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    I have been to this place twice now - the first time for the hibachi and the second time for the sushi bar. I thought the hibachi was just okay. I would not run back for that. The scallops were kind of watery and bland. The shrimp was a little better. The place is also very noisy because of the hibachi chefs and all the kids in the place. We went on a Friday night and it was early (6:30). I can't believe how loud it was. So much for a relaxing dinner after a long day at work. The other night we went (during the week - hopefully it would be quieter than on a Friday). We sat at the sushi bar. We were the only ones at the sushi bar while we were there. Several people were eating at the tables. The place was still loud, but not as bad as the first time we were there. Everything we had was very good. Started off with miso soup, then we had the tuna tartar special with 3 kinds of caviar. Delicious. We then had the shumi. Only problem here was that they all actually came out at the same time. Next time, I will not order them together. We then had some sushi (yellowtail and salmon) and 3 rolls. We had the special Sweetheart Roll which was tempura'd and was delicious. We also had the Fantastic Roll and the Venice Roll. I think the Fantastic was a litttle bit better. All in all, enjoyed everything and will be back for the sushi, probably not early on a Friday or Saturday night though.
  2. I went to this restaurant once and remember it to be a nice, cute BYOB. I've pasted part of a prior post so you can have all the info you need. Hopefully, it helps. ...Restaurant 89, 899 Mountain Ave, Mountainside (908-233-2355) is under the direction of owner Richard Grignon and chef Albert Barker both formerly from Le Petit Chateau.
  3. I called Cafe Maxx and they are reopening today!
  4. I will be staying at the Marriott Ocean Pointe (Singer Island), but would like to leave the area for dinner 1 night. Which place would be more worth my drive out of town.? Thanks for your feedback.
  5. I will be at the Marriott Ocean Pointe on Singer Island for 4 nights next month. I want to eat at 4 really great restaurants while there. They don't necessarily have to be fancy, just very good food. I only have one reservation right now and that is at The Restaurant in the Four Seaons, which I know is fancy. I am undecided on the other 3 nights. The other restaurants I am looking at are: 1. Cafe Maxx - Pompano Beach (closed for renovation?) 2. 32 East - Delray Beach 3. Cafe Boulud - Palm Beach 4. Cafe Chardonnay - Palm Beach 5. Cafe L'Europe - Palm Beach 6. Sunfish Grill - Pompano Beach Please tell me what you think I should do. Thanks.
  6. Do they have a website with a menu?
  7. Since you dont' want it to sound too upscale and you are serving grilled cheese - how about if it you call it The Cheese Grill or even Melt Grill.
  8. I think I would say great food and great service and in that order. For me, if a restaurant has great food and good service, I will always go back. If they have great service and good food, I would go back, but not as quickly. I think if you have both great food and great service, price is not as important - unless it is ridiculous. Personally, I am willing to pay for the food and the service. I would think that most of the great restaurants in NY are highly priced, but people are willing to pay because of the food and the service. A nice decor always helps, but is not always a key factor for me. Decor is probably important when you are looking for a certain ambiance for that evening and then the quality of the food may not be as important. That's just my opinion.
  9. The grand opening is in October, but they started serving dinner last night. I'm not sure, but they may only have dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday right now.
  10. Had dinner at Church St. Cafe last night. Was quite surprised to see that the seared tuna that is on the lunch menu costs the same on the dinner menu ($14). I would have thought they would have hiked it up a couple of dollars just because. It was delicious. My husband had the seared scallops ($18) dollars. Again delicious. We both started with a salad. My husband had the Church St. Cafe salad ($7 - I think) with beets, crumbled blue cheese and either arugula or spinach. I had the portobello mushroom salad ($8) with spinach and onions. Both were very good and very large. Looking forward to returning.
  11. The prices were not bad. I believe the tuna was $14, chop chop chicken salad $8 and hamburger $7 or the chicken was $7 and the burger $8. It was on Saturday when it started pouring and I would say they were about 3/4 full.
