La Tartuferia. It is a casual atmosphere serving Italian food (but not your typical Italian food) and was rated very high in the new Zagat's (can't remember exactly what it was rated and don't have the book with me).
  16. The Town Cupboard or Cupboard Deli (something like that) on Broad Street in Bloomfield makes good homemade potato salad. They have cole slaw there, but I have not had it. It may be homemade as well. If you live in the area - check it out!
  17. I have been to Joe's other restaurant (Gourmet Cafe) where he cooked and always enjoyed my food there. I have been to Casa di Amici once since Joe has been cooking and I enjoyed that as well. I would still go to Casa di Amici even though Dougie and the chef have left because it is a nice atmopshere, nice people and good food. It is also a BYO and has outdoor dining if that interests you.
  18. I believe that Doug is at Ruth Chris in Parsippany. Where did the chef go?
  19. Papillon in Nutley is not listed.
  20. If I am not mistaken, I noticed that Il Capo in North Haledon and Shelby's in Hamburg are not listed in the new edition of Zagat but were in the last one. I thought maybe they had closed, but I called and they are both open. I wonder why that happened?
  21. I have been to Niecy's (Southern) and Giorgio's (Italian) both BYOs in South Orange. They were not bad.
  22. Arthurs Landing in Weehawken has a beautiful view of New York and the food has always been very good when I've eaten there (lunch and dinner).
  23. Went there once for dinner about 1 1/2 years ago. It was very noisy and we really didn't like our dinner. Someone in work told me they just went and they loved it.
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