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  1. I was just sending an expert PM regarding my favorite restaurants in New York City, and I found my top recommendation to be more representative of my middle of the extremes - a really solid bistro, where I know the food will be fresh and fine, which does not pretend to be anything other than what it is. For me, both ends of this extreme are positives, so the middle is, as well.
  2. And I guess I could mention that I have had dinner with at least one person on this wish list.
  3. I wish my grandparents could have dinner with my husband. Short list of real people: George Balanchine Fats Waller Peter O'Toole
  4. Liza

    Zuni Cafe

    Glad they've finally won you over. Zuni is my definite stop every time I'm in the area and I could just spend hours at the bar (when I could spend hours at the bar, dagnabit) sampling the oysters and getting squiffy.
  5. Well, since it doesn't enhance survival of the species, perhaps it serves to thin the ranks - people who claim to have this super-ability are shunned and ridiculed, perhaps left at the watering hole muttering that they had better water at the last watering hole, while the rest of the pack has moved on?
  6. More from Priscilla, please. Question from an ever expanding Egulleteer: when the belly exceeds the napkin, should one - may one - employ two napkins, or just chance it?
  7. Gad that sounds delicious, MM. Would you mind sharing a recipe for non-pros to try at home? Many thanks, Liza
  8. For what it's worth: Ireland is about to institute a similar ban of smoking in dining establishments and the ban is being initiated by the people who work in bars and restaurants.
  9. Has waiter presentation come into this one yet? A waiter serves the same dish to two people. When placing the dish before diner number one, he smiles warmly and proudly, and explains, "This is an extra course from the chef - his signature poached snipe in an ortolan/truffle coulis. With our compliments". When placing the dish before diner number two, the waiter just puts the dish in front of the diner without explaining it, and walks off. Would not the two diners perceive the dishes differently?
  10. Macrosan, Re: the chicken experiment. I'd think the two chicken dishes would taste different to the same taster. The first chicken, when the taster's mouth had not yet experienced either chicken, would be different from the second chicken, after the taster had a plate full of the first chicken.
  11. A meyer lemon tart would be lovely, with a meyer lemon curd. I'll bet you could make preserved lemons, too, that would allow you to keep the lemons longer and use them in a variety of savory dishes.
  12. (Trish, I believe Wilfrid is wearing his sarcastic pants today).
  13. A hot day and a tall glass of fresh watermelon juice. Heaven!
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