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  1. I agree with you, but I will say that the floor guy seemed to be a lot more active than in the first battle.
  2. I rather liked the bit where he gave a nod to the yellow bell pepper, and then took a crunch out of an apple. Nice bit of respect towards the original Kaga. From the "Who will make history, and who will be history" promo bits ('Make history' shows the American IC's, and 'Be history' shows Sakai and Morimoto), I wonder if the Japanese Iron Chefs can actually win one here? Are we looking at fixed battles? Sakai certainly didn't look upset or surprised last night.
  3. I thought Sakai had that one won, certainly his presentation and originality topped Flay's creations. I mean, c'mon, a fish taco? How is that original? I will grant the possibility that the trout ice cream grossed the tasters out..... Comments? Am I off base here?
  4. Is anyone else having a problem getting the pictures when you check out Chris' article? All I'm getting is the article, no pics. :(
  5. Try the Tobacco Company Restaurant downtown. It's located in a converted tobacco warehouse on the corner of 12th and Cary St. The crab cakes there are very good! Enjoy!
  6. I once noticed my wife eating a dill pickle and ketchup on white bread sandwich. Yup, the rabbit died.
  7. How about a scallion pancake? It's like a loaf of pita bread except you've got scallions mixed into the loaf, and instead of baking it, you fry it in oil in a pan so that it's crispy on both sides. Very common in China. That being said, my breakfast of choice is a nice thick slice of salt-cured country ham (so salty that you have to eat each bite with grits or it's inedible), with two eggs over easy, grits and/or hash browns, country biscuits with butter and Mt. Ranier Fireweed honey, juice, and a nice cup of strong, US Navy-style (brew with 2-3x grounds and a pinch of salt) coffee! Ooooo-rah! Tragically I can't have this very often or my BP goes through the roof. :(
  8. I'll vote for Popeye's. We get a fryer's dozen for 9.99 down here in GA. Add some corn on the cob, dirty rice, and a couple of packets of hot sauce, and I'm in fried chicken heaven!
  9. Whoops! I missed the bit about the frozen green beans! I was assuming fresh! Sorry about that.
  10. Project: Try marinating the chicken in your sauce. Drain very well, set the marinade aside. Stir fry the chicken, remove and drain. Pour in your oil, and add the ginger, garlic, and pepper. Might want to sub sliced shallots for garlic as well, or add them in. Swirl the oil around the wok, letting flavored oil coat evenly Add in your green beans, and stir fry until color turns bright green. Add in your chicken and toss with the green beans for around 20-30 seconds, until evenly mixed. Remove from wok and drain. Pour your marinade back in. Work the cornstarch slurry in until it just starts to thicken. Season with white pepper and a bit of salt if needed. Add your chicken and green beans back in the wok, and toss until evenly coated. Serve over a bed of white rice. I've never really liked dry red peppers in wok cooking. Doesn't feel like you have enough time to get it wet enough to impart the heat and flavor. Try Vietnamese chili paste instead. It's available in almost every Asian market I've ever seen. It comes in a clear jar, usually with a green lid. Nice flavor, and good heat. Start with a 1/4 teaspoon and see if you like it. BTW you add the chili paste where you added the red pepper, straight into the hot oil. Welcome to the world of the Chinese Chop Suey Cook! PS Lighten up on the sugar in the marinade. One teaspoon instead. And add 2 tsp salt.
  11. I said it in the other thread, and I'll say it here: I predict the theme ingredient will be....duck!
  12. Oh good! I liked her that time she showed up on Flay's show. I remember thinking, "Hey, she'd be a better host than BF...." Back to topic: Anyone know why Chen Kenichi isn't coming back? And any bets as to Wolfgang Puck being the next Chairman?
  13. Whoo hoo! I called it on both the bringing back of the Japanese Iron Chefs and Alton!!! For my next trick, I predict the theme ingredient in the next Morimoto/Flay battle will be: duck. Mr. Bourdain, why'd you turn the judge role down? You'd have been perfect: "This one is really good....this one blows..." Waitaminute....Flay got rid of the blond Texan from Boy Meets Grill? Sheesh!
  14. I think it would really help them to do a transition in the very first show, introduce the original Japanese Iron Chefs with the original raised platforms, and then follow with the new Iron Chefs. Maybe something along the lines of Kaga's ghost appearing before the new Chairman, with him saying "My nephew sucks, take over", or something like that... Any bets on Morimoto being one of the new Iron Chefs? At the very least, I'd love to see him challenge Flay one more time.
  15. Ooooo, good one! I still nominate Alton Brown for the role of 'Doc'.
  16. Yeah! And let him bring those guys from KC as his assistants: Steven and Adam. Put in Alton Brown as the Food Expert (Doc), and Bobby Rivers as the in-kitchen reporter! Make Tommy or Fat Guy one of the permanent judges (like the fortune teller)! Hell, I'd pay good money to see this!
  17. Only if she wears one of the outfits she wore in that magazine, what was it, FHM? Maxim? Be interesting to see Flay and Morimoto on the same team....or have the Japanese Iron Chefs come by during sweeps week..... If you really want to set the tone of the show early, have Bourdain do the first show against Flay! You know AB won't let them pull any Shatner-esque type BS!
  18. How about Coca Cola in a frosted mug with crushed ice and a slice of lemon or lime?
  19. Hmmm, I once got some cooking rice wine on board my ship. The label was in chinese, and since it was in a dark bottle, I convinced everyone it was soy sauce.
  20. Whups, pardon me, Fifi. I forgot to mention that my normal everyday diet is Chinese in nature. While I may yawn at shark fin soup, dim sum, and peking duck, western foods such as hash browns are pure exotica to me.
  21. My wife is from China and she informs me that this is a pretty common thing in China-helps persuade the kids to eat.
  22. Anyone had the (gravy) smothered hamburger steak with double rice at Junior's Grill? Used to be on North Avenue and Techwood Drive next to the Engineer's Bookstore. Now it's on the Tech campus under the Tech Tower. Oh man. I think I just seriously dated myself...
  23. I second on Nescafe. When I went to China in '93, that was the only coffee available. I was forced to turn to Coca Cola for my caffeine fix.
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