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  1. So, we went to Ursino on Saturday night. The place is beautiful. We ordered the mussels and the cavatelli for appetizers and the short ribs and the scallops for dinner. Everything was delicious. We will definitely go back.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I just made a reservation to go there on Saturday and was wondering if anyone had been there. Really looking forward to it now. Thanks.
  3. Susan

    David Drake

    Is David Drake still at Alice's Restaurant?
  4. I have not been to Cafe Arugula in years. When I went, it was a BYOB (maybe it still is) and not sure if it had a private room. I recently went to "Above" which is located upstairs from the Eden Supermarket in South Orange right near Cafe Arugula. They have a nice bar and a private room on the 3rd floor. The food and service were actually very good. Again, not sure if they are in your price range but you may want to check them out. http://www.aboverestaurantbar.com/
  5. Due Amici in West Orange is a BYOB Italian that serves very good food. They have a large 2nd room, but I doubt they would make it private on a Saturday night. Avenue Bistro in Verona, has a bar and good food. They also have a 2nd room. Not sure if it is small enough to dedicate to one group on a Saturday evening. Primavera Restaurant in West Orange also has a liquor license. Not sure if it has a private room but I would think it does since it's connected to a Wilshire Grand Hotel (maybe some of your guests are staying there). They may not fall into your price range. If I think of anything else in the area, I will let you know.
  6. Just read that the name of the new restaurant will be St. Eves.
  7. I went once for breakfast and felt the same way about the food - no flavor at all.
  8. Went to Basilico's in Millburn last night. They do have pumpkin ravioli. They were delicious.
  9. Last week I had one large pumpkin raviolo at Culinariane in Montclair. It was very good. I would have preferred small individual raviolis, but that is what they had. Sometimes Basilico in Millburn has them at this time of the year.
  10. According to Zagats, Nicholas in Middletown in the most expensive restaurant in NJ.
  11. Susan


    Anyone been here lately? Thinking of trying it next week and was wondering if still worth checking out. Thanks.
  12. This place is located where Mountain Deli used to be next door to the dry cleaners. It has been there over a year. Has anyone been there or heard anything about it?
  13. If Cafe Monet is open for lunch, their food is very good.
  14. I was actually thinking of Meema's, but Gina's sounds like a good idea. Thanks.
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