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  1. woodburner

    Dinner! 2012

    Flank Steak Taco's with Mexican Street Corn.
  2. woodburner

    Onion Confit

    I still vivdly remember the nite I started the topic, its awesome to see it still rumbling forward:)) woodburner
  3. woodburner

    Wondra Flour

    The properties of it are great. Because its so fine in texture, it does not allow you to over coat. When i use regular flour I sometimes need to knock off the excess, not with the wondra. woodburner
  4. woodburner

    Wondra Flour

    I"ve been using wondra as of late to dip chicken and or veal cutlets before the egg wash and bread crumb, read panko mixture I find it works great for dredging into the wondra provides a silky coating, then a dredge into the egg yolk/evaported milk mixture then a final dredge into panko bread crumbs. This method gets rid of the gluppy mess that was made with regular flour when going directly to the egg wash. Im liking this stuff woodbuner
  5. I'm trying for reservations for this Saturday evening Sneakeater. Do you still stand by this place? woodburner
  6. I intepret his meaning of fresh coals as "unlit". You should be able to add prelit coals into the flip up grate openings, just use some care. If your using prelit coals started in the chimney, start them about 20 minutes before you anticipate needing them. Glad you got a grill, you'll like it I'm sure. Some of us use Hardwood Lump Charcoal to do grilling, they produce much less ash than the Kingsford types of compressed charcoals. woodburner
  7. I followed this thread closely at the inception of the Shake Shack back in 05, now reading some of the entries from 8/06 and later, I am wondering if they have slipped? I'm going to NYC in a few weeks and this place was on my list for a posible lunch. Do things seem to be on par so far this season? woodburner
  8. woodburner

    best maple syrup

    This should be it Maple Weekend woodburner
  9. I've had an extreme hankerin for pulled pork for at least the past month. Butt as you can see below, not the time for an outdoor cook. Best of luck today. Will you be serving the butt with any type of sauce? If so what are you using? woodburner
  10. Number 310 is at the corner of Renwick and Spring good luck woodburner
  11. Not a movie, but a famous celebrity. Never eat more than you can lift. woodburner
  12. woodburner


    One of the local farmers called me last week, as he is sending his dozen or so hogs for butcher offering me a half for sale. Of course I bought in. I immediately thought of carnitas. woodburner
  13. woodburner

    broiling steak.

    One problem I'm having is the surmise, that all of your guests want their steak cooked to the same degree. This would be highly unlikely or you not asking them, might turn a few noses. I think you at least need another cast iron skillet as it would only be a fraction of the cost of 5 filets just a thought. I do agree with the sear/high heat oven method vs. the broiler woodburner
  14. These are spectacular, refreshing, light with a burst of old time Italian flavor. Spinach and Ricotta Gnude Ease of prepartion is much simpler than it reads. Happy Birthday by the way, to your mom. woodburner
  15. So after months of following this thread, I've yet to invest in a water bath circulator, or for that fact cooked anything sous vide yet. Pitiful me. But alas something has now suddenly appeared locally to me, skate wing. Ok previously frozen but it looks good in the market and my trusted food friend headed right out that first morning made available and procured a few pounds only to gave it his thumbs up. Now I stumble over the following: Laminated Skate Sous Vide I'm more than certain I can keep a pot of water on my stove at 165ºf for about 25 minutes as the recipe suggests. Does anyone with some experience with sous vide have any comments regarding the stated time and temperature stated here? woodburner
  16. I'd like to know how long ago he lost all feeling in his left hand? Holding a chunk of ice in your bare hands for 4-5 minutes, is no daunting task. While the quality of the video leaves much to be desired, there does appear to be some redness in his finger tips after a few minutes. geezus, I don't know... woodburner
  17. I believe that only the straight blade is available, which is razor sharp. woodburner
  18. woodburner

    Prime Rib Roast

    Good Article Dick, thanks for sharing. I'm wondering now, what makes 200ºF cooking medium temperature a magic number? I suspect it's probably the universal lowest temperature setting on most residential ovens. If that scenario is true, if one were to have the ability to go lower, would there be any benefit? woodburner
  19. I recently procured this at my local knife and kitchen shop. What a dream to use. Clickety The ceramic blade is incredibly sharp, and the unit offers four differnet slice thickness choices. Dishwasher safe, small and compact. Highly recommended woodburner
  20. woodburner

    Prime Rib Roast

    This morning I ordered a 5 bone in Rib Roast for cooking New Years Day, so I'll pick it up next Sunday. My local market is offering standard choice grade and Certified Angus for about $1.00 more per pound . I opted for the CAB but have yet to notice any appreciable difference between either one. I have a conventional oven and plan on cooking it low temperature method. Probably 200ºf then sear at the end if needed. woodburner
  21. Hard to believe, I can find the best tasting, longest lasting tomato at least to me, from a big box warehouse such as BJ's Wholesale Club. Finally someone is getting it right. I can't help but wonder how these little gems were genetically engineered, and why I don't see them in the regular food markets in my area. Anyone else enjoying these? woodburner
  22. I've not found a thread on these little gems, in eithier the Italy or Cooking forums. If someone could point to a previous thread please do, if not can we proceed here? thank you woodburner
  23. I like the feature on their website that shows the array of wines available, by the glass and half bottle. As mentioned in Times Union review the list seems extensive at least for the Albany area. Vin Santo woodburner
  24. I'm hearing some good things from trusted sources on this newly opened Tapas Bar. I hope to get there within a few weeks to try it out. Times Union Review Three and one half Stars out of four, but the reviewer claims it is very capable of Four Stars soon. Anyone been? woodburner
  25. I vote for keeping this going, while I may not contribute due to time constraints, I really do follow these great threads. You have done a great job Kevin. woodburner
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