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  1. Cream of fresh peas, poached quali eggs, cepes oil & lardons panfried black sole with young spinache leaves & a duck confit with small girolles, red wine jus and walnut liquor Small vine roasted tomatoes with a chutney of dry fruit, mint flavour caramel butterscotch and yoghurt ice cream S
  2. I have asked this question before, but both Murray and Barney claim to be the Sturgeon King It is a small claim but vexes me. Which one truly is the Nabob of the Sturgeon? S
  3. The most unlikely combination of words since the use of "Balic" with "Soap" I am with Jay on this one and Shite is a good technical term S
  4. Great report Gareth We all pondered on the Lamb. I wish I had tried it now S
  5. Surely living in Manchester, your abode already resembles that of Charlton Heston's in The Omega Man S
  6. Thats nothing, you should have seen me when I spotted Helena Hell. Frothing at the mouth was the least of it. jay mentioned this last night. If I recall through the haze of Buzbag, he used the words "tented trouser" S
  7. Thom While I wont rehash last year's conversation about the list ( the words sham and spurious should suffice ) you should ( in all seriousness ) be congratulated for what is an excellent marketing coup Plenty of column inches, lots of publicity and a good night out RM should be proud of you and should now give you a sufficient raise to allow you to fulfill you dream of moving to London, if only enough to make it south of the river S
  8. I had heard that there were people who could only afford lunch there, but until now had never encountered one Very sad Macca, to live a life without strawberry ice cream in white chocolate. S
  9. Does this mean that you are eating bread again, Simon? I just started a modified Atkins on Monday, you being an inspiration. No, I don't count Poilane as bread, it is ambrosia And, I don't eat it very often I am still of the opinion that CARBS = DEATH S
  10. recent purchases from Borough show no discernable reduction in quality. Still pretty damn good bread S
  11. just in case jay had not seen this Paul, I owe you an enormously large scotch on Friday S
  12. Oh, and Charlene L thought he was 43 S
  13. Enough of us have met him to know it is not true He is a man of dubious talents and hygene with the deep pockets of his employer to buy acceptance. Er, that's it. Chef/writer - Now if they had been in the kitchen talking about my supper, that would be inspirational. On a stage collecting a bauble, not a quiver. I leave that to Lynes S
  14. is there a finger down throat emoticon?
  15. Have you not noticed, he is always like this, although much as I hate it I do largely agree with him. Only in their own imaginations in most cases. Paul are factions forming Yup Those who hate celebrity chefs and those who want to be one
  16. I am shocked. I thought they would replace it with a new one of a different colour each time you went to point percy at the porcelain S
  17. To be honest I could not give a monkey's sphincter if they are in town. No more than I care if J Lo is in town puffing up her new film/record. I could however give a damn if they were in the kitchen on the night I was there. They are after all chefs not celebrities ( someone hand Lynes the smelling salts would you?) S
  18. He was Master of Ceremonies and Roger Moore gave out the awards. A-list gig then? Was Peter Powell unavailable? S
  19. it is when your other job is working for The Observer S Oi! Remember who's paying tomorrow night. every one a coconut S
  20. it is when your other job is working for The Observer S
  21. I did not give full marks for The Napkin Test. The folding had no artistry and the placement lacked precision 4/10 - one of the weaker elements of the meal
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