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  1. Tried this new restaurant the other night with friends. It is where Taste used to be in a strip mall on Belleville Ave. The food is a mix of different influences from Asian to Middle Eastern to Italian. We ate upstairs in these curtained booths. Too bad we were all women because it could be kind of romantic up there. We started with some kind of chips (sorry, don't know the name) that kind of had an oil and some salt on them. They came with 3 different kinds of dipping sauces. Loved those chips. Could have eaten a whole basket of them myself. The appetizers we had were scallop foie which is exactly what it says - scallops with pieces of foie gras on top, crab cake which was one of the largest crab cakes I've seen and coconut poached prawns. All of the appetizers were delicious. For dinner we had pan seared salmon, shrimp kebabs and I had the tapioca crusted snapper. It came with a sesame vinegarette on the side that had sliced almonds in it. What a tasty sauce. The piece of fish was so large that I couldn't finish it although I really wanted to so I took it home for my husband. We shared the chai tea custard which was similar to a creme brulee. It came with a couple of coconut macaroons on the sie. We all loved everything we had. I liked this place so much that I went back with my husband last night for happy hour where you can get half price drinks and appetizers from 5-8:00. We had a few of the same things I had the other night but also tried the slider trio which is on the bar menu. I think the 3 sliders were chicken, lamb and beef. For dessert we had coconut cheesecake. I think it may have been a special. Again everything was delicious and the bill was really cheap considering all we had to eat and drink. A band was setting up when were getting ready to leave. I think they have bands on Thursdays and other music on Friday and Saturdays. Everyone who works there was very nice from the bartender to the chefs to the owner. In talking with the chef, we found out that he has worked in several of Michael Mina's restaurants. He is really very talented and I wish them a lot of luck. Looking forward to getting back there real soon.
  2. I have eaten at Passionne many times and have never had a bad meal there. Scarlet, I am also a fan of Orbis and Culinariane, but if you have not eaten at Passionne many times, maybe you should try it again. I think the chef just keeps getting better and better. They have just made some renovations which makes the place seem somewhat cozier than it was before.
  3. They are gone, Susan. Closed several weeks ago. New owners moved out and around the corner. Michael Pellnitz is the chef at Ritacco’s Midtown Bar & Grill, 223 Franklin Ave, Nutley (973-320-5468) ← Thanks for the info. Do you know what ever happened to the old owners? I heard that he was a very good chef.
  4. I called Scuttlebutt's tonight to see if they were open and the recording said the number was temporarily disconnected. Does anyone know if it is closed or just having telephone problems?
  5. I'm not sure if they Happy Hour, but Egans in Montclair has pretty big bar crowd. I think Gaffers in West Orange has a Happy Hour.
  6. I have been to Next Door quite a few times since it opened although I have not been there for lunch. One time for dinner, I did have the burger and it was delicious. For dinner I have enjoyed the meat loaf several times, the tuna and two of the pasta dishes. The mushroom barley soup is excellent as well as the seafood salad. Maybe you should give dinner a try and see what you think.
  7. In West Orange, the Manor (buffet) and Highlawn (not buffet) are both open. I tend to like the Highlawn better. Pal's Cabin is also open. It is not fine dining, but the food is always good. I think I read that the Short Hills Hilton is also open for brunch. I can think of a few more places, but they are further south.
  8. I will be going to Zihuatanejo in the beginning of February and was wondering if anyone has any new recommendations. Thanks.
  9. Susan

    Isla Mujeres

    I was there several years ago and we stayed at the Villa Rolandi which included dinner, so we ate there almost every night. The food, atmosphere and service are all very good there if you are looking for an upscale dinner. We did venture out one night for dinner to Casa O which was very nice. We requested a table by the water. Both restaurants overlook the water and are more of a fine dining dinner.
  10. Susan

