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  1. I don't know I kind of like the idea. What I would really love would be a full blown inventory tracking system; download what I purchased from the supermarket (also be able to add stuff myself as oneoffs), this way I could run reports like how long it took to use something, or how many do I have left (useful with bulk items), or use up stuff I have forgotten in the back of the freezer. Of course the kids would "forget" to use it as they are throwing things away or more realistically leaving the empty container in the frig. and the whole system would be shot to hell.
  2. lcdm

    Some menu input requested

    The menu sounds wonderful. I had to laugh at the 'so fancy' comment. I usually make two or three 'fancy' things when we have a party, and they are usually left over while the spinach dip, shrimp cocktail, and pigs in a blanket platters are licked clean.
  3. lcdm

    Some menu input requested

    What about some kind of shrimp cocktail? You could vary the dipping sauce(s) for a twist.
  4. lcdm

    Cooking with a 7-year old

    Pizza My kids love to make pizza, even my 4 year old will put on her own toppings. I just made pretzels with my kids, they enjoyed the whole process, making the dough, rolling it, making different shapes, adding their own seasonings, watching them bake and finally eating them. Few other things to think about: Quiche or tarts, meatloaf, cookies, bread, cake w/frosting, brownies, roast chicken (or cornish hens would be nice and small to handle), quesadillas, fajitas, shrimp cocktail, ice cream, baked chicken wings (marinated in a homemade sauce). What kinds of food does your daughter enjoy eating?
  5. Did you notice that the sidebar mentions egullet and fifi's recipe for a shrimp dish?
  6. I have used all except chai. Come to think of it my mom’s spice rack (from many moons ago) contained bottles of marjoram, paprika, and caraway. I’m sure every household has a bottle/tin of paprika if not only to decorate deviled eggs. I guess they are not very new (except chai and pomegranate) but maybe the companies will introduce new ways to use them or for people to rediscover them. I know there was a lengthy discussion about paprika, during the summer. eGullet Paprika Thread
  7. lcdm

    no exhust fan

    That's a hard one even with an exhaust fan, bedding may still pick up odors if in the same room (depends what you cook). Can you install a nonvented circulating hood over your range, maybe something with a charcoal filter, or maybe an air purifier by the range? You could set up a fan in the window to exhaust the smell/smoke, but you'll also draw out some heat. When my grandmother used to fry a bunch of onions and didn't want it to smell up the house she would fry them outside in an electric skillet.
  8. lcdm

    Shrimp cocktail sauce

    How about Green Goddess Dressing? Recipe here: http://www.post-gazette.com/food/20020801saladsdp2.asp
  9. I also asked for Molly's Braising cookbook for Christmas, if it's not under the tree I have a B&N gift certificate that will be used to purchase it. I would like to start smoking a little more and baking bread for the new year. I'd also like to cook more with the kids.
  10. lcdm

    Best dishwasher

    Marlene, The salt is used if you have hard water, if your water is OK you don't have to use the salt, I think there is something in the manual about disabling the feature.
  11. lcdm

    Best dishwasher

    I have an Asko and Kenmore and agree with Varmint. The Asko is quiet and has a short cycle time and uses less water, but the Kenmore is easier to load and dries better.
  12. Nice big pot of beef stew serve with a loaf of crusty bread or serve in bread bowls.
  13. I see, I have the range and not the cooktop so hopefully I won't have similar problems. If you can't see the units in person than definatley go to the thathomesite appliance forum and ask for opinions there also. It's so hard to make a choice with all the products available (and when you are spending so much money). Did you think about BlueStar?
  14. I second that! My husband works at RU-Newark and it frequently comes up that there are few good lunch places in the immediate area. I think the students (and staff, of course!) would DEFINITELY go for a place like Melt. And it would give me good reason to come visit my husband for lunch. ← Yes that area of Newark would be good. Close enough to also attract the museum, courthouse, lawschools and PAC. Glenn, I am sorry to hear that you are closing.
  15. I do not have a Jade, but I do have a DCS all gas 36" range, which I really like (haven't heard about quality issues). There is a lot of information concering appliances on http://www.thathomesite.com here is a search for Jade, which could prove helpful: http://ths.gardenweb.com/search/nph-ind.cg...name=Appliances
  16. Reminds me of a book I read for one of my psych courses: "Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping" http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/068484914...=books&v=glance It was very interesting.
  17. I guess I would like to receive something out of the ordinary, something I would not buy myself (either because of cost or I wouldn't think to buy it or don't have access to it).
  18. lcdm

    Marketing Wine to Women

    Guilty. If I have to pick between two bottles of quality wine I usually choose the one with the cooler label. I don't mind wineries marketing the wines, I guess I mind them targeting an audience with the stance of "we know what women want" and it's a dumbed down version of the real thing. Almost a "don't worry your pretty little head with the details (it would only confuse you)" attitude, that's what bothers me.
  19. lcdm

    Marketing Wine to Women

    I guess I'm missing it too. "We are doing it for the women" - yeah right they are doing it for their pocketbook. This will be another one hit wonder and will sit along with Arbor Mist, wine coolers and the white Zin's. The shame of it is most people think this is what wine is. When I was in high school I did my share of drinking, when we drank wine it was Riunite, Yago San Gria, Boones Farm. In college I worked in a wine shop, the owner used to have the employee wine tastings to better understand & sell the wine. At first I protested saying "wine gives me a headache, I don't like it" he laughed when he learned what I was drinking. Than I tried the real stuff and never looked back. Of course there is a learning curve and I stated off with more fruit forward wines and expanded my palate from there. If they really want to market to women - educate them. Sponser a show on Food network, have it hosted by Rachel Ray, Tyler Florence or Alton Brown (or maybe a number of hosts each taking a show) make it fun, start of with lighter styles maybe more fruity. But use real wines none of the dumbed down dreck.
  20. lcdm


    I agree with Katie. Most people will take a sip and go back to drinking what they were before. I have also noticed that the quality of the Champagne does not matter that much either.
  21. Try putting it in a larger pot of boiling water or maybe oven cleaner would work?
  22. lcdm

    Wine Tasting Event

    An organization I belong to just hosted a wine tasting. We had to obtain a permit (NJ). Call the town clerks office and ask, they can point you in the proper direction.
  23. lcdm

    Christmas Cookies

    I don't know anything about pricing or sizes. From the consumer end I think it would be good to offer several different choices (not too many to make you crazy). For example: Tray A: (small or large) cookie assortment (I wouldn't let then choose, I would give example of what the tray may contain) Tray B: (small or large) Christmas cookies (maybe like decorated sugar cookie cutouts and gingerbread men/women) Tray C: (small or large) bar assortment Packaging around the holidays is key, wrap in colorful cellophane w/ribbons and a bow. Maybe include some peppermints or chocolates on the platter.
  24. Hey, Claire is the nice one! I'm the one who is dumb enough to try the cookies tomorrow with steel cut oats. I'll bake a batch tomorrow night and give a report after. It's worth a batch of cookies to further the cause of eGullet! anyone want to help me choose a recipe? I've got about 50 here at home, hmmm. ← I don't think that steel cut oats would have enough time to soften and cook in a cookie recipe. Maybe you would have to pre-soak or something?
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