  12. The Church Street Cafe opened last week for lunch. I stopped in on Saturday and had a delicious lunch. We started with a spicy seared tuna over corn and tomatoes. Absolutely delicious. Then I had the chop chop chicken salad. Chopped up chicken with cashews, pineapples, chinese noodles and greens. Also delicious. My husband had a hamburger and french fries. The fries were cooked crispy like I like them and the burger had bacon and cheese and was also delicious. The head chef is Jamie who cooked with Ryan at Fascino. I believe they are going to start serving dinner this week. Looking forward to trying that.
  13. Sarahoc, you may want to check out Chowhounds.com. I searched for Block Island on their New England site and several posts came up. Someone on Fodors forum just asked a question about Block Island. You may want to check there as well. In my quick reading, I did see the restaurant Oar mentioned several times. Good luck!
  14. Going to Northampton for the foliage this year. Look for great places to go for dinner - even for lunch. Price is not important. Just looking for some really great food. Thanks for your help.
  15. The Dining Room at Anthony David's and La Tartuferia. I have not been to Augustino's. How is that?
  16. I went to Nicholas last month for dinner. From what I was told, Nicholas is now in the kitchen. Of course the meal was excellent.
  17. jb_973: Which sushi restaurant did you wind up eating at? How was it?
  18. I also live in West Orange. The only sushi place in West Orange that I have eaten at is Yoshi Sono on Eagle Rock Avenue. Their sushi is good, but my husband and I normally go into Montclair. Right now, I would say our favorite is Nouveau Sushi on Bloomfield Avenue. They are probably the most expensive of the sushi restaurants in this area, but I find them to be more creative - similar to a Nobu. Auzora on Bloomfield Avenue is also very good and pretty creative. I have been to Dai Kichi on Valley Road many times and enjoy their sushi, but I would call it more standard sushi. There is another sushi restaurant on Fullerton Avenue (which I can't think of the name of right now) which is also very good. The only place that I have heard is not that great, but I have not eaten there, is on Watchung Avenue (something Sono). All of the sushi restaurants I mentioned in Montclair all are BYOBs. I'm not sure if the one in West Orange is a BYOB or not. Hopefully this helps your sushi craving.
  19. I understand the chef from Nicholas is now at the Bernards Inn. If that is the case, who is cooking at Nicholas?
  20. Has anyone been here recently? I was wondering how the food is and is it worth going to?
  21. What about Stage Left in New Brunswick. I went over the holidays in December and loved it. It also got 4 stars in Sunday's Star-Ledger.
  22. Just went to Lana's last week. The food is very good and the atmosphere is very nice. It is very bright with big windows overlooking the miniature golf course. I would not say it was cheap. It will probably run about $50-$55/person. On Friday nights, they have a jazz trio there. That was really nice.
  23. Is this where Sabatini's was?
  24. Anthony David's in Hoboken has outdoor seating and has a great Sunday brunch. It's kind of small though. I don't know how big of a party you were thinking of.
  25. Susan


    Had dinner here on Friday. The hostess, who is one of the owners, was very gracious. The servers seemed to lack knowledge of the menu. Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant, but is allowed at the tables outside. Since the restaurant door was open, it smelled as if they were smoking right next to us. My husband and I shared an arugola, mushroom and pancetta salad. When it was brought out, it looked and tasted as if it had no dressing on it. It was brought back in the kitchen and was remixed with more dressing. Tasted much better. I had some kind of fish that was served oreganto style. I think it may have been halibut. It was good - not great. It was served with two small potatoes and sauteed vegetables. My husband had veal wrapped in shrimp with pancetta. I couldn't image how this would be prepared. When it came out, it appeared that the veal and pancetta were kind of wrapped around the shrimp. I can't remember what kind of sauce was on it, but my husband said it tasted like wedding food. We had no dessert and the bill was $56 with a tip. Overall, I would say the food was okay, but nothing to run back for.
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