    Next Door

    I don't think there is take-out yet. The prices are pretty reasonable. I happened to have taken a paper menu. The soups are $5, and the seafood salad and buffalo mozzarella are both $10. I have not had any of the sandwiches yet, but they are either $7 or $8. I did see the 100% beef burger go by and it looked great ($8). The salads are all $8 - add $1 for chicken, $2 for steak and $4 for shrimp. I did get a small taste of the napa salad with peanuts, crisp wontons, snow peas and carrots. It was really good and had an asian flare to it. The five pasta dishes range from $9-$12. The most expensive entree is $16 for leg of lamb. They also have salmon, chicken, hanger steak and pot roast along with the other items I had previously mentioned. It is also a BYOB like Blu.
  11. The owners of Blu restaurant in Montclair have opened a new restaurant next door appropriately called "Next Door." It has a more casual menu and style than Blu. I have been there twice since they opened this week. The first time I was there, I had the buffalo mozzarella, which I have had at Blu and loved. It is probably the best buffalo mozzarella I have ever had. We also tried the seafood salad that evening. I can't remember everything that was in it but I do remember it had shrimp and I believe calamari in it. Delicious! For dinner we tried one of the pastas, which are not on the menu at Blu. The fettuccini with asparagus and mushrooms was delicious. None of the pastas are over $12. My husband had the meatloaf (also not on the Blu menu) and it was definitely the best meatloaf I ever had (and I make a pretty mean meatloaf). It is not covered in any kind of sauce. It is actually kind of crispy on top. Last night we went back to try a few more things. The mushroom barley soup was great. If you have ever had the mushroom risotto at Blu and enjoyed it, you will love this soup. For dinner, my husband had to have the meatloaf again and this time I tried the tuna with ginger sauce and asian greens. This was a large piece of tuna prepared rare. It tasted somewhat similar to the tuna I have had at Blu, which of course is always great. Next Door is also open for lunch 7 days a week. There are salads, sandwiches, and burgers on the menu which I believe is the same menu used for lunch and dinner. If you have ever been to Blu and enjoyed it, you might want to give Next Door a try.
  12. Scarlet, Dai Kichi never had hibachi tables. I think the restaurant on Alvin is called Daruma and they do have hibachi tables. I think they are still there. Give them a call.
  13. They were open as of Friday night. I had a dinner reservation that I had to cancel because my husband was stuck down in South Jersey until midnight. I didn't think that Fortunato was open for lunch anymore - unless they had reopened.
  14. A week or so ago I noticed a sign in their window that they are now open for breakfast. Was glad to hear that since I've enjoyed their lunches for years. Tried it this morning and had a wonderful Spanish Scramble with cheddar cheese, chorizo sausage, potatoes, tomatos w/a side of fruit. My husband had the classic pancakes. Since I live in West Orange, it's nice to now have a breakfast place in town.
  15. Upstairs at David Drakes is definitely very separate from the rest of the restaurant and it's a nice room with a fireplace and a nice, cozy bar. There's also a restroom there, so you won't have to go downstairs. I don't know how large your group is, but what about the wine cellar at David Drakes?
  16. I have been to Church Street many times since they've opened. We stopped by last night and found a few new changes. First, they no longer have the dessert case by the counter (which gives it much less of the so called "diner" look). They also have rearranged some of the booths and tables and put in a piano. I found those simple changes really give the place the feel of a more fine dining restaurant. They also had their new fall menu. I started with the Lobster and Crab Wontons. There were 5-6 small little purses with a very tasty roasted pepper sauce on the side. My husband had the Warm Duck Confit which was served with a Lentil & Portobello Sauté, Roquefort and Organic Greens, Truffle Vinaigrette. He couldn't stop telling me how great it was. It was a really nice size portion. For dinner I had Cepe Dusted Shrimp served with a Ragout of Jersey Corn & Shiitake Mushrooms and Curried Cous Cous. I did not know what to expect, but it was absolutely delicious. My husband had the Grappa and Grainy Mustard Rack of Lamb served w/Braised Leeks & Endive. Again delicious. We then shared a tiramisu for dessert. I want to thank Chef Todd for a delicious and enjoyable dinner. Looking forward to returning real soon.
  17. I don't think most of the really good dinner places are open for lunch on Sunday. I know everyone really seems to like Raymonds on Church Street. I'm not sure if they only serve brunch on Sundary or if they serve lunch also. I think I heard that Table 8 on Bloomfield Ave. is now serving Sunday brunch. I usually go for breakfast/brunch at Bluestone Coffee on Watchung Ave. Very casual, but good food.
  18. What about Cafe Matisse in Rutherford? I believe they have a small garden area in the back where you can have dinner. Anthony David's in Hoboken is kind of casual and romantic. Lorena's in Maplewood is romantic, but you probably won't get in tonight unless you go early.
  19. I think David Drakes in Rahway is very romantic.
  20. Susan


    Finally got a chance to try Earth. Ever since I heard Anthony LoPinto opened his own restaurant, I have been anxious to get there. Started off with a drink at the bar. Nice bar for a drink before or after dinner or just a drink. My husband and I are both fans of Anthony's wild mushrooms with creamy polenta, so we both had that. Absolutely delicious. We then had the penne with rock shrimp and asparagus - again very good and very light. For dinner I had the sesame encrusted tuna with soba noodles. Big portion. Very good. My husband had the seared striped bass with a crisy skin. He thoroughly enjoyed it. For dessert we had the cream brulee and the tart w/bananas and chocolate ice cream. Both were very good. We had a very relaxing and enjoyable evening, which is just what we were looking for after a long week. We will be back soon. Good luck, Anthony!.
  21. You know it's funny that you mentioned the cigars. I was there for dinner for the first time last night and on the way out there were quite a few people at the bar smoking and many of them smoking cigars. I was wondering how they could do that since the no smoking ban went into affect. Is this considered a cigar bar even though it is a restaurant?
  22. I have been to Church Street several times since the new chef came and have enjoyed it very much each time. His tuna and short ribs are absolutely delicious. I also enjoyed the new lunch menu as well. Give it a try. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did.
  23. Had dinner at Fortunato's last night and it was delicious. I had the calamari and frisee salad to start. The calamari was extremely tender. My husband had the gnocchi with mushrooms and braised rabbit. Also very good. For dinner I had the scallops on the menu (they also had a special scallop dish) which is served over sweet potatoes and other vegetables - nicely seared and delicious. My husband had veal osso bucco that was served with something like a potatoe pancake of some sort. I forget what it was called but it very good. Great night. Looking forward to going back again.
  24. They told me that the new chef's name was John Vink. I asked where he had cooked before and they said locally. Does anyone know anything about him?
  25. I just wanted to bring this message back up to the top. I am supposed to have Thanksgiving dinner here and was wondering if anyone had eaten here since my last posting and if they could give me some recent feedback. Thanks. ← Susan, My name is Andrew Little and I am the former chef at Evermay. I felt compelled to write you to let you know that I am no longer cooking there although they have continued to post my name and likeness on their website. I don't know what the current situation is in the kitchen, but I do know that I am not there and a majority of the staff that was present in the dining room is no longer there. However, I have moved on to a very elegant 9 room country inn located in Hanover, PA and the former dining room manager at Evermay is running the dining room. We would love if you would join us for dinner there sometime. Please feel free to check us out at www.sheppardmansion.com Regards, Chef Andrew Little ← Chef Little, Thank you so much for your response. I initially booked by dinner at EverMay because I thought you were there. Since learning that you had left, I have been trying to get some kind of feedback since we do have a reservation there. We are staying at a B&B in New Hope and would like to have dinner somewhere in the close area if we do not dine at Evermay. From what I understand, Hanover is quite a ways from New Hope so, unfortunately, I will make be able to make it there for Thanksgiving dinner but do hope to enjoy your cooking if I am in the Hanover area. If you have any recommendations for Thanksgiving dinner in the New Hope area, I would greatly appreciate it.
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